5 Most Popular Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India

5 Most Popular Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India

EVs has taken the world by storm with their futuristic technology and environment-friendly functioning. Recent studies show that E-Bikes will be the most used transportation mode in the future essentially reducing automotive pollution. The average cost of charging an electric cycle comes around only 15% of the cost of fuel. Such a drastic difference can help everyone to reduce their transportation costs. 

In India, e-bicycle manufacturers have significantly contributed towards the sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Electric bicycles are battery operated in which different models come with varying engine capabilities and speeds. Once the battery has been drained out, the user can either charge it again or swap the charged battery.  

People generally prefer to charge their batteries at electric charging stations. Speaking globally, primarily EV users can be found in America, Europe, and Asia. Electric Bicycles are not only economically beneficial but are also environmentally friendly. 

Overview of the Indian Electric Bicycle Market 

The market for E-bicycle is forecasted to reach 2.08 million dollars by the year 2026 with a CAGR of 12.69%. With COVID-19 in the picture, the market revenue dropped from 1.70 million to 1.02 million in 2020. But now as more and more people are getting health conscious, the sales seem to have picked up in 2021. 

Top 5 Most Popular Electric Bicycle Manufacturers in India 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 electric bike companies in India. 

1) SWAGTRON E-Bicycle Manufacturers 

SWAGTRON E-Bicycle Manufacturers

Swagtron Classic Pedal-less Electric Bike priced at 45,608 Rupees offers the easiest way to move around. The E-bike is pedal-free, comes with a built-in headlight & horn, and has additional perks from the app. The electric motor can reach speeds up to 24 km/h. The bike has strong tires that can provide a smooth ride with a maximum load capacity of 120 kilograms.

2) Herolectro by Hero Motors

Herolectro by Hero Motors

Hero Lectro manufactures an exclusive range of electric bicycles in India. They are manufactured by the parent company Hero Motors under the label Hero Electro. Hero Electro F6i is a pedal-assisted E-Cycle. It has 7-speed gears and can go up to 60 km on one charge. With a detachable battery and Bluetooth connection, Hero Lectro E-Cycles Price ranges from Rs. 54,999 INR.

3) E trio 

E trio

More on the affordable side, E-Trio’s Ashva is considered one of the best e cycles in India. Ashva is powered by a Li-ion battery of 18 AH which results in an extra-long range. E-Trio claims a range of 80km on a single charge with a top speed of 25 km/hr. E Trio e-bicycle is Priced at Rs. 37,799 INR. 

4) Nibe Motors

Nibe Motors

An unusual take on the e-bicycle styles, Nibe Motors has come up with this Gents e-bicycle. The Nibe Motors E-Bicycle price range can vary from Rs. 36,666 to Rs. 38,499 INR depending on the specifications and model type. Charged with Li-ion batteries, the e-bike comes with the following features. 

Motor: 250W

Range: Up to 100 Km/Charge

Charging Time: 2-2.5 Hrs.

Maximum Speed: 25 Km/Hr

5) GEEKAY Electric Bicycle Manufacturers 


GEEKAY Electric Bike Elite, listed at Rs. 47,999 INR offers a 270 WH battery with a capacity of 7.5 AH that will give a 50km range for effort-free riding. Geekay e-bikes are a great choice for someone who likes to assemble their things. Since this bike is 85% montage and will require you to assemble it properly. The bicycle is delivered with all the essential tools and it will take no more than 15 minutes of work to get the e-bike ready. 


The Electric Bicycle Manufacturers industry in India is anticipated to grow and reach 2.08 million USD in the year 2026. There are numerous upcoming EV companies along with already established players that are on their way to capturing the transportation industry with their EV offerings. This might lead to more environmentally friendly transportation in the country.

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