Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford F-150 Lightning


The F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck for 44 years for a reason. The all-new, all-electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is now charging forward. It’s the first gas-free F-Series, with more purposeful technology, a better driving experience, and the Built Ford Tough capability you’ve come to expect from Ford. Offers a creative array of connected, intelligent features, as well as over-the-air Software Updates, to help ensure your truck improves over time.

Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that the company intends to ramp up production of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup faster than competitors, with plans to increase Lightning production at a Dearborn, Michigan plant to 150,000 units in the next year or so, up from an initial target of 40,000 vehicles.
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Available 320 milesMid-4 seconds2,000 lbs.10,000 lbs.
EPA-estimated range 179Targeted available
Ford Lightning 0 to 60 mph
Targeted maximum
available maximum
towing capacity††


  • Powertrain
  • Next Level Performance
  • Available Blue Cruise
  • Onboard Scales and Intelligent Range
  • Pro Trailer Hitch Assist
  • Ford Intelligent Backup Power
  • Mega Power Frunk
  • Sync 4A
  • Ford Intelligent Power

2020 Ford F 150 Lightning Price.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck will cost between $39,974 and $95,000, plus a $1,695 destination charge. All Lightning models for the 2022 model year will be 4-door/5-passenger Super Crew trucks with 5.6-foot cargo beds.

Starting at $39,974Starting at $52,974 
Starting at $67,474 Starting at $90,874 

FORD Intelligent Backup Power

If the power goes out in your neighborhood, rest easy. You’ve got an F-150 Lightning.
*When the home is properly equipped.

Power at the Ready

When you connect your F-150 Lighting to the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro, it will immediately start powering your home.

Stand up to your Outage

Your F-150 Lighting can power your home for three days with an extended-range battery. Or even ten if consumption is properly rationed.

Down to the Wire

The Ford Charge Station Pro can be connected to your home’s electrical box with the purchase of the Home Integration System.

The Installation Experts

Meet Sunrun. Everything will be expertly connected by a Ford preferred installation.

Required Vehicle ChargerRequired Home integration System
80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro must be installedThis charger comes with the F-150 Lighting’s extended range.
For standard-range trucks, Ford Charge Station Pro is also available to purchase 
Sunrun Ford, our approved vendor, must be used to acquire the system. Installation requires permits and local utility coordination Ford recommends Sunrun for every step, from start to finish, however, if preferred, consult your local licensed electrician
Recommended installation 
Must be hardwired to home Indoor or outdoor installation100A circuit recommended for best-charging performance

Phone App

Using the Ford Pass App, you may manage Ford Intelligent Backup Power.

System Started System Status
You’ll know if the grid goes down and the system kicks in.All the vital info you need – all in one place.
Power Reserve limitPower Restored 
Set your own cut-off limit, and control power transfer to your home.When the grid goes back up, you’ll get an alert.


Advanced Technology. Powerful Performance.

Torque is generated almost instantly. Software updates are available on a continuous basis. A larger touchscreen than is currently available on a full-size truck. This is an F-150 unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Enhanced Pro Power onboard

Simply connect them and let them rip. This convenient feature provides on-demand power for tools, electronics, appliances, and other electrical equipment from the jobsite to the campsite.

Available 9.6 kW Power

Make yourself the center of attention at the tailgate. Bring some camping gear with you. Make use of less powerful tools. With this much power, your F-150 lighting is up to the task.

Power from bumper to bumper

It has 11 convenient power outlets. There are two 120-volt outlets in the Cab, four in the Mega Power Frunk, and a USB-C and USB-A port. A 240 V outlet is provided for the bed.

Working from the Road

The F-150 Lightning’s clever features combine sophisticated digital technology with proven engineering know-how to create a vehicle that is even smarter and more innovative.

Interior Work Surface Shifter Stowaway

At the press of a button, the gear selector folds away, allowing the inside work surface to fold out.

Tailgate Worksurface

It’s your mobile workstation. The improved non-slip surface improves cargo grip. Using two hidden clamp compartments, you can secure timber or tools to the tailgate. The inclusion of rulers, two tie-down/bottle openers, and cup holders makes life easier.

