Apple’s Self-Driving Electric Car Project

Apple’s Self-Driving Electric Car Project

In 2014, Apple began work on “Project Titan,” an electric vehicle, in a top-secret facility near its Cupertino headquarters manned by 1,000 car experts and engineers. The Apple Car, Apple’s worst-kept secret, is slated to debut in 2024 or later. According to rumors, it will be a fully equipped self-driving electric vehicle designed to compete with Tesla. Apple may pursue cooperation with a well-known manufacturer, such as Hyundai or BMW, or with a different company. Apple has long been rumored to be working on a number of automotive initiatives that could culminate in the development of an “Apple electric car.” “Project Titan” delves into every detail of the case.

Features of the Apple Electric Car:

  • Design: According to reports, while the design and technologies for “Project Titan” were still being worked out, Apple considered utilizing BMW’s i3 as the base for its “Apple Car.” 

Apple is seeking to construct a self-driving vehicle that requires no interaction from the driver as part of its new automobile strategy, a goal that rival manufacturers such as Tesla have yet to attain.

  • No Steering Wheel: Apple’s goal in designing a car without a steering wheel or pedals is to create a hands-free, hands-free cabin. The company is “refocusing” its car development efforts on self-driving vehicles that do not require the driver’s involvement. Tesla and other automakers are yet to achieve this goal. Since the steering wheel is required in an emergency, Apple may not be able to do away with it. The seats, on the other hand, are situated on the vehicle’s sides rather than the front and rear. 

Apple may forego foot pedals because there will be no steering wheel to control acceleration and braking. Apple has lofty design ambitions, but it’s unclear whether they’ll be realized, so the car may wind up looking more like a traditional car.

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  • Self-driving E-Car: The New York Times reports that Apple plans to release a self-driving electric automobile by 2025. A purported tech firm is working on a self-driving car without pedals or a steering wheel under new leadership, according to Bloomberg.

In the car’s cabin, passengers could sit in a U-shaped configuration, allowing for hands-free driving in one design. Apple’s automotive operations were jeopardized in September when an Apple employee in charge of the company’s under-the-radar automobile research, Project Titan, defected to Ford. Despite a string of senior leadership changes at Titan this year, the most significant of which being Field’s, the iPhone manufacturer appears unfazed about the congested electric car market. Despite recent advancements, Bloomberg claimed that some team members were skeptical of a proposal that contained additions like as the self-driving system’s core CPU and enhanced sensors. According to Bloomberg, other options include delaying the launch date or initially delivering a car with less technology. According to the article, Apple did not make any advances in the CPU that will power the car’s automatic driving system. Despite the absence of a steering wheel, Apple considered incorporating an emergency takeover option.

  • System information: Apple is considering a huge iPod-like touchscreen in the center of the vehicle, similar to how Tesla vehicles are designed. Users may access the central panel, which would be connected with Apple devices and services.
  • Charging and Battery: It’s likely that Apple Car will be able to charge via the Combined Charging System. The company is working on a novel battery design that could significantly reduce battery costs while simultaneously enhancing vehicle range.
  • Safety: Engineers are putting redundancies and backup measures into the Apple Car to prevent a system meltdown. Apple’s goal is to create a vehicle that is safer than Tesla or Waymo.

An Apple-branded electric car costs around $35,000, which is substantially less than most people believe. Apple can only price the car today, so far ahead of its release, by comparing it to the prices of other companies. The prices of Tesla and Lucid Motors vary based on the features you want in your luxury vehicle. According to Reuters, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the car would be ready for a public debut no later than 2025 to 2027, although Apple will begin production on a car as early as 2024. According to Kuo, it’s not surprising that the launch date could be pushed back to 2028 or later.

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