Honda E

Honda E


The Honda e is a battery-electric supermini produced by Honda that will be available in European and Japanese markets in 2020. It is based on the Urban EV Concept, which was unveiled in September 2017 at the 2017 International Motor Show in Germany. In 2019, the production version was unveiled at the same exhibition. Unlike the Urban EV Concept, which had a 3-door hatchback form, the production version only had a 5-door layout. In May 2019, Honda confirmed its name. The vehicle is designed in the nostalgic styling of the first-generation Civic. Honda has declared that by 2022, all of its mainstream European vehicles will only have electrified powertrains.


AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System at low-speed EV Mode)
6 Airbags System (Dual Front i-SRS^, Front Seats i-Side^ & Side Curtain)
Rear Disc Brakes
Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
Multi-Angle Rear Camera with Guidelines (Normal, Wide, Top-Down Modes)


Fuel TypeElectric
Power136 ps
Torque315 Nm
0 to 60 mph9 seconds
TransmissionType1-speed fixed gear
Body TypeHatchback


The Honda City e: HEV sedan was released in India at a price of Rs 19.50 lakh (ex-showroom) for its single ZX grade, making it over Rs 4.5 lakh more expensive than the conventional City ZX.


The Honda e is engineered to deliver an exceptional, all-electric driving experience with zero emissions.

Electric technology

To satisfy the rigours of daily commuting, the sophisticated electric drivetrain combines proven Honda electrification technology with fast-charge capability.

Zero emissions

The Honda e blends zero-emission driving with thrilling performance. The Honda e is a city car that is sporty, powerful, and incredibly agile.

Fast charging

In just 31 minutes of rapid charging, the high-capacity 35.5 kWh battery adds 80 percent of the charge.

On a 50 kW charger, charge times are measured from the low battery warning signal to 80 percent.

Range and speed

The Honda e has a maximum range of up to 137 miles (WLTP) and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 8.3 seconds.

Great maneuverability in confined spaces

Power is routed through the rear wheels to assist give a dynamic character, which also allows for greater steering movement for the front wheels. As a result, the turning radius is just 4.3 metres, making the Honda e extremely nimble on tiny streets.

The right balance

With its low center of gravity and even 50:50 weight distribution, the Honda e gives a satisfying and sporty driving experience. The Honda e’s compact size and minimal overhangs provide excellent balance, stability, and handling for your electric drive.

Charge intelligently

E: PROGRESS is a cutting-edge charging service available only to Honda e drivers. Its clever charging membership ensures that your vehicle is powered by low-cost, clean, and green electricity.

Join the growing number of Honda customers who are saving money by using Honda service.

Exterior design

Honda developed the Honda e by questioning everything: this one-of-a-kind vehicle is the product of this questioning. The Honda e is how we will drive now and in the future. It is fun to drive, safe, and visually beautiful.

5 Colors Option

Charge Yellow
Modern Steel Metallic
Premium Crystal Blue Metallic
Platinum White Pearl
Crystal Black Pearl

Side Camera Mirror System

The Side Camera Mirror System replaces traditional door mirrors with small cameras, sending live views to two 6-inch screens located at either end of the dashboard.

Pop-out door handles

‘Pop-out’ door handles are stand-out stylistic elements that emphasize the Honda e’s sleek, minimalist design. The handles are flush with the bodywork and extend out as needed.

Front lights

When you unlock the car, bright, ‘eye-like’ LED headlights brighten the road and greet you. Running lights keep you noticeable while zooming about the city during the day.

Rear lights

Driving in the city is characterized by frequent stops and starts. From behind, the Honda e’s dazzling, perfectly circular LED taillights are unmistakable. The modern brake light design incorporates a good dose of retro reverence.

A choice of wheel sizes

The Honda e has 16″ alloy wheels, while the Honda e Advance has an option of 16″ or 17″ wheels.

Honda e accessories

Honda Genuine Accessories can be used to customize the Honda e. Exterior or interior packs, customized alloys, and individual things to showcase the car’s attributes are available as options.

Exterior Features

Charging Port

The Honda charging station is easily accessible; it is built into the hood. An LED on the screen plainly displays the charging state to the driver.