Zone Lighting

Do you want to stay up late working or playing? Zone Lighting illuminates your vehicle from all sides. Select all of them or just a few. Use the integrated touchscreen or the Ford Pass TM App to control each zone remotely.

Most Torque of any F-150 ever

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has 775 lb.-ft. of torque, which is easy to control and almost instant. Whether you’re dragging a boat out of the water or pulling away from a traffic signal with a loaded cargo, the Lightning Truck is up to the task.

563 Horses Born to Run

The extended-range battery has a 563 horsepower rating. That’s enough of a kick to make going to the supermarket fun.

Fastest Accelerating
F-150 yet

The 2022 Ford Lightning with the Extended Range Battery hits 60 mph in about four seconds.

The Strong Silent Type

People talk about horsepower, but torque (775 lb.-ft.) is more important. The 2022 Ford Lightning pick-up truck has almost instant torque.

Selectable Drive Modes

Improve your F-150 Lightning’s performance in a variety of terrain, road conditions, and applications. On the instrument cluster, each mode has its own distinct appearance.

Impressive Range

EPA-Estimated 300-mile range

The standard battery in the Ford F-150 Lightning has an EPA-estimated range of 230 miles. The EPA estimated range of the optional extended-range battery is 320 miles. The Platinum model has an EPA range of 300 miles.

Intelligent Range

As you drive, your truck is learning. It predicts range while considering weather, traffic, grade, payload, towing weights, and other factors. If future conditions, such as driving in the mountains or towing your boat, are predicted, the estimated range is revised and you are notified.

Lithium-ion Battery pack

The cutting-edge source of power that powers everything. A tough exon structure protects it from the elements both on and off the road. To preserve cab volume and bed room, it is mounted flat between the frame rails.


Advanced Tech Lies at the Heart

However, this includes more than just the most recent gadgets. It connects to the cloud and downloads software updates. It is a game-changing invention that produces disruptive solutions. It’s the electric equivalent of a Ford F-150.

Available sync 4a with 15.5-inch Touchscreen

You are always in contact with the current SYNC generation. Voice recognition, connected navigation, traffic and weather updates, and other features are available via cloud connectivity. LARIAT and Platinum are included as standard.

Apple car play and Android auto

Do you lean toward Apple or Android? It makes no difference. The F-150 Lightning’s own communication and infotainment system accommodates both.

Your own zone Lighting

Customize your seats, mirrors, radio, navigation, and driver-assist system. When you get back behind the wheel, Lightning recalls with the push of a button. You can also link a remote control and a mobile device to your profile to make it easier to recall.


You can stay up to date on changing road and weather conditions with a free 90-day trial subscription to SYNC 4A Connected Navigation. TomTom provides traffic updates in real time. Incorporation with Yelp. AccuWeather weather forecasts, a live map, and more are available.

Phone as a Key

With the available Phone as a Key feature, you can access, start, and drive your F-150 Lightning without taking your phone out of your pocket or using a traditional key fob. For each vehicle, you can create up to four profiles. Remote start/stop, lock/unlock, and global window up/down functionality are all available. There are many more features, such as trunk open/close.

Ford power-up software updates

Your F-150 Lightning will be the first to know when technology advances dramatically. Our revolutionary cloud-connected platform automatically downloads cutting-edge technology, keeping you up to date.

Ford Pass. Built to keep you moving.

Welcome to Ford Pass. The only app that allows you to earn points for free maintenance while also providing Rewards, roadside assistance, and connectivity in the palm of your hand.

Connect & Control

If your vehicle has Ford Pass Connect, you can use the Ford Pass App164 to access additional remote capabilities such as start/stop, lock/unlock, schedule a start, locate the vehicle, and vehicle status checks. You can even check your fuel level and oil life with your finger.

Ford Pass Rewards

Ford Pass Rewards allows you to earn points for many of the things you already do with us, such as car service and maintenance. Even better, when you buy or lease a new Ford, you’ll receive 42,000 Points toward free maintenance. It is entirely up to you how you spend your Points. Use them for service, repairs, and accessories at participating dealerships, or even toward the purchase of a new vehicle.

