The 2022 Lucid Air intends to be much more than a mere Tesla rip-off, with up to 520 miles of EPA-estimated all-electric range and up to 1111 horsepower. Lucid Motors’ first model has an aerodynamic form that is both useful and fashionable. The translucent canopy that covers its vast and expensive cabin should help it live up to its atmospheric name. The Air also combines functionality with technology, with plenty of storage space and driver assistance features. Sure, the Lucid Air sounds more like a ’80s cover band than a luxury car, but the Tesla Model S launched sounding like an obscure electrical innovation from the nineteenth century, so only time will tell how far the 2022 Air rises.

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MotorDual ACTIVE Core
Range520 miles
Acceleration 0-60 mphas quick as 2.5 seconds
Top speedup to 168 mph
Battery78 kWh lithium-ion, 27 modules
ChargingUp to 300 miles in 20 minutes


  • Advanced driver assistance features
  • The Lucid Air comes with advanced safety features
  • Free Ultrafast charging
  • 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes of charging
  • It has the longest range of any electric car

Lucid Air Electric Car Price

The Lucid Air starts at $77,400 in the United States, or roughly £62,000 for the Pure model, and goes up to $169,000 (£135,000) for the top-of-the-line Dream Edition Performance.

Sales have already begun in the United States, and the Lucid Air will be available in Germany in June of this year. Buyers in the United Kingdom should not reach for their wallets just yet, as there is no news on when (or if) it will arrive on our shores.

Price in Country



Electric has never looked so good. Air defies traditional automotive design norms by redefining the shape, proportion, and dimension of a premium sedan – all while infusing careful craftsmanship into every aspect.

0.21 Sustainable Largest frunk Glass Canopy 
coefficient of dragmaterials and finishesof any electric caravailable roof design


Lucid Air is not only visually spectacular, but it is also one of the most aerodynamic automobiles in the world, with a drag coefficient of 0.21. We strove for clean lines in every detail to produce a remarkably flowing form, inspired by the graceful design of aircraft. Even essential elements such as the autonomous driving sensors were shaped in a seamless manner.


Coefficient of darg

Air gets its stunning factor from exterior lighting as well. Our Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlights were created totally in-house and are stunning to look at. A sweeping speed form taillight offers an unbroken impression of light and depth towards the back.

Pick your polish.

Every Air has a faultless finish, which is frequently enhanced with platinum polish canopy roof trim. To find your match, choose from a carefully curated range of exterior colors.


Cabin? More like a mansion.

Despite its mid-size design, the interior of the Air is surprisingly large, with proportions similar to a full-size sedan. This is made possible by our proprietary powertrain components, which have been downsized to allow for more room to extend out. It’s not only spacious, but it also has ultra-luxe features like optional massage seats.

The back interior of the Lucid Air is spacious enough for three persons, with segment-leading legroom.
An optional Executive Rear Seating Package (available later) will provide a jet-style experience for two, allowing you to recline all the way back.

So. Much. Storage.

Lucid Air cleverly maximises storage, providing SUV-like room. The clamshell decklid opens to reveal a big bi-level trunk, while beneath the hood is a massive frunk. And by massive, we mean nearly four times the size of other electric vehicles.

There are several extra storage areas inside the cabin, including substantial door pockets and a bonus compartment behind the retractable Pilot Panel.

Glass Canopy

A roof with a view.

The amazing Glass Canopy extends the reach of Lucid Air even further. This optional solid glass roof spans virtually the whole cabin without interruption, providing everyone in the car with a stunning view of the sky above. While it seems clear to the naked eye, the Glass Canopy contains a plethora of protective interlayers that block out heat and sunshine.

This characteristic roof design, which blurs the border between car and nature, was inspired by the indoor-outdoor atmosphere of California’s mid-century architecture. Eichler would be overjoyed.


The future comes standard.

Lucid Air’s sophisticated technology is cutting-edge and adapts to you. The Glass Cockpit display provides information on a sharp, clean UI, while the Pilot Panel allows for customization. Air’s numerous innovations are perfectly interwoven, from wave-inspired speakers to tactile buttons to ambient lighting that follows natural rhythms. As a result, every encounter feels natural.