Honda Sensing

Honda SENSING is a suite of enhanced safety systems designed to protect you and your passengers. The Honda e comes equipped with the following features: Lead Car Departure Notification System, Collision Mitigation Throttle Control, and Low-Speed Brake Function Support.

Led Daytime Running Lights

The distinctive LED headlights are complimented with appealing daytime running lights, which contribute to the Honda e’s distinct personality and seamless appearance.

Sky Roof

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. The Honda e’s all-encompassing panoramic view will make it feel even more like an open lounge, bringing more of the outside world within.

Rear Privacy Glass

A dark tint on the rear window not only reduces heat and glare on the interior of your Honda e, but it also looks great from the outside.

Pop-out Door Handles

The Honda e’s door handles are flush with the vehicle’s body. When you approach, they flick out, freeing themselves and allowing you to enter. The rear door knobs are concealed within the window panel.

Interior design

The sleek minimalist passenger interior uses tactile, current materials on the inside. The wide, uncluttered interior creates a relaxing lounge-like atmosphere.

Room for more

You have plenty of space with a 171 L boot. To make additional room for baggage and other large objects, fold down the back seat. Inside, the Honda e was built to be adaptable.

A bigger picture

To maintain a natural feel and view, the Side Camera Mirror System comprises screens at each end of the dash. The image from a rear-view camera is displayed using the Centre Camera Mirror System*.

Stay connected wherever you go

On the full-width digital dashboard, infotainment displays take up two 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens. Swap material, playlists, and navigation across screens with your passenger using smartphone-style swipe controls.

Light and space

The Honda e is a tiny electric urban automobile with a roomy interior. There is enough space — and legroom — for up to four adults. When you need additional space, the rear seats may be folded down.

Looks small, acts big

The absence of a centre console expands the walk-front through’s and back flat floors. Rear seat passengers have plenty of legroom and comfort.

Exceptional comfort and materials

The Honda e’s seats are made of a durable yet soft-to-the-touch fabric. They are as welcoming and comfortable as you would expect to find in your own home.

Interior Features


Staying in touch remotely via the app ensures that you are never far from the Honda e. You can keep a close eye on the charging functions and pre-set the in-car temperature.

Full-Width Dual-Screen

The driver and passenger can use two high-resolution 12.3-inch screens independently. You may quickly switch between the two screens.

Leather Steering Wheel

The leather steering wheel is both sporty and luxurious, with most of the buttons you commonly use, as well as audio controls, conveniently located at your fingertips.

Front Heated Seats

With seats that may be pre-heated, the Honda e will always give you a warm welcome on a cold morning.

Single Pedal Control

The Honda e is a breeze to drive. You may accelerate and decelerate using only one pedal with the Single Pedal Control; press your foot down to go and lift it off to brake.

Smart Entry and Start

There is no longer any need to manually lock and open the door or use a typical key fob. When the Honda e detects your presence, it will open and unlock automatically.

Connect with the My Honda + app

With our My Honda+ app, you can take command of your Honda e. Lock, charge, and safeguard your vehicle, or start the air conditioner from anywhere. Receive a charge status as well as maintenance reminders. In this next-generation electric vehicle, Honda technology is at its best.

Always Connected

Having the My Honda+ app on your phone is like holding your automobile in your hand. It also works in reverse, so you can keep an eye on your car while it notifies you of charging status, climate check, and maintenance reminders.

Honda subscriptions

The My Honda+ app will provide you a variety of linked services to help you when you’re on the go or away from your car. Examine it more closely.

Core Connectivity

Core Connectivity, which works in tandem with the My Honda+ app, allows you to interact with your vehicle via your smartphone. This subscription grants you access to a slew of sophisticated security and information tools, such as the Virtual Dashboard, to help you plan your journey. Your car is always nearby, no matter where you are.

Safety & Journey

You’ll always feel safe with Safety & Journey, which includes an app-based alert if the car is moved outside of a predefined geofenced zone. Furthermore, with the Automobile Locator, you’ll always know where your car is. In the event of a breakdown, Honda Digital Roadside Assistance will send your vehicle’s coordinates to your assistance provider.