Vehicle details

Ford Pass keeps you connected at all times. Do you need a reminder to change your oil? Vehicle Health Alerts will alert you when your vehicle requires maintenance. Your service history and warranty information are also saved in Ford Pass. When your vehicle has Ford Pass Connect, the Ford Pass App164 remembers where you parked and displays important information like fuel level and Tyre pressure.

Schedule Service

Your dealer is never more than a few mouse clicks away. With the Ford Pass App164, you can select a preferred dealer and contact them directly, as well as schedule a service appointment while on the road.

Help on the Road

Has peace of mind knowing that Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also use the Ford Pass App164 in real time to track where and when assistance will arrive. The app’s Collision Assistance feature also walks you through what to do in the event of an accident, from gathering documents to locating the nearest Ford Certified Collision Network repair center.

4G lite Wi-fi Hotspot

You and your passengers can use FordPass Connect to connect to an AT&T-powered 4G LTE in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. Up to ten devices can connect at the same time, and the hotspot can be accessed from up to 50 feet away. You can now stay connected even while driving down the highway.

Best of all, Ford owners can sign up for a free three-month trial of service or three gigabytes of data, whichever comes first.


Do you have a question? A helpful Ford Guide is available through phone or live chat in the Ford Pass App.

B&O Sound System unleashed with Hd Radio

For a visceral sound experience, the available B&O Unleashed Sound System delivers 640 watts through 8 speakers or 1,080 watts through 18 speakers (including headrest and headliner speakers).

Ford Co-Pilot 360 Technology

Sometimes you’re out in your F-150 Lightning by yourself. The Ford F-150 Lightning, smarter than ever, has your back wherever “out there” is, whether you’re towing, changing lanes, or looking for a parking spot. The technology and features are powerful and purposeful, allowing you to stay in command while getting everything done.

Ford Blue Cruise Hands-free Driving

Allow yourself to let go of the steering wheel and seize the future. This technology allows you to drive hands-free across North America’s more than 130,000 miles of divided highway.

Auto High-Beam Headlamps

It is something that we have all done. Failure to turn off oncoming traffic’s highlights. A built-in sensor now detects approaching headlights and automatically dims yours.

Bliss with Trailer coverage

BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Trailer Coverage is available as additional roadside insurance. This technology can boost your driving confidence by alerting you if a vehicle is detected in the blind area of your truck or trailer. With the optional telescoping trailer tow mirrors, you may have an even better view of what you’re towing, which helps provide a strong sense of confidence during lane changes and wide curves.

Lane-Keeping System

It happens. You’ve driven too close to the edge of your lane on the way to work or to your favorite outdoor destination. Fortunately, the included Lane-Keeping System can help you stay in your lane even if you are distracted. This intelligent feature detects the position of your vehicle between the lines on the road ahead and can alert you if you begin to drift out of your lane. Having trouble staying on track? After a few drifts, you’ll notice a coffee cup indicator, indicating that it’s time to stop.

On-Demand Rear View Camera

When you want to check on your trailer or make sure there’s nothing behind you, the Rear Picture Camera provides a clear 80-degree view. You can also activate the camera on demand, so you don’t have to be in reverse to keep an eye on your cargo.

PRO Trailer Backup Assist

Backing up with a trailer can be challenging, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. This simple feature makes it as easy as turning a knob – simply twist the trailer in the desired direction, and Pro Trailer Backup Assist TM will respond accordingly.

Pre-Collision Assists with Automatic Emergency Braking

Dangers on the road can appear at any time and in any location. This feature scans the road ahead of you and can warn you if a car or person identified ahead of you is about to collide with you. If an impact is imminent and you do not take appropriate action, the brakes may be applied automatically. They will, however, only activate if necessary.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

Technology that turns a long drive into a vacation. Optional Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go will not only help you maintain your speed, but it will also slow your vehicle if traffic ahead has stopped or slowed. As soon as things calm down, you’ll pick up right where you left off. It doesn’t just improve your cruise control experience. Lane Centering scans the lane markings to keep your F-150 on track. You can stay on track even if you miss the speed signs thanks to the addition of Speed Sign Recognition.

Connected built-in navigation

A wrong turn can ruin your day, whether it means missing a flight or losing your cool. However, the available connected built-in Navigation System, similar to a Sherpa for large and small journeys, may assist you in staying confidently on course.

