Mercedes-Benz EQC

Mercedes-Benz EQC


The Mercedes-Benz EQC EV is a five-seat electric SUV built on a heavily modified GLC platform. In terms of dimensions, the EQC 400 is 105mm longer and 315mm lower than the GLC. It does, however, share the same 2,873mm wheelbase.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is expected to have a dual-motor setup. This consists of one motor per axle, one on each side. The electric motor, which produces 402bhp and 765 Nm of torque, is thought to be powered by an 80kWh lithium-ion battery. The commercial model will have a quick charging option and a 400-kilometre driving range.
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Battery Type80kW Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Range471 Km/Full Charge
Charging Time10 To 21 Hours
Length/Width/Height1884 mm (width)
1624 mm (height) 
2873 mm (wheelbase) 
Kerb Weight2425 / 2425


  • ENERGISING package Plus
  • Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus
  • Active Parking Assist with Parktronic
  • Climate control
  • Side Bags in rear
  • PRE-SAFE System
  • Anti-Theft Protection package with reinstallation for collision detection
  • Parking Package with 360° camera
  • Kneebag


400 4MATIC(Electric) (Base Model)

Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 9,950,000
InsuranceRs. 3,97,454
TCS ChargesRs. 99,500
On-Road Price in Mumbai:Rs. 1,04,46,954

In Mumbai, the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 starts at Rs. 99.50 Lakh. The Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC is the cheapest, while the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4MATIC is the most expensive, costing Rs. 99.50 Lakh. Go to your nearest Mercedes-Benz EQC showroom in Mumbai for the best deals.

Exterior Design

The new Mercedes-Benz EQC has avant-garde, one-of-a-kind styling. A symbol of contemporary opulence. At first glance, the clean, sensual, and dramatically reduced lines suggest that this is the Mercedes of electric vehicles.

Light design

At breakneck speed, the new EQC carefully scans its surroundings. This is ensured by the standard MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with black high-gloss inner housing, trim lines in energy blue, and an EQ-specific light design. The front and back LED light strips are a fascinating eye-catcher that draws attention, especially at night.

EQ wheel design

We rethought almost everything for the EQC. Also, the wheels. These have an EQ-specific wheel design and are available with blue EQ accents.

Dynamic coupé-Esque roofline

For us, the new EQC represents an entirely new approach to SUV design. The roofline gradually narrows toward the back. This enables dynamic optics with a comfortable amount of rear headroom.

EQ-specific front end

The new EQC screams forward-thinking mobility. Previously separate elements, such as the headlamps and radiator grille, have been combined into a striking black panel radiator grille. MULTIBEAM LED headlights are standard, enhancing the high-tech appearance and feel with energy blue trim lines and an EQ-specific light design.

Standard Exterior

At first glance, this is a truly unique car with a futuristic design. The recognizable black-panel radiator grille and MULTIBEAM LED headlights are beautifully complemented by an LED luminous strip.


  • Black-panel radiator grille with louvres and surround in chrome
  • MULTIBEAM LED and LED light bands at the front and rear
  • Front apron and side sill panels in black 50.8 cm (20-inch) high-gloss black 10-spoke light-alloy wheels with energy blue ornamental features and a high-sheen finish
  • Badge on the wing in high-gloss black with chrome stripes and blue “EQC” lettering

Interior Design 

The nearly imperceptible electric motor allows you to enjoy the new innovative interior of the Benz EQC even more. Many of the trim pieces, upholstery materials, and colors were custom-made for the EQC, emphasizing its uniqueness.

EQ design features

The new Benz EQC’s interior features a completely new avant-garde electro-aesthetic. Metallic-galvanised surfaces surround air vents in a distinctive EQ design. As a unique highlight, a metallic trim piece surrounds the dashboard and extends into the doors, providing a pleasing wrap-around feel.

You can directly experience the thrill of electric movement in the cabin. Sunnyvale in indigo blue or silk beige, both with black ARTICO man-made leather, was created specifically for the EQC. Furthermore, lovely rosé gold accents emphasize the cockpit’s modern grandeur.

