India’s Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure providers in India 2021

India’s Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure providers in India 2021

India is poised to become the next electric vehicle hub of the world. The Indian government is taking tremendous strides to enable the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. To reduce emissions and dependence on petroleum imports, the government is providing subsidies for buying electric vehicles and setting up charging stations. To bolster the adoption of electric vehicles it is essential to set up charging infrastructure that aids this adoption in the EV era. 

  1. Tata Power 

Tata Power is one of the leading and prominent names in the EV charging space. It is one of the leading companies providing end-to-end charging solutions. With a charging network spread across 180 plus cities and 1100 plus charging stations installed TATA power is leading by example. 

The company provides a smart EV charging platform (Tata Power Mobile App) and lets you use various charging standards available in the country presently. It covers charger management, Annual maintenance, etc. Tata Power has recently joined hands with HPCL to set up EV charging stations at the latter’s pumps. 

  1. Amar Raja

The Amara Raja group, based out of Tirupati is India’s 2nd most popular battery manufacturer behind Exide. It is one of the country’s fastest-growing conglomerates with a turnover above Rs 7000 Crore. 

The company offers both AC and DC chargers which cover both CCS and 

CHAdeMO types. Amar Raja group also provides Swappable battery stations with up to 3KWH capacity with up to 20 channel slots.

  1. Magenta Power

Magenta Power provides a complete range of Electric vehicle charging infrastructure which includes consultation, installation, maintenance, and software. Its application Magenta ChargeGrid is a fully automated system with one-tap payment options.

India’s largest charging station is set up by Magenta Power at Navi Mumbai. The company aims to install 4000+ charging stations by 2022.

  1. Volttic 

Volttic is an EV charging solutions provider based out of Delhi-Noida with an installation, maintenance, and cloud-based monitoring system. They provide DC fast chargers, AC-001& DC-001.

The company plans to install 1200+ EV charging stations by 2025 and expand its pan-India network. Volttic also offers franchise opportunities for dealers and distributors.

  1.  Mass-Tech 

Mass-Tech, established in 1993, is one of the leading manufacturers of chargers. With up to 200KW of power output and covering both CCS and CHAdeMO types, Mass-Tech has received an order to install 200 DC fast chargers across India. 

The company has been working with companies like Mahindra, Tata, Force, Panasonic, etc. They also provide AC type 2 chargers with a max output of 43 KW. 

  1. Exicom

Exicom’s Harmony is a multi-standard Electric vehicle charger offering a 3 in 1 solution with CCS, CHAdeMo, and Type 2 AC catering to all of your charging needs. The company claims a charging range of between 30 KW and 200KW. 

The company has agreed to set up Bharat AC and DC chargers for EESL. Exicom has also signed an MOU with BHEL in setting up Electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

  1. Fortum India

Fortum, a Finnish green energy company, is a pioneer and a leader in EV charging infrastructure. Fortum Charge and Drive India Private Limited (FCDIPL) has installed more than 70 EV charging points in leading metro cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad at MG Motors supply locations.

For ease of use, the company’s Fortum CHarge and Drive is a software-based solution that allows the user to locate the EV charging point, manage accounts and make payments. This makes the entire experience seamless and smooth.

  1. ABB India

ABB is a global leader when it comes to EV charging infrastructure. With a presence in more than 80 countries, ABB has installed close to 15000 EV chargers worldwide. It is one of the first companies to install Flash charging for public buses.

ABB India offers 3 in 1 solution (Terra54 CJG) with CCS, CHAdeMo, and Type 2 AC catering to all of your charging needs. A 40 min fast charge will enable a user to charge his / her vehicle up to 80%. With a software platform to back these EV chargers, the company has installed a DC Fast charger in Delhi last year.  

  1. Delta Electronics India

The Delta Group is known to deliver efficient energy solutions over the last 40 years. The company has obtained global safety certifications for its EV chargers. Delta Electronics India had launched Mumbai’s first EV DC Fast Charging station at Mantralaya in Churchgate. 

The company provides CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T, and Type 2 chargers respectively. Their chargers come bundled with a unique Site Management System which is a web-based smart system that can manage up to 50 charging stations for buildings and workplaces. 


Charzer, a startup based out of Bangalore offers IOT based portable EV chargers up to 3.3 KW capacity and IP 65 rating. Their Charzer App helps you locate nearby EV charging stations, book slots, monitor, and make payments.

The company has installed an excess of 300 charging stations in 20+ cities. The EV charger comes for Rs. 15000 only.

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