Evasive steering assist

When a sluggish or stopped vehicle appears unexpectedly in your path, traffic is moving smoothly. This provided feature may aid in avoiding a collision.

Hill Descent Control

Hill Descent Control is essentially a cruise control system with traction control and anti-lock brakes built in. This technology continuously adjusts braking pressure while descending a steep grade to help control slippage and maintain a consistent preset speed. You can concentrate on steering because you don’t have to apply the brakes or downshift the transmission. On a downhill grade, Hill Descent Control can keep the vehicle speed between 2 and 12 mph. Over 20 mph, the device remains enabled, but the fall speed cannot be set until you are below 20 mph again.


Even in tight parallel or reverse perpendicular spaces, parking has never been easier. When activated, it can help you find a potential location. Simply come to a complete stop, shift into Neutral, and press the Active Park Assist button – your vehicle will do the rest. Active Park Assist 2.0, which includes park-out assist with side-sensing capability, allows you to comfortably maneuver out of a parking spot when someone is parked too close to you.


Ins and Outs of F-150 Lightning

Multiple power outlets are useful. A huge front trunk. Spaciousness that extends. Cloud computing and cutting-edge technology Everywhere you look, there’s something to like.

Enjoy the rideBig time Garagability
The F-150 Lightning has an extremely low centre of gravity as well as independent rear suspension. It has a 145.5-inch wheelbase and is over 12 feet long. This helps to create a more stable and smooth driving experience.Bumper-to-bumper may appear intimidating, but it will fit in most garages.
Step-up to F-150 LightningGround Clearance
The accessible running boards make it easier to get into your F-150 Lightning. Simply step up, slide in, buckle up, and get ready to face adventure.Because of its 8.4-inch ground clearance, the F-150 Lightning rides higher above the road. This shields the battery and other vital components of your truck from the elements.


The high-strength, battery-electric frame and subframe form the strongest F-150 frame ever.

Fully boxed High-Strength Steel Frame

The Ford F-150 Lightning is built to last. With a fully boxed frame and large cross sections of high-strength steel, it is strong and rigid.

Power tailgate with unique Signature Rear Lighting

Are your hands occupied? This readily available feature resolves the issue. Use your key fob, tailgate touchpad, or cabin button to open or close your tailgate.

Convenient hooks and tie-downs

Put an end to the strewn-about items. The Mega Power Frunk comes with handy hooks, tie-downs, and a cargo net to keep everything in place.

Uncompromised Inside

Both standard and optional features are robust. Extensive use of cutting-edge technology. There are numerous alternatives. There’s a lot to like about the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning.

The most spacious front trunk of any all-electric truck.

Is both waterproof and drainable. Four 120v outlets and two USB chargers receive 2.4kW of power. There is a payload capacity of up to 400 pounds available. There is a lot of storage space on the Mega Power Frunk.


It is now your turn to drive the carpool. Are you going out with your friends? Are you planning a family vacation? Everyone will be at ease and satisfied with the amount of head, leg, and shoulder space available. Not to mention the trunk’s luggage space.

Under-seat storage with easy access

The back seat quickly flips up, allowing you to conveniently and securely store a large amount of goods underneath. Dividers aid in the organization and security of your cargo.

Small details make a big difference

You’ll notice right away that the F-150 Lightning is equipped with more than just cutting-edge technology. It also has the most up-to-date creature comforts and productivity enhancements.

The Luxury of LariatGrab Handles
It’s obvious when you buckle up. The driver’s seat is leather, with heated and ventilated seats, as well as memory. Sound system by Bang & Olufsen with eight speakers and a subwoofer.Do you need help getting into and out of the cab? They are located at each door and make it much easier to get in and out.
Twinpanel Moonroof optionsInterior Work surface
Take in more of the scenery as you drive. The sunshade opens to reveal the entire glass roof at the touch of a button. Convert the interior of your F-150 Lightning into a mobile office. The work surface is reached by folding directly from the middle console.
Authentic end cut oak accents
Convert the interior of your F-150 Lightning into a mobile office. From the centre console, the work surface can be folded immediately.