Ambient lighting

Every drive in the new EQC gives you the opportunity to witness your own mini-sunrise. As desired, many interior sections can be attractively lit. This comes with 64 independently configurable colors, as well as numerous color schemes and effects.

Widescreen cockpit

The completely digital instrument display and the media display, both with a screen diagonal of 26 cm (10.25″), form a widescreen cockpit beneath an attractive glass panel. A distinctively elegant and high-quality look and feel. The information is presented in high definition and color, with complex animations to supplement it. Furthermore, the material can be repositioned and intuitively operated via touch or voice control.

Seating comfort with massage function

The optional Multicenter Seat Package provides a comfort experience that is millimeter-perfectly tailored to you and your body. Two pulsating lumbar chambers massage the back and can stimulate tired muscles significantly.

Sliding sunroof

The automatic sliding glass sunroof lets in more light and fresh air. Even when closed, and especially when open, it brightens the interior. When the sliding roof is open, there is a nice flow of fresh air with no draughts. Sun protection is provided by a movable headliner.

Interior of the standard equipment

Even the standard equipment has an ‘electronic’ ring to it. As a result, the dashboard and beltlines have a fine surface texture, while the rosé-gold-colored louvres of the air vents exude an avant-garde vibe that is complemented by matrix-look grey classic trim.


  • Front seats upholstered in black Aberdeen fabric with graphite topstitching
  • Multifunction sports steering wheel in leather with spokes and controls in high-gloss black
  • Dashboard with fine surface structure in metallic silver-grey. Beltline with finely structured surface
  • Widescreen Cockpit with fully digital instrument display, media display, and touchpad
  • MBUX multimedia system with hard-disc navigation, extended MBUX functions, and MBUX Interior Assistant

Electric Art interior

You can extend your vehicle’s creative design concept into the interior with the Electric Art interior. The color palette, in particular, reflects the emotive and elegant ambiance, with additional rosé gold touches.

  • Upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather/Sunnyvale fabric in silk beige/black with topstitching in rosé gold
    • Optional upholstery in ARTICO man-made leather/Sunnyvale fabric in indigo blue/black with topstitching in rosé gold
    • Optional upholstery in leather in black with topstitching in mid grey or leather in silk beige/black with topstitching in porcelain
    • Dashboard with fine surface texture in metallic silver grey and topstitching in rosé gold
    • Beltlines with fine surface texture, in black or blue depending on upholstery, with topstitching in rosé gold or mid-grey
    • Other topstitching in rosé gold such as on the armrest in the center console, the door paneling in the front or the defrost area between the dashboard and windscreen
    • Trim elements in an aluminum-look
    • Multifunction sports steering wheel in leather with steering wheel spokes in chrome, control panels in high-gloss black with controls in chrome
    • Door pins in chrome


    361-420 km*

    Indicated range is as per the Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate issued by the European Union (as per WLTP cycle). The actual range may vary based on real driving conditions.

    With the Benz EQC, there is no need to be concerned about range. The massive high-voltage battery with a useful energy capacity of 80 kWh allows it to achieve an electric range of up to 361 – 420 km according to WLTP. This is sufficient for many daily journeys and covers many people’s commute to and from work. And, if you do need to charge from time to time, the EQC is outfitted with a variety of technologies, so you won’t have to worry about preparing. The Active Range Monitoring and Navigation with Electric Intelligence feature is useful in this situation.

    Intelligent energy management

    To achieve even greater range, the EQC includes a number of clever systems that encourage the most energy-efficient and anticipatory driving style possible. They assist drivers who want to maximise range and actively assist you in reaching your destination.

    Driving modes

    For example, the driving modes may assist you in conserving energy or adopting a sporty driving style. Max Range is a one-of-a-kind feature. With the assistance of this sophisticated drive programme, you can achieve maximum range.

    With Eco, the emphasis is also on high efficiency and low consumption. Comfort is the default setting. It is designed with comfortable accelerator pedal characteristics. Depending on the driving style, these automatically become more dynamic. Sport, on the other hand, focuses the drive programme on maximum responsiveness for maximum performance.