Honda Digital Key

Honda owners will appreciate the smooth entry and start feature. Essentially, your smartphone serves as your key, allowing you to lock, unlock, remotely open and close windows, and share access to the vehicle. Honda Digital Key also has extra functions, such as using Bluetooth to unlock your car when there is no signal.

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot capability is available in the Honda e, HR-V, and Jazz models. This gives you and your passengers access to the internet while on the road via different devices.

Honda Personal Assistant

If you want to know where the nearest charging station or gas station is, simply ask the Honda Personal Assistant and she will respond. Simply say, “OK Honda,” and the dialogue will begin.


Safety for Everyone

Our vision is of a collision-free future for all road users, not just drivers – a world where car safety technology can coexist with the excitement of driving.

Altogether safer

Honda SENSING is designed to keep you, your passengers, and everyone else safe. It’s an intelligent suite of sophisticated safety technologies that will help you while driving and demonstrates our dedication to road safety.

We have you covered

Honda SENSING provides you with a comprehensive portfolio of safety and driver assistance features.

Lane Keep Assist System

By keeping the automobile in the center of the detected lane, it provides a less stressful driving experience, especially on highways.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follows

Once adjusted, the cruising speed will assist you in maintaining a safe following distance between detected vehicles.

Blind Spot Information

A warning icon in the door mirror alerts you when vehicles are spotted in your blind spot.

More Honda SENSING features

Maintaining the safety of you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road

Cross Traffic Monitor

It detects incoming vehicles from each side and warns you of impending danger when reversing.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Can detect the speed limit by detecting traffic signs and visualizing them on the Driver Information Interface or Head-Up Display.

Intelligent Speed Limiter

The speed limit identified by the Traffic Sign Recognition technology determines the vehicle’s top speed.

Collision Mitigation System

If a frontal collision is possible, the brakes are applied to reduce the severity of any impact.

Auto High-Beam Headlights

When an oncoming car or a vehicle in front of you is recognized, the high beam automatically switches to low beam.

Road Departure Mitigation

If your car veers off the road, it will make minor adjustments to keep you safe. It will apply the brakes in certain circumstances.

Honda e-safety features

These additional Honda SENSING functions are exclusively available on the Honda e Advance.

Lead Car Departure Notification

Notifies you when the car in front of you has moved forward from a stop.

Low-Speed Braking Control

Before using the brakes, the Low-Speed Brake Function informs you of an unseen object. While Collision Mitigation Throttle Control inhibits abrupt acceleration when there is a stationary impediment in front of the automobile, such as a car, person, or item.

Honda Genuine Accessories

Added Attractions

Make a statement with Honda Genuine Accessories for your Honda e. You can select an exterior or interior package, some stylish alloy wheels, or a few particular items to enhance the car’s qualities.


If you’ve decided to go all-electric with the new Honda e, now’s the chance to do your own thing and refine this one-of-a-kind vehicle even further with a few personal touches. By selecting Honda Genuine Accessories for the Honda e, you will not only be designing your own unique style, but also one that will make a great impression around town.


You and your Honda e will be stylish and protected. Choose the best pack for you and have a more enjoyable drive.

U.R.B.A.N. Pack / Black

This pack gives your Honda e a sophisticated look. The trimmings around the car provide additional protection and are a nod to the Urban EV Concept. Door Sill Trims, Bumper Trims, and Side Body Trims are all included.

U.R.B.A.N. Pack / Black and Blue

This pack gives your Honda e a sophisticated look. The blue highlights and trimmings around the car provide extra protection and are a nod to the Urban EV Concept. Door Sill Trims, Bumper Trims, and Side Body Trims are all included.

Protection Pack

This kit provides genuine protection for your Honda e. The set includes a boot mat as well as front and rear rubber mats.

Extensive Protection Pack

This pack provides the most real-world protection for your Honda e. Boot Mat, Front and Rear Rubber Mats, Charge Port Lid Cover, and Charge Port Protection Film are all included.

Illumination Pack

This pack employs a variety of lights to create an ambient mood inside your Honda e. Illuminated Door Sill Trims and Console Illumination are included.