The major displays on the Lucid Air are technological wonders. A floating 34-inch Glass Cockpit monitor in 5K resolution bends around the driver’s seat and intelligently displays information right in your sightline.

Furthermore, a retractable center Pilot Panel provides greater control over features and glides away to reveal concealed storage.


Auto couture.

There is luxury and then there is Lucid Car. Every stitch, hue, and supplier is meticulously studied by our discriminating eye for detail. This dedication to high-quality craftsmanship is clear from the moment you approach the vehicle. Air is influenced by California’s natural settings, thus sustainability is also important.

California-cool, in four colorways.

The interior themes of the Lucid Air Car are designed to inspire a sense of place: Santa Monica, Mojave, Santa Cruz, or Tahoe. The darker tones in the front cabin emphasize driving, while the lighter palette in the back emphasizes relaxing. Each theme is painstakingly curated with an assortment of fabrics, leathers, and textiles.


Nappa from the world’s first carbon-neutral producer of this full-grain natural leather; premium leather’s smooth grain; and a refined PurLuxe leather alternative (with later availability) – all with distinctive perforation patterns for greater comfort and design.


Among the featured textiles are an Alcantara headliner, wool-blend textile of sustainable alpaca and recycled yarn, and premium textile that uses a sophisticated air-texturing process to transform 100% recycled yarn into a luxury cloth.


Silvered Eucalyptus has driftwood-like markings; North American Walnut has a linear grain and open pore finish; and Carbon Oak is red oak with natural variances showing through its dark stain.


This item moves a lot. Air is a total tour de force due to our obsessive focus on efficiency and intelligence. Along with race-proven power, its record-breaking range allows you to go anywhere – fast.

1,111 520 miles Dream DriveUltra-efficient 
Max power⁴Official EPA range up to¹advanced driver assistance systemminiaturized EV powertrain

The numbers speak for themselves.

Official EPA range up toMinutes to charge 300 milesMax powerSeconds 0-60 mph
520 mi201,111 hp2.5


Leader of the (battery) pack.

The official EPA range of Lucid Air is up to 520 miles1. So you could cruise from San Diego to San Francisco without paying a dime. Alternatively, wherever the road takes you. Our patented battery technology makes this feasible. And if you run low, you can power up to 300 miles in about 20 minutes.


Zero-to-sixty faster than you can count to three.

Increase your expectations because Lucid Air is unstoppable. It can drive from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, achieve a quarter-mile in under 10 seconds, and has a proven track record for power, literally. It offers an option of single or dual motors with a maximum horsepower of up to 1,111³.


One giant leap for the car kind.

We have to save it elsewhere to make place for you. That is why we created the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform, or LEAP. Except for power, it miniaturises the entire powertrain. This revolutionary, space-saving design ushers in a new era of spatial efficiency and comfort.

A miniaturized motor. With maximized power.

By thinking tiny, we reimagined the motor. Very small. The Lucid Air electric motor is the world’s most powerful for its size and weight, generating up to 670 horsepower while weighing only 163 lbs. It’s so slim that it can fit in an aeroplane carry-on. Advanced silicon carbide MOSFETs in the inverter help to expand the range by minimising energy loss.

Dream Drive

Introducing your invisible co-pilot.

Meet DreamDrive, Lucid EV’s most comprehensive advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). It has up to 32 sensors, including the most recent camera, radar, and ultrasonic technology, as well as a high-resolution LIDAR that employs laser beams to calculate distance from objects. As a result, it operates in practically every weather situation and includes driver monitoring to keep you awake.


Safety drives everything we do.

Lucid Air is designed, first and foremost, to do what is right for its passengers’ safety. This driving idea extends beyond simply adhering to regulations. To do the right thing, Lucid Air aims to achieve or surpass stringent global safety requirements.