Loads of led lighting

When night time becomes a regular part of your day, you’ll be able to get the lighting you need right where you need it. From the bumper to behind the bed, this lighting provides a distinct, modern appearance. The same as the Lightning F-150.

Led Box Lighting With Enhanced Zone Lighting

A network of lights illuminates the surround of your F-150 Lightning, allowing you to work or play until late at night. Use the integrated touchscreen or the Ford Pass App to control the zones remotely.

Dynamic bending headlights with led projectors

When the sun sets but your day continues, these one-of-a-kind headlamps adapt to assist you in maintaining vision around bends in the road and while cornering.

High-quality ambient indoor lighting

Customize the available interior lighting in your vehicle. From the cockpit to the bases of the cup holders. The footwell, also known as the phone charging compartment. You can also adjust the brightness using your SYNC system.

Extensive running boards with improved lighting

The available extended running boards extend to the rear wheels for easier access to the bed. After dark, LED lighting illuminates them, making them safer to use.

360-Degree camera

Get an aerial view of your vehicle. Images were taken by four cameras: one in the grille, one in the tailgate, and one on the underside of each side-view mirror. They collaborate to create a 360-degree view.


Designed for the Long Run

The 2022 F-150 Lightning pick-up has 775 lb.-ft. of easy-to-manage, near-instant torque, so it’s up to the task of dragging a boat out of the water or driving away from a traffic signal with a loaded bed.

Tow or Haul with Confidence

This is a tough, every-day pickup truck outfitted with technology and powered by a dependable battery.

A payload that really pays offCapacities
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) (lbs.)Max Seating Capacity
6220 lbs. (Pro)5
Max Payload (lbs.)Max Passenger Cabin Volume (cu. ft.)
2,000 lbs131.9
Max Conventional Towing Capacity (lbs.)Cargo Capacity (Frunk cu. ft.)

Advanced towing & hauling technology

Setting up your trailer. Assisting. The weight distribution. The F-150 Lightning has a variety of options and features to help you tow and haul with confidence.

Intelligent range

As you drive, your truck is learning. It predicts range while considering weather, traffic, grade, payload, towing weights, and other factors. If future conditions, such as driving in the mountains or towing your boat, are predicted, the estimated range is revised and you are notified.

Tow technology package

Towing has recently become significantly safer and simpler. There is also a Trailer Brake Controller, Smart Hitch, On-Board Scales, Smart Trailer Tow Connection, and Trailer Reverse Guidance.

Pro trailer backup assists

Backing up is now as easy as turning a dial. Enter a few measurements into the system and you’re done. As you back up and guide the trailer, the camera follows it.

Trailer brake controller (TBC)

The trailer brakes are automatically applied when you push yours.

Smart hitch

During the connecting process, the tongue weight of the trailer is measured.

On-board scales

Load information is displayed on the central touchscreen, on a mobile phone via the Ford Pass App, or in visuals displayed within the smart taillamps of the truck.

Max trailer tow package

Do you have a larger boat? Extra-large camping trailer? Getting a backhoe to the jobsite? This is the deal for you. Trailer Assist, Trailer Brake Controller, Smart Hitch, On-Board Scales, Smart Trailer Tow Connection, and Trailer Reverse Guidance are all standard features. Additional cooling is also provided for the battery pack and electric motors.

Space for everybody and everything

From the fantastic frunk to the electric bed and the cab in between, there’s plenty of space. There is sufficient space for groceries. There’s room for tools. Space for athletic equipment, camping equipment, and anything else you haven’t bought yet. When you do decide to buy it, your F-150 Lightning will be ready.

The largest front trunk of an all-electric pickup

The front trunk of the F-150 Lightning is the largest of any all-electric pickup, measuring 14.1 cubic feet. It can transport eight 50-pound bags of concrete mix with a payload capacity of up to 400 pounds.

Seats up to 5 passengers

Is it your turn to take the wheel of the carpool? Are you going out with your friends? Are you planning a family vacation this weekend? No worries. The F-150 Lightning seats five people comfortably.

Easy access to hidden storage

The back seat quickly flips up, allowing you to conveniently and securely store a large amount of goods underneath. Dividers built into the cabinet keep everything in order.


