BMW i4

BMW i4


The first-ever fully-electric BMW i4 provides great dynamics, a high level of comfort, and the right qualities for a daily driver. For dynamic performance, the five-door variant is outfitted with fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. It is the ideal companion for any travel, with a range of up to 590 kilometres* and five comfortable full-sized seats.

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  • Dual-screen setup
  • 14.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system
  • 12.3-inch digital driver display
  • Multi-zone climate control
  • Wireless charging
  • Powered front seats


Fuel TypeElectric(Battery)
Battery Capacity83.9Kw
Emission Norm ComplianceZEV
Max Power335.25bhp
Max Torque430Nm
Top Speed190 Km/h


The BMW i4 ex-showroom price in Delhi starts at Rs. 69.90 Lakh. The i4 has only one model, the i4 eDrive40. We also have an i4 on-road price breakdown for all of its versions, which includes the ex-showroom price + RTO charges + Insurance and other expenditures. i4 EMI works out to Rs. 1,33,665 per month @ 10% for the BMW i4 base version price.

eDrive40 (Electric)

Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 69,90,000
RTO + OthersRs. 5,59,200
On-Road PriceRs. 75,49,200

Range & Charging


The BMW i4 has a range of up to 590 kilometers* thanks to the combination of an efficient drivetrain architecture, lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and a powerful high-voltage battery. Innovative technologies like brake energy recovery enable to increase range while lowering energy consumption to 20 to 16 kWh/100 km.


Discover the BMW i4’s long-distance range! When you use the configuration settings, you’ll notice how far you can get with just a few elements.

  1. Why do the ranges vary?
  • The range of an electric vehicle is determined by several factors, including driving style, route circumstances, vehicle equipment, weather conditions, and payload.
  1. In detail,
  • High average speeds (highway) greatly limit range, whereas inner-city traffic results to a higher range due to lower speed and higher recuperation shares (in contrast to vehicles with internal combustion engines). Furthermore, at low temperatures owing to heating and at high temperatures due to strong air conditioning, the range is reduced. In terms of unique features/equipment, larger Tyre combinations often lower the range (if the aerodynamic disadvantage is not compensated for by a more closed wheel design). The rolling resistance class of tyres is also important for range: for example, using a winter Tyre reduces range when compared to a Label A summer tyre.
  1. General range specification and range values in this indicator
  • The communicated range is based on the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Test Procedure) cycle in the model selection.
  • The WLTP standard allows for the determination of range under specified driving circumstances. WLTP assumes a cautious driving style and uses a combination of metropolitan streets, country roads, and motorways.
  • You can estimate the range using the range indicator under normal driving conditions. The outer circle indicates the calculated range value based on linear distances (rather than the actual street map), while the inner circle represents the computed value of 30% to account for actual routes.
  1. What are the assumptions underlying the driving style settings?
  • Setting a “sporty” driving style assumes all highway driving at an average speed of around 130 km/h and a dynamic overtaking technique. The “economical” mode assumes defensive driving on country roads at a speed of roughly 80 km/h. In-between settings yield a hybrid of the two.


Charging at home for a range of 100 km.

01:23 h – – Wall box (11 kW)

01:23 h – – Flexible Fast Charger (11kW) on industrial socket

07:01 h – – Standard charging cable or Flexible Fast Charger (2.3 kW) on household socket

Charging on the move for a range of 100 km.

00:04 h – – High-power charging station (max. vehicle charging capacity)

00:18 h – – Fast charging station (50 kW)

01:23 h – – AC charging station (max. vehicle charging capacity)


It couldn’t be simpler to charge the BMW i4. The Connected Charging service locates the nearest charging station along your journey, allowing you to charge your BMW i4 when you need to – and charge from 0 to 80 percent in just 31 minutes with up to 205 kW of charging power. Alternatively, you can recharge up to 164 km range in just 10 minutes. You have the option of utilizing your BMW Wall box at home. With up to 11 kW of power, it charges the BMW i4 battery to 100 percent in just 8.25 hours.


The first-ever fully-electric BMW i4 flaunts its innovative personality like the sporty extrovert that it is. The exterior’s futuristic design mixes athletic features with a clear surface language and progressive accuracy.

The interior’s unique focal points create a sumptuous ambience that makes every drive an exciting experience.


