Top EV PowerTrain Component Suppliers in India

Top EV PowerTrain Component Suppliers in India

Although Lithium-ion batteries constitute the largest cost of EV powertrain components, still India is importing Li-ion cells from Taiwan or China. Indian battery makers are using the cells to assemble them into battery packs. Hence we have compiled a list of companies that are manufacturing EV powertrain components in India. 

Source: Research Gate

Core Components of EV Powertrain

Our post focuses on the core powertrain components of EV applications in 2W, 3W, 4W, LCVs, Electric Motors, DC Convertors and Controllers. As per the recent ACMA report, the import of auto components increased from Rs 106,672 crore (USD 15.9 billion) in 2017-18 to Rs 1,23,688 crores (USD 17.6 billion) in 2018-19. Asia accounted for 61 % of imports followed by North America (8%) and Europe (29%).

The article will focus on the Indian manufacturers and the components they are making and the products that are market-ready. The Indian automotive industry is taking steps towards curbing imports to establish robust supply chains in the country. 

Top EV Power Train Component Suppliers in India 

  1. EMF Innovations, Coimbatore

EMF Innovations have a facility in Coimbatore that designs and develops traction motors and controllers for e-mobility applications. Their annual production capacity is 1,44,000 hub motors. 

Components – Controllers, SRM, BLDC Hub Motors, Inner rotor motors

Segments – 2Ws, 3W auto & e-rickshaw, LCVs


  1. Cell Propulsion, Banglore

Cell Propulsion is developing powertrain solutions to convert ICE buses and commercial vehicles into electric. For demonstration purposes, they have already converted a 4W LCV into electric. The electric bus is developed at the BMTC workshop in Bengaluru. 

Segments – Buses, LCVs


  1. Bhorzvan Motors Pvt Ltd, Pune 

Bhorzvan Motors deals in custom made Motors and Controllers. They customize motors that range from 5kW to 250 kW. They also supply applications like industrial robotics and aerospace where high reliability is required. The company has a Universal Drive which can work with all types of motors including ACIM, BLDC, PMSM and IPM.  

Components – Motors and Controllers

Segments – 2Ws, 3W, 4W


  1. Varroc, Pune 

They supply inverters and motors for EV applications. They count Bajaj as one of its clients in the e-mobility space. 


  1. Virya Mobility 5.0, Bengaluru 

Virya Mobility offers a wide range of e-mobility solutions ranging from electric powertrains, vehicle integration and charging solutions. Their chargers are supplied to Mahindra Electric  Electra EV. 

Components – 1kW to 30kW powertrain components including motor, controller,  cluster,  and off changers and DC-DC converters

Segments – 3W e-Rickshaws, 4W micro trucks and  e-Auto


  1. Compage Automation, Faridabad

Compage Automation provides PMS/BLDC motors EV applications which can range from 400 W to 22 KW in any voltage,  from 24 Volts to 144 Volts. The company is said to have 45 e-rickshaw OEMs, 2 e-auto OEMs and 2 e-tractor OEMs as their clients. Products are iCATi / ARAI certified.

Components – Components – 1kW to 30kW powertrain components including motor, controller,  cluster,  and off changers and DC-DC converters

Segments – 3W e-Rickshaws, 4W micro trucks and  e-Auto


  1. Rizel Automotive, Hyderabad

Rizel Automotive is currently developing lightweight and low-cost EV Motor technology which promises high performance. They are currently working with retrofitting companies and OEM.

Components – PMSM Motors between 20kW to 150kW meant for 3W, 4Ws and Heavy Vehicles. 

Segments – 3Ws, 4Ws and commercial vehicles


  1. EVEX India, Gurgaon

EVEX India was developed in 2016 and is currently involved in fabrication and chassis development.

Components –  2Ws and 3W chasis

Segments –  2W, 3W


  1. Sintercom India Ltd, Pune

Sintercom is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive components in the country. They specialise in high-density sintered components for engines, powertrains and exhaust systems.

Components –  Soft magnetic composite (SMC) components and assemblies for electric vehicle powertrains. 


  1. C-electric Automotive Drives, Cochin

C-electric Automotive Drives provide Electric powertrains (capacity up to 20 kW) for light EVs. They also supply controllers to SEG Automotive.

Components –  BLDC Motors, Vehicle instrument cluster and  Controllers

Segments –  2W, 3W

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