The best-case situation is to avoid accidents altogether. That’s why the battery pack was deliberately placed to optimise handling. And why DreamDrive uses multi-modal streams of information to make split-second decisions. Even why the Micro Lens Array headlights provide unparalleled visibility, assisting you in spotting possible difficulties. There’s a lot of technology watching out for you in Lucid Air.


In the event of an impact, Lucid Air is built to keep you safe and secure. Air’s frame is made of bonded aluminium for substantial structural strength, which leads to outstanding protection.

The cabin is equipped with up to nine airbags and can fit two car seats with anchors in the back. The Glass Canopy and Windows are also laminated, so they will not shatter or break into huge pieces.


Air’s superior technology is the real deal. Every interaction, from the moment you open the Lucid app to the entire in-car experience, is designed to be immediate, intuitive, and exactly as you wish.

34-inch, 5K Over-the-air 21-speaker Alexa-enabled 
Glass Cockpit displaysoftware updatesSurreal Sound™ systemvoice commands

User experience

So advanced, it feels completely natural.

The digital ecosystem built inside each Lucid Air is intended to be simple. It’s really simple to use and integrates flawlessly with your own devices. The entire experience will aid and thrill you, from things like the UI’s sharp, clean design to facial recognition and Alexa voice-enabled instructions, to tactile aspects like buttons and displays.

The Lucid app. Your drive starts here.

The adventure starts the moment you decide to drive. You can use the Lucid app to plan a trip, transmit guidance to your car, identify charging stations along the way, and even preheat the temperature. When you’re not there, you can keep an eye on things using the app.

A warm welcome, every time.

Good day, Air. As you approach the vehicle, it identifies your key and greets you with a welcome sequence that opens the doors, activates the lighting, and extends a handle. After you’ve settled in, facial recognition adjusts certain settings to your unique preferences, and you’re ready to go.

An experience-driven car.

You can engage with Lucid Air in a variety of ways throughout your journey. With Alexa Built-in, you can integrate in-car functions simply by speaking. Alexa can assist you with adjusting your seat heaters, lighting, sunshades, navigation, and other features. Driver assistance from DreamDrive provides peace of mind. Surreal SoundTM, Lucid’s optional 21-speaker immersive audio system, further enhances the entertainment experience. Air also works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a slew of additional apps.

Glass Cockpit

Welcome to command central.

The Glass Cockpit display is a 34-inch, 5K floating screen that curves around the driver like a jet cockpit. It places important information in your line of sight, with car controls to the left, driving details in the middle, and navigation and media on the right. In addition, the centre console has a retractable Pilot Panel with deeper-level controls.

Surreal Sound™

Part car, part Carnegie Hall.

Pay attention. Surreal SoundTM, Lucid Air’s immersive audio system, is unlike any other. It features 21 carefully placed speakers that produce concert-quality, directed sound. And, because the Air is the world’s first automobile to feature Dolby Atmos technology, even functional and safety cues like seatbelt alarms sound incredible.

Software updates

Always feature new features.

Lucid Air receives over-the-air updates and enhancements via its secure and high-speed Ethernet-Ring data network to maintain your vehicle cutting-edge. So the experience just gets better and better, and you can enjoy all the latest bells and whistles without having to lift a finger.


Lucid Electric Cars began as a battery firm and is now a supplier of batteries for the world’s most advanced electric racecars. You can now charge your Air in record time thanks to our exclusive technology, and you’ll soon be able to take advantage of bi-directional charging capabilities.

20 minutesUltrafast 900V+2,400+ chargers Bi-directional 
approximately 300-mile chargecharging systemthrough Electrify Americacharging capabilities


A charger that works wonders.

The built-in Wunderbox on the Lucid Air is an incredible beast of a battery charger. It has the fastest EV charging system available, with 900V+ design, and can charge up to 300 miles in around 20 minutes. ¹ Aside from speed, it is compatible with practically every public charging station and will soon have bi-directional capabilities.

Air’s Wunderbox boost charger is compatible with nearly all public charging stations. It can recognize your Air, adjust incoming voltage, and enhance voltage to charge it as quickly as possible.