The front of the world’s first fully-electric BMW i4 is distinguished by large closed surfaces in the vehicle’s color and precise lines. From this angle, a black inlay in the front apron and vertical side apertures emphasize the vehicle’s practical, modern character. The overwhelming highlight, though, has to be the radiator grille’s succinct, nearly closed reimagining, with its exclusive, high-quality design: this is what it looks like to constantly be one step ahead of progress.

  • The vehicle design, with the radiator grille rimmed in Frozen grey, represents the unique technology of the first-ever fully-electric BMW i4.
  • The BMW i4’s flat, dramatically shaped headlamps assist it in focusing forward. BMW Full LED headlights give an emotive touch with their beautifully detailed, slim design.


A long wheelbase, fluid roof lines, and small overhangs characterise the dynamic gestures that highlight the side perspective. Expansive, gently contoured surfaces with precise character lines combine to give a modern technical overall image that also emanates the elegance of a true BMW. Without a doubt, this model is dominated by a sense of always being in the forefront – effortlessly.


The rearview demonstrates how unmistakably clear surface language may be the excellent, obvious finishing touch for a vehicle’s overall appearance. The BMW i4 stands out from the crowd thanks to its aggressive vertical rear spoiler. Recessed surfaces in between add remarkable athletic flourishes and reinforce the sporty, wide look from this angle.

The LED rear lights, with their slim shapes and horizontal lines, emphasize how closely the BMW i4 hugs the road. The distinctive interpretation of the succinct L-shape, made possible by the huge LED light element, makes the rear even more noticeable.


The interior of the BMW i4 reveals the future generation of advanced driving: open, opulent, and fascinatingly connected with the needs of the driver as well as those of all passengers. The combination of high-quality materials, a multimodal, straightforward working concept, and a sporty sensation in the seat, with separate sections for the driver and front passenger, provides an ambiance that is as enjoyable on long travels as it is on short ones.

BMW Curved Display

With its curved link between the 12.3″ instrument cluster and 14.9″ Central Information Display, the BMW Curved Display provides a high-quality, modern touch to the vehicle’s cockpit. Curved to face the driver, it reflects a new, more intuitive take on traditional BMW driver orientation. Almost all functions are integrated into the system, including air conditioning settings, which may be controlled via the touchscreen. This implies that physical switches appear only within the BMW i4 where they are truly useful.

Driver-oriented cockpit

The highly sleek and flat instrument panel sets the tone for the interior’s futuristic appearance of the BMW i4. The elevated center console gives the vehicle a dynamic impression while also defining a separate area for the driver and front passenger.

BMW Curved Display

The greatest seats in the front row: the sport seats’ pleasant embrace in perforated sensate upholstery is enhanced by their high-quality stitching.

In the new BMW i4, up to three passengers may enjoy an exceptional travel experience with generous head and legroom amid an inviting, warmly lit ambience.


The wide tailgate of the new BMW i4 makes loading and unloading the 470-liter luggage compartment a breeze. Furthermore, with a cargo capacity of 1290 liters, the functional rear bench seat folds down to provide maximum storage space and versatility.


BMW M Performance Parts allow you to give your BMW i4 the most motor racing character possible. Choose from optically improved exterior design elements as well as appealing forged and light-alloy wheels. Original BMW Accessories allow you to tailor your BMW to your specific needs: the goods are quality, design, and performance-matched to the BMW i4.


The unique smartphone integration services assist you in maximising the range of your BMW i4 and planning your travels.


The BMW i4 is always produced in a sustainable manner, using only green energy. Furthermore, the high-performance battery in the BMW i4 was designed to be free of rare earth elements. The best part is that when you drive the BMW i4, you are always on the road with zero local emissions, so you can enjoy the thrilling driving experience worry-free.

BMW M Performance Parts

M Performance kidney grille in carbon fiber.

Show off your style with the M Performance kidney grille’s exquisite carbon fiber structure. For a very attractive, sporty, and unique style.

M Performance rear spoiler in carbon fiber

The M Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler improves the car’s premium, dramatic appearance while also ensuring optimal aerodynamics.

Bumper Trim in Carbon Fider

The M Performance Bumper Trim in Carbon Fiber adds a more modern aspect to the vehicle and enhances its sporty look.

M Performance steering wheel.

Gripping facts: The Alcantara-lined grip section on the steering wheel delivers a fantastic feel and grip for a sportier steering sensation.