    The ECO Assist feature is enabled in recovery level D Auto. It functions as both a personal analyzer and a motivator. ECO Assist constantly assesses whether the vehicle should coast and thus glide with the accelerator pedal depressed and, ideally, with the least amount of driving resistance possible. Alternatively, whether the car is currently better off decelerating and recharging its battery.

    Haptic accelerator pedal

    The one-of-a-kind system aids in energy conservation. In this location, the haptic accelerator pedal connects with you. In this situation, the pressure point is in charge of two critical tasks. The system restricts the required torque requirement at the pressure point. It can also show you the fastest possible speed at which you should arrive at your destination.

    ECO Assist

    Reduces energy consumption and increases range – ECO Assist assists you in driving with anticipation. It is constantly checking to see if a vehicle in front of it is moving slowly, if there is a speed limit, or if there is a downhill gradient ahead. The ECO Assist displays pertinent visual information.

    ECO Assist is active in all drive programmers during recovery stage D Auto and generates potential coasting simulations. The system determines whether the car should coast and thus glide with the accelerator pedal depressed and, ideally, with as little driving resistance as possible. Alternatively, is it currently preferable for the vehicle to decelerate and recover energy for the battery?

    Under the drive programmers Max Range, Eco, or Comfort, the visual instruction “Foot off accelerator pedal” appears in the instrument cluster or – if present – in the head-up display. Simultaneously, ECO Assist displays the rationale for the recommendation as a graphic display, such as “Junction ahead” or “Downhill gradient ahead.”

    Navigation with Electric Intelligence

    Electric Intelligence navigation ensures optimal route planning and security. A quick and convenient route, the current level of battery charge, weather data, and charging infrastructure are all linked together. The route is then provided in a convenient and time-efficient manner, with recharge pauses as needed. In its design, EQC-optimized Navigation with Electric Intelligence prioritizes rapid charging stations over regular charging stations.

    Charging options

    The charging infrastructure is customized to your specific needs. As a result, Mercedes-Benz offers a high level of adaptability. Using the wall box easily and quickly at home? Using public charging stations while driving? Or how about a highway charging stop at a rapid charging station? All of this is possible for optimal charging convenience.

    Charging at home.

    With EQC wall boxes like the Mercedes-Benz Wall box Home, you can charge your EQC at home quickly, easily, and safely. The EQC, which has a charging capacity of 11 kW, can charge up to three times faster than a standard household plug. It would be installed in your preferred house location. High charging capacity and thus shorter charging times become commonplace with the installation of a wall box..

    Charging a route.

    The EQC can be charged at any of the numerous public AC or DC charging stations located throughout the city. While in town, you can charge your vehicle at public charging stations (alternating current) with the standard charging cable, which has an 11kW charging capacity. On longer journeys, the EQC can be quickly charged using the DC rapid charging outlets (direct current) found at many highway service stations.

    Interior comfort

    The new Mercedes-Benz EQC appears to be fascinatingly new and excitingly different in every way. Also, the level of comfort. This silence alone creates a surprising sense of renewal. Enjoy clever programmes that actively help the driver relax, as well as audiophile surround sound and MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation.

    ENERGISING Package Plus

    The ENERGISING Package Plus is a new feature that provides total sensory comfort. A high level of premium features are combined with cutting-edge intelligence to achieve this goal. As a result, your Mercedes can rejuvenate and comfort you in novel ways. For increased driver concentration and an exceptionally comfortable journey.

    Exclusive comfort programs of the ENERGISING Package Plus:

    • Warmth
    • Joy
    • Comfort

    Other included ENERGISING comfort programs:

    • Refresh
    • Vitality
    • Training: video guides, e.g. on loosening up the muscles (only available when stationary)
    • Tips: 3-minute audio features on how to promote long-term health and well-being while driving; for the head, shoulders, upper body, lower back, and pelvis.
    • Powernap: relaxation and energy in three phases (only for hybrid models or fully electric models, and only available when stationary; doors and boot must be closed)

    Other functions:

    • Multicenter seats for the driver and front passenger, with massage function
    • Climatized seats for the driver and front passenger, including seat heating and ventilation
    • AIR-BALANCE Package for fragrance, ionization, and filtering of the interior air
    • Ambient lighting with program-specific lighting moods

    Burmester® surround sound system

    You’ll get more performance and exclusivity with the iconic Burmester sound. High-quality speakers produce excellent surround sound. You can specifically tune this for the front and rear seats to improve the listening experience.


