BYD Yuan Plus EV Launched in China

BYD Yuan Plus EV Launched in China

BYD, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled the Yuan Plus, a battery-powered model that will grace some markets apart from its home market of China. In August 2021, BYD unveiled the Yuan Plus, an all-electric SUV. It is built on BYD’s proprietary e-platform 3.0, following in the footsteps of the BYD Dolphin. The Yuan Plus is considered a follow-up to the BYD Yuan. The BYD Yuan Plus has already been confirmed for Singapore and Australia, with a few other global destinations set to follow. The 49.92 kWh model starts at 144,274 yuan ($22,809), while the 60.48 kWh model is priced at 154,274 yuan ($24,390).

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