M Performance selector lever in Alcantara.

The Alcantara M Performance selection lever has a very good grip and improves the look and feel of the vehicle interior.


The magnificent front door. The M Performance door sill finishes are made with a high-quality carbon fiber trim and add to the vehicle’s sporty and unique appearance.


The matt M Performance side skirt foils are ideally matched to the shape and geometry of the automobile. They give the car a really sporty appearance.

Original BMW Accessories

BMW clothes hanger for Travel & Comfort System

The clothing hanger can be attached to the standard carrier or the extra Travel & Comfortable equipment and used outside of the automobile.

BMW all-weather floor mats front.

The perfectly fitted BMW all-weather floor mats keep moisture and debris out of the front footwell. Finished in black with a stainless steel inlay.


Customized BMW Charging solutions will improve your charging equipment. For example, a Wallbox that allows you to charge your vehicle from home. Our installation staff can gladly connect it and set it up for you at your home.

The possibilities are nearly limitless – with BMW Charging, you can experience the full range of modern mobility.

Anywhere at home,

The optional flexible fast charger provides optimum home charging versatility. It always adapts to the charging infrastructure owing to the converter cables provided and can be linked to both a household and an industrial socket outlet. You may take the small, lightweight flexible fast charger with you everywhere you go and charge your BMW at another “house,” such as a second or vacation home.


The BMW Wallbox1 provides safe, stress-free, and quick charging. You can charge rapidly and reliably with currently up to 11 kW using the permanently installed sturdy BMW Wall box for outdoor use.

Smart wall box

Even smarter charging at home: The Smart Wall box, in addition to charging capability of up to 11 kW, provides our partners with extensive connectivity. This enables clever, extra services for intelligent charging. The FosearchingSmart Wallbox1 can be easily incorporated into a current home energy management system and controlled remotely. It is also possible to accurately register and bill charging processes.


Leave everything behind — but keep in touch with what matters to you: The first-ever fully-electric BMW i4’s broad connection and infotainment functions keep you in the centre of the action on every trip – no matter where the road takes you.

Use real-time navigation, make calls, dictate and listen to text messages, listen to music, and more: With Apple CarPlay®, numerous functions of your iPhone are simply and safely available in the vehicle. When using Apple Maps, the map is presented on a big size in the new BMW i4’s instrument cluster.

With BMW iDrive, you can control your new BMW i4 in an even more convenient and innovative manner. It works in tandem with the big BMW Curved Display to guarantee that you can view all information clearly without having to seek for it. This is also supported by the BMW Operating System 8, which, thanks to its progressive, modern user interface, can be operated intuitively through touchscreen, iDrive Controller, and voice control.


The first fully-electric BMW i4 is always by your side, delivering dependable assistance even in difficult driving situations. An clever blend of sensors, assistance systems, and safety technology ensures that you are at ease on every journey and can handle any circumstance with ease.

The Parking Assistant will park the vehicle parallel or perpendicular to the street. At the same time, it can drive itself out of parallel parking places. The technology detects prospective parking spots by driving past them at speeds less than 35 km/h and a maximum distance of 1.5 m from the row of parked vehicles. Once a suitable parking space has been identified, simply activate the indicator. The Parking Assistant will parallel or perpendicular park the vehicle to the street. It can even drive itself out of parallel parking spaces. Prospective parking sites are detected by driving past them at speeds less than 35 km/h and a maximum distance of 1.5 m from the row of parked vehicles. Simply activate the signal after a suitable parking place has been discovered.

Making tedious procedures enjoyable: its various cameras will increase your overview and make maneuvering and parking your new BMW i4 easier. If you want, the Parking Assistant can even park and drive your car out of your parking space for you – everything about the new BMW i4 is designed to make every drive a unique experience from start to finish.


The four-spoke black Sport leather steering wheel with a Pearl Chrome ornamental finish. A large rim and sculpted thumb rest create an extremely comfortable, high-grip feel.

The BMW instrument panel’s top is upholstered in black sensate with a grey seam. This high-quality trim’s elegant appearance adds to the interior’s sumptuous atmosphere.

Exclusive galvanic embellishers for controls such as window lifts, door control centers, door lock switches, and, depending on the equipment, multifunction buttons on the steering wheel provide an especially high-quality appearance.