    • 13 high-performance speakers precisely tailored to the vehicle interior to ensure well-balanced and dynamic music reproduction
    • 9-channel DSP amplifier with a total output power of 590 W (7 x 50 watts and 2 x 120 watts) for maximum sound quality with high volume reserves
    • Front bass technology with woofers integrated into the body shell for vibrant bass reproduction
    • Sound optimization for the front and rear seats
    • Noise compensation (VNC)
    • Sound Preset: surround function to generate virtual surround sound
    • Multichannel support for true surround sound

    MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation

    MBUX Augmented Reality Navigation merges the virtual and real worlds to assist you in navigating difficult traffic situations. The system combines live images with graphical navigation instructions and traffic data. You can get to your destination quickly, safely, and without stress.

    A camera in the windshield records images of the environment in front of the vehicle. This footage can be seen on the media display. House numbers and street names, which are highlighted and superimposed, all aid in navigation. Furthermore, technology assists you at traffic lights. If you are in the front, it superimposes the current traffic light status, saving you from awkward contortions while waiting for the green light.

    Climate control

    The THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control system, which includes three climate zones and three climate styles, creates a personalized feel-good environment on board. The driver and front passenger can personalize the temperature, air distribution, and climate style. The third climate zone is in the back, with independently adjustable temperature and airflow.

    AIR-BALANCE Package

    The AIR-BALANCE Package customizes the interior aroma based on your preferences and mood. Through rejuvenating ionization and filtering of the outside and inside air, it also contributes to improved air quality and a stronger sense of well-being.

    The level of fragrance can be adjusted to your preference. The odor is subtle, gradually released, and quickly dissipates after switching off. The fragrance of the vehicle interior is not permanently altered, nor are perfume molecules from Mercedes-Benz room perfumes deposited on interior fabric surfaces or your clothing. The fragrance generator in the glove compartment can be powered by room scents from the Mercedes-Benz Accessories collection. The AIR-BALANCE Package includes a scent that matches your vehicle’s personality.

    The AIR-BALANCE Package also ionizes the air inside the vehicle. It achieves this by introducing negative oxygen ions into the air. This has two advantages: it cleans the air and removes certain harmful viruses, bacteria, and spores. An activated charcoal fine particle filter in a filtration system removes tiny particles from the exterior and interior air, allowing Sulphur dioxides, nitrogen oxides, and aromatic hydrocarbons to be adsorbed. The same is true for agriculturally produced odorous compounds.


    • Fragrance generator with filled fragrance flacon and function button in the glove compartment
    • Oxygen ionizer in the side air duct
    • Improved filter system between the air conditioner’s intake and air distribution system

    MBUX multimedia system

    Discover a whole new control experience with the MBUX multimedia system: unprecedented comprehension, learning capability, and touch sensitivity.

    Voice control. Touch control concept.
    “Good day, Mercedes.” This is how you activate the natural voice control system. It responds to almost every phrase. The system may even process indirect speech; for example, the climate control system may respond to “I’m cold” by raising the temperature setting. You can also use LINGUATRONIC online voice control to configure charging in the EQC, such as “charge to 85 percent,” or inquire about the range. The voice control can learn, is constantly updated, and even recognizes accents.MBUX gives you complete control over a variety of functions in the most convenient manner for you. For instance, consider intuitive touch control. The new EQC features a multimedia display with a touchscreen option, as well as an integrated touchpad that responds to single and multiple-finger movements as well as handwriting. By using the Touch Control controls on the steering wheel, you can even apply all critical settings without taking your hands off the wheel.
    Display Styles.Head-Up Display
    Because of the high level of customization, each EQC cockpit will almost certainly be one-of-a-kind. With informative colour changes, you can arrange and design visual appearance styles such as Modern Classic, Sports, and Electric Art.It transforms the windscreen into a fascinating digital cockpit. This allows you to focus solely on the road. You can customize the Head-Up Display by selecting which information to display. Setting speed limits, navigation prompts, and driving assistance systems are among the options.