On the go

Juice up wherever you journey with Electrify America.

Along with Air’s incredible range, you can also take advantage of our relationship with Electrify America, the nation’s most extensive network of ultrafast public charging stations. They currently have over 700 stations and over 3,100 chargers around the United States, with plans to add hundreds more by the end of the year. And, if you reserve an Air before June 30, 2022, you’ll get three years of free access to up to 350kW charging.

At home

Power up at home. Or power up your home.

The Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, designed as elegantly as the car itself, guarantees that you wake up every morning with a full charge. Our Lucid charging station is future-ready, with up to 19.2kW of bidirectional power flow, many kinds of connectivity, and a faster installation process. That means that if there is a power outage, you will soon be able to use your Air to power your home.

Installed by experts

We’ve teamed with Qmerit to make your home charging installation simple, quick, and painless. Their network of qualified professional installers can assist you in preparing your specific space to charge your Air.

Charging demystified

We remove the uncertainty from charging. With the Lucid app, you can quickly schedule your charge, specifying when it should start and end — for example, during environmentally conscious hours — and track its progress.

The beautiful charging station is even placed in the front of the car for convenience, and it includes a lighting system3 to show charging progress.

Setting up your charging cable is a breeze

Every Lucid car includes the Lucid Mobile Charging Cable, which can charge up to 40 miles of range in one hour. Simply plug it into a standard NEMA 5-15 household outlet — or faster charging if you have NEMA 14-50 outlets — and you’re ready to go.

Lucid Air Review:


The all-electric Lucid Air cars are an outstanding first effort from a new automaker, and the large sedan is also a superb EV.

Features and Specs

Power and Drivetrain

MotorDual ActiveCore
Max HorsepowerAir Pure 480 hp, Air Touring 620 hp, Air Grand Touring 816 hp,
Air Grand Touring Performance 1,050 hp,
Air Dream Edition Range 933 hp, Air Dream Edition Performance 1,111 hp
Drive TypeFull-time, all-wheel-drive
0 to 60 mphas quick as 2.5 seconds
Top Speedup to 168 mph


Official EPA range up to¹Air Pure 406 miles, Air Touring 406 miles, Air Grand
Touring 516 miles, Air Grand Touring Performance
446 miles, Air Dream Edition Performance up to 471 miles,
Air Dream Edition Range up to 520 miles
Combined CO2 Emissions0 g per mile
Aerodynamic Cd0.21


CompatibilityAll Level II and Level III systems
Charging StandardCombined Charging System (CCS)
Charging VoltageFastest-charging capability in the industry:
300kW peak charging power
AC ChargingUp to 19.2 kW
Charging Speedup to 1,200 mph peak charging speed
(250Wh/mi consumption)
Charging RateUp to 300 miles in 20 minutes
Onboard ChargerMulti-functional, bi-directional (V2X) capability


Width w/o mirrors76.34 inches, 1939 mm
Width with mirrors86.54 inches, 2198 mm
Length195.88 inches, 4975.3 mm
Height55.51 inches, 1410 mm
Wheelbase116.54 inches, 2960 mm


Wheels19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch
SuspensionSemi-Active Dampers
Electronic Stability ControlStandard
Torque VectoringStandard
Parking BrakeIntegrated EPB
TiresDream Edition & GT: Pirelli 245/265
Split 35-profile Summer Tires


Seating Capacity5
Headroom (Front)39.5 inches, 1005 mm
Maximum Legroom (Front)45.4 inches, 1153 mm
Effective Leg Room (Front)41.5 inches, 1053 mm
Shoulder Room (Front)58.3 inches, 1481 mm
Headroom (Rear)38.3 inches, 973 mm
Legroom (Rear) Long Range Battery35.8 inches, 910 mm
Legroom (Rear) Standard Range Battery37.4 inches, 951 mm
Shoulder Room (Rear)54.5 inches, 1385 mm
Luggage Compartment (Rear)456 Liters (GCIE)
Luggage Compartment (Front)202 Liters (GCIE)