C4V Introduces Liser: A Revolutionary Advancement in Li-ion Battery Technology

C4V Introduces Liser: A Revolutionary Advancement in Li-ion Battery Technology

Due to raw material shortages, the world is currently suffering a shortage of semiconductors, as well as price shockwaves across the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Analysts anticipate that as the EV market expands exponentially, essential battery materials such as cobalt and nickel will follow this similar trend.

Charge CCCV (C4V) is a lithium-ion battery technology company that provides vital insight into lithium-ion battery performance and Gigafactory designs. C4V’s innovations have significantly improved battery life, safety, and charge performance; nevertheless, the Gigafactory offering enables emerging countries to establish a robust manufacturing environment. C4V works with industry-leading raw material and equipment supply chain partners to bring to market fully optimized batteries with key economic advantages that provide the ultimate “best in class” performance for a wide range of applications, as well as end-to-end solutions to produce them on a GWh scale.

The LiSER from Charge CCCV (C4V), a New York-based battery technology with better cost-effectiveness thanks to the absence of these metals, as well as up to 50% higher energy density and five times more power. LiSER’s strong structural design and industry-leading low carbon footprint increase the platform’s usefulness and environmental friendliness, enabling C4V to pursue a cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective energy storage future.

About LiSER

  • Cobalt and Nickel free technology: LiSER introduces a Cobalt and Nickel free lithium-ion battery cell technology that provides 40- 50% more energy density and 5 times more power density than LFP.
  • Cell to Chassis: LiSER offers module independence in order to give an industry-leading cell to chassis and cell to pack solution with improved performance metrics.
  • Unique “Tab-less” prismatic design: LiSER is the first-ever “Tab-less” prismatic design, delivering additional quick charge and better power benefits.
  • Embedded Thermal Management: built-in cell cooling loops allow LiSER to omit expensive thermal management devices, decreasing battery pack weight and energy usage.
  • Strong Inherent Safety: Because of C4V’s oxygen-deficient unique BMLMP technology, LiSER technology has remarkable safety qualities.

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Company CEO, Shailesh Upreti shared; “I am super excited to unveil our revolutionary cell technology LiSER today. This technology not only allows our BMLMP Chemistry to compete with Cobalt & Nickel based batteries at the pack level but also enables Giga scale production to be more sustainable with our breakthrough high-speed manufacturing processes. A leading cell to pack or cell to chassis design that can bridge the gap between energy density and power density in a very safe mechanism would allow us to cater to various market verticals with a single cell technology platform and we are supercharged as our OEM partners start sharing their experiences with us”.

The demand for electric vehicles is ever-expanding. This surge in demand requires revolutionary ideas to increase production and meet demands. It is expected to significantly impact the electric vehicle market in particular among others, where these factors are important drivers of uptake in a growing market.

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