    Because of transparency and planned security, the intelligent networking of services and functions related to the topic of electric mobility begins before the journey and makes it easier to use your vehicle calmly in all phases.

    Smartphone Integration

    Smartphone Integration connects the smartphone to the information system using Apple CarPlayTM or Android Auto. This gives you quick access to the most important apps on your smartphone. You can also use apps from third-party service providers like Spotify quickly and easily.

    Wireless Charging

    The time spent driving is converted into charging time. There is an option for an inductive charging surface in the center console. You can charge your smartphone wirelessly by leaving it here.

    The EQ App.


    To assess your own mobility behavior, use the EQ Ready App’s automatic tracking tool to have your trips automatically logged and evaluated.

    Trip Overview.

    To evaluate a driver’s driving behavior, a variety of factors such as velocity, acceleration, and stop times are used. The app also monitors environmental factors such as temperature and elevation profile.

    Trip Details.

    The outcomes are based on the driver’s unique usage profile, which examines not only a single trip but also the entire driving history. Using the EQ Ready App, drivers can determine whether their preferred destination can be reached by an EV.

    EQ Predict.

    EQ Predict can be used to calculate routes in advance, including energy requirements and individual battery consumption. The selected trip’s energy calculation is based on historical traffic statistics and, as a result, the speed profile on the specific roadways. Along the way, relevant charging options are also advised.

    Comfort services

    The new Mercedes-Benz EQC includes appealing service packages or specific client services that ensure you receive the attention and support you expect from Mercedes-Benz from the moment you purchase the vehicle for maintenance, repairs, warranty issues, or in the event of a breakdown.

    Maintenance Service

    When the regular Mercedes-Benz new vehicle warranty expires, the Car Warranty Extension protects you against unexpected repair costs. It applies to all expensive components that do not experience increased wear. The vehicle’s value and driving safety improve as repairs are not delayed.
    The EQC comes with an extended 5-year warranty.

    Vehicle Warranty Extension

    When the regular Mercedes-Benz new vehicle warranty expires, the Car Warranty Extension protects you against unexpected repair costs. It applies to all expensive components that do not experience increased wear. The vehicle’s value and driving safety improve as repairs are not delayed.
    The EQC comes with an extended 5-year warranty.

    Home Wall box Installation

    With the Mercedes-Benz Wall box Home, you can charge the Benz EQC while relaxing on the sofa. The EQC, which has a charging capacity of 7.4 kW, can charge up to three times faster than a standard household plug. It would be installed in your preferred house location. You could even charge the EQC at dealerships while driving.

    Sight and light

    Innovative LED technology and clever high-beam control transform the new EQC into a safer companion.

    MULTIBEAM LEDAdaptive Highbeam Assist Plus
    Individually controlled LEDs in the adaptive MULTIBEAM LED headlamps react to the driving situation for optimal vision. A half-bright main beam keeps other drivers from being dazzled. Furthermore, the cornering and active light functions brighten the field of vision optimally, allowing you to spot risks sooner.Drive with a fixed main beam. This effectively turns night into day and relieves you of driving duties. This is how the Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus works: see far, don’t dazzle. The clever technology masks out oncoming traffic or cars ahead using high-precision LEDs, eliminating the need for you to manually switch to low beam.


    Optional parking packages employ sensors and cameras to assist the driver in finding, entering, and exiting a parking space.

    Active Parking Assist with PARKTRONIC

    Parking Support PARKTRONIC will help you find parking and navigate. Ultrasonic sensors monitor the areas in front and behind your vehicle. Visual and audio signals aid in judging the distance between detected obstacles and avoiding aggravating parking damage.

    Parking Package with 360° camera

    Superior navigation, precise parking: thanks to all-around vision, you can master even the most difficult or slanted parking areas on the first try. The 360° camera provides a view of your vehicle from every angle. The virtual bird’s-eye view is a great way to see where you stand.

    Integral safety

    If a risk is detected, preventative steps are activated. Following an accident, your Benz EQC even assists rescue personnel.