The BMW Live Cockpit Plus features a curved display, a 12.3″ instrument display, and a 14.9″ control display with touch functionality.

Harman Kardin’s surround sound system boasts a 464 W digital amplifier, nine channels, and 17 speakers. Its refined sound fills the indoor area perfectly. Vehicle-specific, speed-dependent equalization compensates perfectly for any background driving noise.

The one-piece Widescreen Display combines ergonomically designed easy operation with a 12.3″ instrument display and a 14.9″ control display. The latter is easily operated using a touchscreen. The Widescreen Display’s free-floating appearance and curving design create an appealing image.

Why give up your smartphone’s functionality in your BMW when you can keep using it normally? Your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via a wireless link between your smartphone and the vehicle with smartphone integration1. This allows you to use familiar functions and apps in the vehicle more easily.

The rear axle air suspension provides optimal comfort. You can also use the Driving Experience Control to change the suspension settings to permit your desired driving style at the time – from relaxed to extremely athletic with noticeably quick handling.

The Parking Assistant automatically parks the vehicle parallel or perpendicular to the street. At the same time, it can drive itself out of parallel parking places. The technology detects prospective parking spots by driving past them at speeds less than 35 km/h and a maximum distance of 1.5 m from the row of parked vehicles. Once a suitable parking place has been identified, simply turn on the signal and the Parking Assistant will take over steering, gear selection, and acceleration. All you have to do is keep an eye on the parking situation. Pulling out of parallel parking places works similarly. When maneuvering, the Reversing Assistant records up to 50 m of the advance travel path so that you can reverse it if necessary. The image of the Reversing Assist Camera shows the distance of the remaining path.

  • The Reversing Assist Camera1 improves orientation when reversing at less than 20 km/h, such as when parking. On the Control Display, it displays the region behind the BMW. When towing a trailer, interactive tracer lines for monitoring distance and turning circles, as well as a zoom option, aid in handling. Colored arrows indicate obstacles to avoid.
  • The Lateral parking aid1 is a part of Park Distance Control and gives you an “all-round view” near the vehicle during maneuvering. In this way, obstacles on the sides of the vehicle are detected and signaled audibly and visually.

Servotronic steering continuously changes the steering effort and force required based on the current speed and steering wheel angle.

Ambient lighting, such as Ambient contour lighting in doors, produces a comfortable, cosy lighting ambience in the interior. In four applications, the dimmable lighting solutions additionally contain a dynamic function. When entering and exiting, the Welcome Light Carpet illuminates the area in front of the vehicle doors.

The glass sunroof with slide and lift function, which includes an electronic sliding inside roof, anti-trap protection, and comfort opening and shutting, allows for individual airflow regulation to produce a pleasant interior atmosphere. The inbuilt wind deflector prevents draughts from forming in the inside and reduces wind noise.

The Automated air conditioning with 3-zone control and automatic temperature management has settings for you, your front passenger, and the rear passengers. Automatic Air Recirculation (AAR), a tiny active carbon filter, a fog and sun sensor, and rear air vents with a digital display are also included.

A fold-down compartment on the driver’s side of the instrument panel, netting on the back of the front seat backrests, and two USB ports with charging function are included in the storage compartment package. In the luggage compartment, there is also a storage net on the left and right sides for smaller items and a multipurpose hook. There are also 12 V power outlets in the rear center console and the luggage compartment.

A fold-down compartment on the driver’s side of the instrument panel, netting on the back of the front seat backrests, and two USB ports with charging function are included in the storage compartment package. In the luggage compartment, there is also a storage net on the left and right sides for smaller items and a multipurpose hook. There are also 12 V power outlets in the rear center console and the luggage compartment.

Interior Accessories

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0.

2.0 version of Advanced Car Eye. A high-sensitivity full-HD camera that records activities in front of and behind the vehicle, even when it is parked. If there are any disturbances or unusual movements outside the vehicle, the camera will immediately record the scenario to chronicle any potential accidents or (attempted) break-ins.

BMW Leather Key Case.

The high-quality BMW Leather Key Case is securely fastened to the key with a beautiful stainless steel clasp. It guards against scratches, grime, and dampness, as well as inadvertent button activation.

BMW Display Key Case

The precision-t case made from Nappa Leather protects the BMW Display Key from dirt and scratches.

All-Weather Floor Mat.