Your F-150 Lightning your way 

The all-electric F-150 Lightning is a tough pickup that comes in a variety of interesting packages and options to suit your specific needs. Examine the various smart features to determine which ones are appropriate for you.

Max trailer tow package

Improved technology for greater GCWR. Increases the battery and engine cooling capacity. It enables standard and extended range batteries to carry their full potential load. That’s 7,700 lbs. for the standard battery and 10,000 lbs. for the extended range battery on the XLT and LARIAT.

Tow technology package

Tow and haul with confidence. There is also Pro Trailer Backup Assist. The Trailer Brake Hitch Controller is astute. On the board, there are scales. Smart Trailer Tow Connection and Trailer Reverse Guidance

Smart trailer tow connector

Are your towing, turn, and brake lights turned off? Do you have a trailer battery problem? If something concerning your trailer requires your attention, the tow-activity screen will notify you.

Trailer reverse guidance

Back up your trailer like a pro. High-resolution cameras, when installed, combine multiple viewpoints with helpful visuals that indicate which way to turn while backing up.



In India, the Ford F-150 Lightning will be available in 2022. According to experts, this truck will be the best electric SUV truck for the next generation of electric vehicles. And then there’s India’s fantastic Commercial grade e-truck. Fast charging stations will be available throughout India in the future, particularly in F-150s.

Ford-150 Lightning Specs & Feature


Construction/materialsHigh-strength steel frame, high-strength, military-grade aluminium-alloy body and bed
Body styleSuperCrew® four-door with 5.5-foot bed
Final assembly locationRouge Electric Vehicle Center


Drivetrain LayoutDual motor, front/rear transverse-mounted, four-wheel-drive
Targeted Peak Power (hp/kW)*426/318
Motor Build LocationVan Dyke Transmission Plant

Battery/Energy Storage

Battery type Lithium-ion pouch with internal battery management, liquid-cooled
Onboard charger power (input/output)11.3 kW/10.5 kW 
Battery assembly locationRawsonville Components Plant

Targeted charge times

150 kW DCFC 15-80%44 minutes
50 kW DCFC 15-80%91 minutes
80A Ford Charge Station Pro 15-100%10 hours
48A Connected Charge Station 15-100%10 hours
32A/240W Mobile Charger 15-100%14 hours

Targeted miles/charge

10 minutes, 150kW DC Fast Charge41 miles
1 hour, 80A Ford Charge Station Pro19 miles
1 hour, 48A Ford Connected Charge Station19 miles
1 hour, 32A/240W Mobile Charger14 miles
Targeted EPA-estimated range230

Charging unit

32A Ford Mobile ChargerStandard
48A Ford Connected Charge StationOptional
80A Ford Charge Station Pro with Ford Intelligent Backup Power capabilityOptional

Exterior Dimensions

Overall length232.7
Cab height78.9
Width – excluding mirrors80.0
Width – including standard mirrors96.0
Width – standard mirrors folded83.6
Track width – front68.1
Track width – rear68.3
Overhang – front37.8
Overhang – rear 49.4
Angle of approach (degrees)25.4
Angle of departure (degrees)24.2
Ramp breakover angle (degrees)17.8
Ground clearance8.9
Open tailgates to ground37.2
Front bumpers to back of cab155.9
Front trunk liftover height35.0

Interior Dimensions

Seating (occupants)5
Front headroom40.8
Front legroom SAE (maximum)43.9
Front shoulder room66.7
Front hip room62.5
Rear headroom40.4
Rear legroom SAE (maximum)43.6
Rear shoulder room66.0
Rear hip room62.6

Bed & Front trunk capacities

Inside length (at the floor)67.1
Width between wheelhouses50.6
Inside height21.4
Cargo box volume52.8 cubic feet
Front trunk volume14.1 cubic feet (400 litres)


Targeted Maximum Payload (lbs.)2,000
Targeted Maximum Towing -Max Trailer Tow Package (lbs.)7,700

Exterior Features


Bumper, Front – Body-ColorMega Power Frunk
Bumper, Rear – Body-ColorHandles, Door and Tailgate – Black with Black Tailgate Bezel
Cargo Lamp, Integrated with Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL)Headlamps – LED Projector with Dynamic Bending
Daytime Running LampsSide Mirrors, Skull Caps – Black