Style Pack

This body-colored accessory set adds a touch of pure simplicity to your Honda e. Each set includes a Front Lower Decoration, Rear Lower Decoration, and Side Lower Decoration to give your Honda e a truly classic and minimalistic appearance. The Style Pack is also available in Blue and Nordic Silver.


Honda e accessories not only provide flair, but also protection, practicality, and ease.

Detachable Bicycle Carrier Attachment

The Detachable Bike Carrier Attachment kit includes a 13-pin trailer harness and is ideal for organizing a bicycle excursion. The bike carrier adapter is straightforward to use and complies with Honda’s stringent safety criteria.

CMS Cover / Nordic Silver

The basic CMS cover is replaced by the Camera Mirror System (CMS) Cover. Nordic Silver is a stunning accent color for your Honda e. Blue is also available.

A-Pillar Decoration / Nordic Silver

This A-Pillar garnish is used in place of the normal A-Pillar. Nordic Silver is a stunning accent color for your Honda e. Blue is also available.

Front Under Spoiler / Black

This spoiler gives the front of the car a retro sporty look. Blue is also available.

Reversible Boot Mat

Maintain a clean boot area free of dirt and scrapes. Our waterproof Reversible Boot Mat is designed to fit perfectly in the most vulnerable location.

Sticker Set

This black Sticker Set adds a sporty yet attractive accent to your Honda e. Applied to the hood and trunk.

Interior Panel Set / Bronze

Make your room more personal by installing these stunning interior panels that replace the conventional trim. The upper layer has a bronze-colored structured surface.

Door Sill Trims

The Door Sill Trims customize your vehicle while protecting the door sills from marks and scratches. They’re made of gleaming black aluminum and feature an eye-catching Honda e emblem. Front and rear trims are included in the package.


Only genuine Honda Power Chargers and accessories provide you with peace of mind.

Fill up with clean energy

The cable connectors are easy to use and efficient, made of the best materials available, and are exceptionally safe to use; simply plug into the Honda e and the Honda Power Charger does the rest.


The Honda Power Charger has a number of configuration possibilities. It can be wall-mounted or placed on a high-quality stainless steel pedestal.

Mode 2 charging cable

With dual thermal sensors to detect and prevent overheating, this charger is suitable for grid-to-vehicle charging. This cable features silver-plated connectors for long-lasting dependability. When not in use, zip it up and store it in the protective bag.

Charge port lid cover

When charging under difficult conditions, this black cover made of soft water-resistant nylon protects the charging area. When not in use, the cover is stored in a bag.

Charge port protection film

This film protects the charge port on the car’s hood and prevents scratches when charging.

Mode 3 charging cable

Designed to work in adverse weather situations and suitable for charging at home or public charging poles; capable of charging single or three-phase at 32A maximum. It includes silver-plated connections for long-term dependability, and when not in use, zip it up and store it in the protective bag.

Accessory wheels

Why not make a bold statement with a stylish set of alloy wheels to compliment your accessories?

The windows on this 17″ alloy are gunpowder black, and the A-surface is diamond-cut.This 17-inch alloy has gunpowder black windows, a diamond-cut A-surface, and blue rims.



The Honda E is a vehicle that you purchase because you like the way it looks. And if you do, you’ll possess an electric vehicle that’s enjoyable to drive, well-equipped, and relatively premium on the interior. Unfortunately, with such a narrow charging range, a perplexing infotainment system, a premium price, and a small boot, it’s objectively more difficult to suggest than many alternatives.

Technical specifications


Engine TypeElectric Motor
Engine NameElectric Motor


Electric Motor Maximum Power (ps)136 ps
Electric Motor Maximum Torque (Nm)315 Nm
0 To 62 (mph)9 seconds
Max Speed (mph)90 mph
EV Battery Capacity (kWh)35.5 kWh
Range (WLTP combined) (miles)137 miles
EV Operation Efficiency (kWh/100km)17.2 kWh
Electric Motor TypeDC
On-Board Charger Capacity (kW AC)6.6 kW AC
Battery – ChemistryLithium-Ion