It provides a perfect fit, especially for the BMW 5 series. It is easy to connect with a Velcro disc attachment method and is non-slip.

BMW Dual Charing Adapter.

Simply put the BMW dual USB charging converter into the cigarette lighter.

Fitted Luggage Compartment Mat.

The bordered anti-slip, waterproof, and sturdy mat protects the luggage compartment.

BMW Illuminated Door sill finisher.

When the doors are opened, the premium BMW Sill finisher with illuminated BMW lettering automatically produces a soothing light.

Child Seat Underlay and Backrest Cover.

To protect the seat from soiling and pressure marks, the foam cushioning is constructed of high-quality, durable polyester fabric. To clean, use a wet cloth. This includes the backrest cover. Attachment is quick and stable.

Exterior Accessories

BMW Mobility Set.

Damage to the tyre tread of less than 4mm can be repaired using the simple BMW Mobility Set. The kit includes a powerful compressor, tyre sealant, gloves, and various value adapters.

Driver Utility SetBMW Mud Flaps.
The driver utility set includes a selection of tools for various applications. Protect your vehicle and the car behind you against dirt and stone chips.
BMW Outdoor Car Cover.BMW LED Door Projectors.
The fitting, waterproof outdoor car cover protects the car from the sun, water, dirt, and scratches all year long, assisting in the preservation of the vehicle’s value.When the doors are opened, the revolutionary door projectors turn on automatically. Using a replaceable slide, they project a picture onto the ground next to the car.



The BMW i4 is quick. Very quick. It also slows with the same vigor. Furthermore, it is eager and tolerant if your ambition outweighs your skill. But it’s the way the i4 is calibrated – it’s progressive, intuitive, and thrilling, whether it’s the steering, throttle response, or chassis adjustment – that makes the i4 attractive and acceptable.



Engine TypeFront And Rear Motor Combined Output,
3-phase Electrically Excited Synchronous Motor
Battery Type83.9 KWh Lithium-Ion Battery
Charging Time8.25 Hours
Fast Charging TimeN/A
Power335 bhp
Torque430 Nm
Drive TrainN/A


Length4788 mm
Width1852 mm
Height1448 mm
Wheelbase2856 mm
Ground ClearanceN/A
Boot SpaceN/A
Kerb Weight2290 Kg
Gross WeightN/A
Front Track1601 mm
Rear Track1630 mm
Minimum Turning RadiusN/A
No. Of Doors5
Seating Capacity5


Wheel TypeAlloy Wheels
Tyre TypeTubeless
Front Tyre Size225/55 R17
Rear Tyre Size225/55 R17


Front Brake TypeDisc
Rear Brake TypeDisc


Front SuspensionN/A
Rear SuspensionN/A
Air Suspension on the rear axle with
Automatic Self-Levelling Function


Battery Range590 Km/Full Charge


Power SteeringYes
Steering TypePower Assisted
Adjustable Power SteeringYes


0 To 100 Kmph5.7 seconds
Max Speed190


Safety & Security

AirbagsPassenger Airbags
Side AirbagsElectronic Brakeforce Distribution
ABSHill Assist
Electronic Stability ProgramBrake Assist
Central LockingPower Door Lock
Child Safety LockAutomatic Headlamps
Turn Indicators On ORVMHeadlamp Beam Adjuster
Crash SensorRear Parking Camera
Tyre Pressure Monitor SystemISOFIX child seat mounting for outer rear seats
Warning triangle with a first-aid kit

Comfort & Convenience

Air Conditioner – Automatic Three ZoneFront Armrest
HeaterRear Armrest
Steering Adjustment – Electric Tilt & TelescopicUpholstery – Leather
Cruise ControlFront Cup Holders
Power Outlets 12VKeyless Entry
Rear Parking SensorHeat protection glazing, made with tempered safety glass
Rear Parking CameraTouch functionality on the Curved Display
Electrically Adjustable Rear View MirrorVoice control with personal assistance –
“Hey BMW
Push Start Stop ButtonWireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
Height Adjustable Driver SeatWireless Charging


Light Type – LED

Instrumentation & Communication

Distance To EmptyDoor Ajar Warning
Seat Belt WarningGPS Navigation


Music System – 12.3-inchinformation
display and 14.9-inchcontrol screen
Speakers – 17USB Support
Internal MemoryBluetooth Support