Comfort and Convenience

Autoloop – Automatic on/off Headlamps with Wiper Activated HeadlampsSignature Front Lighting
Hooks – Cargo Box Tie-DownTailgate, Power Lock
LED Mirror-Mounted SpotlightsAutomatic High Beams

Dealer Installed Options

Bed Cargo Net – VerticalBed Cargo Net – Vertical
Bed DividerIndividual Trailer TPMS/Customer-Placed Trailer Camera
Bed Mat – RemovableIn-Vehicle Safe by Console Vault®
Bed Tailgate Lock by McGard™Pivot Storage Box, Driver’s Side, by Under Cover®
Bed TrayWheel Lock Kit, Exposed


BoxLink™Side Mirrors – Manual Folding
Front Tow Hooks – two, blackSide Mirrors – Power Adjust
Carbon Black Fixed Extended Running Board w/ Enhanced LightingSpare Tire Carrier – Rear Underframe
Side Mirrors – HeatedPro Power Onboard- 2.4kW
Side Mirrors – Integrated Turn SignalFully-Boxed, High-Strength Steel Frame

Wheels & Tires

Wheel Well Liners275/65 R18 All-Terrain
18-Inch Machined w/ Black High Gloss PocketsJack

Windows & Glass

Window – Rear – Fixed Glass with Privacy Tint and DefrosterWindows – Second-Row – Power



Bedliner – Drop-InTonneau Pickup Box Cover – Retractable
Bedliner – Spray-InPremium Aluminum Crossbed Storage Toolbox by Weather Guard®
Tonneau Pickup Box Cover – Hard FoldingAluminum Crossbed Storage Toolbox by Weather Guard® 

Interior Features


Color-Coordinated Carpet with Carpeted Floor MatsSteering Wheel – Black Leather-Wrapped

Comfort and Convenience

Dual-Zone Electronic Automatic Temperature ControlIntermittent Windshield Wipers
360-Degree CameraLane-Keeping System
12-Inch Digital Productivity ScreenInterior Work Surface
Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency BrakingOutside Temperature Display
Post-Collision BrakingPower-Adjustable Pedals
Cruise ControlRearview Mirror, Auto-Dimming
Fade-To-Off Interior LightingReverse Sensing System
Grab handles (A-Pillar) – Front, Driver- and Passenger-SideForward Sensing System
Grab handles (B-Pillar) – Rear, Driver- and Passenger-SideSteering Wheel, Manual Tilt/Telescoping
Horn, Dual-NoteVisors with Driver- and Passenger-Side Covered Mirrors

Entertainment Systems

AM/FM StereoFordPass™ Connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot connects up to 10 devices
SiriusXM® with 360LConnected Built-In Navigation


Seats – Front – Bucket Seats with Center Flow-Through Console, ClothSeats – Front, Power Driver Lumber and Manual Passenger Lumbar
Seats – Front, 8-Way Power DriverSeats – Rear – 60/40 Flip-Up Split Bench with Elongated Cushion


Class IV Trailer HitchFord Co-Pilot 360™ 2.0

Power and Handling


4×4Steering – EPAS Power Rack-and-Pinion Steering
Axle, Rear – Independent Rear SuspensionTrailer Sway Control
Axle, Front – Independent Front SuspensionSelectable Drive Modes – Normal, Sport, Tow/Haul, Off-road


Dual Electric MotorsStandard-Range Battery


Comfort and Convenience

Rear View Camera


AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™ (RSC® )BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert and Trailer Tow Coverage
Airbags – Front, Driver, and PassengerCurve Control
Airbags – Front, Driver and Passenger Seat-Mounted SideTire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Airbags – Safety Canopy® Side Curtains (1st and 2nd-row outboard coverage)BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert


MyKey®SOS Post-Crash Alert System™
Remote Keyless Entry SystemSpare Tire and Wheel Lock


Bumper-to-Bumper3 years/36,000 miles
Electric vehicle unique component8 years/100,000 miles
Aluminium body panel5 years/unlimited miles
Paint adhesion5 years/unlimited miles
Roadside assistance5 years/60,000 miles