Aluminum Air Battery in Electric Vehicles is here – No need to Charge your EV

Aluminum Air Battery in Electric Vehicles is here – No need to Charge your EV

Imagine if you don’t have to plug your EV into an electrical socket for charging? What if there is something lighter, greener and cheaper than a lithium battery? Well, the answer is Aluminum Air Battery – the EV battery that doesn’t require charging and provides long-range, cost-efficient, lightweight, recyclable, and ethically sourced batteries.

Its primary features are:-

  1. Lightweight
  2. Long-range
  3. Recyclable
  4. Cost-efficient

Now although Lithium-ion batteries are ruling the EV market, they typically give a range of 300 miles or less which is not enough for longer trips. And the major disadvantage of a lithium-ion battery is that it cannot be recharged unless the battery has been completely discharged. The lithium battery also poses risks  such as mechanical stress and battery degradation from temperature variation leakage which may occur due to overcharging and discharging.

Such issues forced the researchers to find alternatives that gave rise to awareness about aluminium batteries. Oil Corporation of India and Israeli clean energy startup PHINERGY are working on commercializing aluminum-air batteries for electric vehicles in India.

Inside an Al-air battery / Source: Métalectrique

Basically, Aluminum air batteries generate electricity by reacting oxygen in the air with aluminium. Therefore Aluminium + Air  = Power. The reaction that takes place between oxygen and aluminium in the air produces electricity. This charge can be harnessed and has the highest energy density of all batteries.

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Advantages of aluminum-Air Battery Battery

  • Aluminum Air Batteries do not require any electricity and thus are a great blessing for electric vehicles and their users.
  • The aluminium hydroxide solution generated in the used battery can be used to get 100% aluminium back. 
  • Aluminium air batteries are 100% recyclable which means that they are safe for the environment.
  • Aluminium air battery technology is safe because it uses only a water-based electrolyte that is free of toxins. 
  • Aluminium air batteries are EV Thermal Friendly.

Disadvantages of Aluminum-Air Battery

  • Aluminum-Air batteries are not rechargeable.
  • Once the aluminum anode is consumed by its reaction with the oxygen, the battery will no longer produce electricity. The user has to get a new battery in exchange 
  • An aluminum-air battery would have to be taken to a battery swap station. 

Aluminum Air Battery Manufacturers in India

Indian Oil Corp has teamed up with startup Phinergy Ltd to develop an Israeli company’s aluminium-air battery in India. 

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