Overall Length (mm)3894 mm
Overall Width (mm)1752 mm
Overall Height – Unladen (mm)1512 mm
Wheelbase (mm)2538 mm
Tread Front (mm)1523 mm
Tread Rear (mm)1516 mm
Ground Clearance – with Driver (mm)145.2 mm
Turning Circle – at Body (m)4.6 m
Turning Circle – at Wheel Centre (m)4.3 m
Steering Wheel Lock to Lock3.11 wheel turns


Seating Capacity (persons)4 Persons
Trunk Capacity – Rear Seat up 171 liters, VDA method
Trunk Capacity – Rear Seat Down Load to Roof 861 liters, VDA method
Trunk Capacity – Rear Seat Down Load to Window571 liters, VDA method


Kerb Weight (kg)1513-1514 kg
Max. Permissible Weight (kg)1855 kg
Payload (kg)341-342 kg
Max. Permissible Axle Weight – Front/Rear 870/1000 kg



  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
  • Airbags – Front Driver & Passenger
  • Airbags – Passenger SRS Airbag with Cut Off Switch
  • Airbags – Side (Front) As standard
  • Airbags – Side Curtain (Front and Rear)
  • Brake Assist (BA)
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System
  • Collision Mitigation Throttle Control
  • Cruise Control – Adaptive
  • Deflation Warning System (DWS)
  • Driver SRS Airbag (Single Stage inflation)
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
  • Emergency Stop Signal
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Front & Rear Seat Belts with Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR)
  • Intelligent Speed limiter
  • ISO Fix Points
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Lane Keep Assist System
  • Lead Car Departure Notification System
  • Low-Speed Brake Function
  • Low-Speed Following
  • Road Departure Mitigation
  • Traffic Sign Recognition System
  • Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
  • Whiplash Lessening Front Headrests


  • Immobiliser System
  • Remote Central Locking with 2 Keys
  • Security Alarm System
  • Selectable Door Unlock
  • Smart Entry & Start
  • Super Locking
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Tonneau Cover
  • Ultrasonic Sensor

Interior – Trim

  • Fabric Interior Panels
  • Black Door Handles
  • Steering wheel – Leather
  • Fabric upholstery

Function And Technology

  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Electric Power Steering (EPS)
  • Electric Power Steering – Variable Gear Ratio
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • Multi Info Display
  • Regenerative Braking Strength Control (Paddle)

Comfort And Convenience

  • Accessory Socket Location (Front)
  • Air Conditioning Climate Control
  • Air Conditioning – Rear Vent
  • Auto Wipers
  • Cargo net hook
  • Side Camera Mirror System
  • Electric Windows Front & Rear
  • Front Seat – Driver Lumbar Support
  • Front Seat – Manual Height Adjustment
  • Heated Seats – Front
  • Key Fob Operation Includes windows
  • Under-trunk Charging Cable Storage
  • Parking Sensors
  • Rear View Camera
  • Sunvisor Vanity Mirrors
  • Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel

Interior Lights

  • Ambient Light (Driver/Passenger Footwell)
  • Ambient Light (Roof)
  • Map Light (Front)
  • Meter Illumination
  • Rear reading light
  • Sunvisor Vanity Mirror Illumination
  • Trunk Light

Audio and Communications

  • BluetoothTM Hands-Free Telephone (HFT)
  • DAB
  • HDMI Socket
  • Honda CONNECT with HERE Navigation (9″ touchscreen, AM/FM/DAB, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto)
  • Honda Dual Screen DA (2x 12″ 3″)
  • 6x Speakers
  • Audio System of 180W Power (W)
  • Steering Wheel Remote Audio Controls
  • 2x USB port front
  • 2x USB port rear


  • Glass Antenna
  • Honda e Emblem
  • Exterior Door Handle Finish – body
  • Panoramic Glass Roof
  • Privacy Glass
  • Spoiler

Exterior Lights

  • Auto Headlights
  • LED Daytime Running Light
  • LED Front Fog Light
  • Headlight Auto On/Off Timer (Coming Home/Leaving Home Function)
  • LED Headlight
  • High Beam Support System (HSS)
  • LED Rear Light Type


  • 16″ Alloy Wheels
  • Front Tyres 185/60 R16 Rear Tyres 205/55 R16
  • Tyre Repair Kit