    PRE-SAFE® systemSide Bags in rear
    The PRE-SAFE® system makes use of the time before an impending accident on your behalf. A variety of techniques may be used to reduce the loads generated as a result. The PRE-SAFE Sound system generates sound through the speakers, eliciting a protective reflex in our bodies: our hearing temporarily disengages to protect itself from harsh crash sounds.Rear side airbags protect the chest area on the outer rear seats in the event of a serious side accident. When used in conjunction with standard window bags, you have the best safety potential for preventing or reducing injuries. Between the door and the occupant, air cushions are placed.


    Vehement power immediately from standstill

    Each axle has an electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and provides tremendous forward thrust. The operating approach of the powertrain components always supplies power wherever it is needed at any given time – effectively and virtually silently. As a result, the 4MATIC is steeples and has exceptional traction in all driving and weather conditions.


    High Voltage Battery 

    Strong and secure. A battery that conforms to Mercedes quality standards.

    The Mercedes-Benz EQC is powered by a high-voltage battery. Because of its extremely high power density, it saves energy for the two electric drive units on the front and rear axles.

    To meet Mercedes-stringent Benz’s safety standards, the battery is installed on the car floor. This also lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle, resulting in a more dynamic driving experience.


    Strong and secure. A battery that conforms to Mercedes quality standards.

    The Mercedes-Benz EQC is powered by a high-voltage battery. Because of its extremely high power density, it saves energy for the two electric drive units on the front and rear axles. To meet Mercedes-stringent Benz’s safety standards, the battery is installed on the car floor. This also lowers the Centre of gravity of the vehicle, resulting in a more dynamic driving experience.

    All-wheel drive

    Enjoy electric mobility in any weather.

    The 4MATIC all-wheel drive system makes excellent use of the power generated by the high-performance electric motors. The technique improves traction and driving stability in difficult road conditions, particularly wet, snow, and ice. At the same time, 4MATIC lays the technological groundwork for your sporty driving pleasure.

    4MATIC distributes power steplessly between the front and rear axles from 0 to 100 percent. This is because both electric motors can be controlled independently of one another. In each scenario, when one axle loses traction, more torque is available on the other axle. This works in the same way as a standard all-wheel-drive vehicle with a centre differential lock.

    Sustainable mobility

    The environmental balance of the EQC.

    The new EQC represents a forward-thinking, responsible way of life. It’s also a plus that anyone standing outside can barely hear the vehicle running. It enables locally emission-free driving and has 100 component parts made entirely of resource-saving materials.

    The new EQC has, of course, passed the 360° environmental inspection. The result was thoroughly examined by the South German Technical Inspection Authority. The environmental assessment is based on a life cycle assessment, which examines the environmental effects of the passenger automobile throughout its entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to production, usage, and recovery.

    Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

    • The limited warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
    • Powertrain warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles
    • Hybrid components are covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles
    • No complimentary scheduled maintenance



    ‘Electric, now with Mercedes,’ is a daring marketing claim for the EQC. The Benz EQC, on the other hand, is everything a Mercedes-Benz should be. It is sophisticated and sumptuous, soft and comfortable, well-equipped, and easily accessible. It will also not cause you to be concerned about range because of the large battery pack, rapid charging, and effective recovery. The cost is expected to exceed one crore. As a result, it will be an emotional purchase and more of a lifestyle choice than an environmentally conscious option for the time being. So, if you want a premium EV in your driveway that also makes a statement, the Mercedes-Benz EQC is the clear choice.

    Mercedes-Benz EQC Specs

    Technical data

    Model EQC 400 4MATIC
    MotorTwo asynchronous three-phase AC motors,one each at the front and rear axle
    TransmissionSingle-speed transmission
    Drive system layout 4MATIC, infinitely variable torque split
    System output300 kW (408 hp)
    System torque760 Nm
    Acceleration 0-100 km/h5.1 s
    Maximum design speed180 km/h
    Range 370-414 km
    Power consumption 20.8-19.7 kWh/100 km


    Cells and modules384 cells in 6 modules
    384 cells in 6 modules80 kWh
    Battery weight652 kg

    Performance & Drivetrain

    ARAI Certified EconomyNA Kmpl
    Max Speed180
    Range/Charge455-471 Km/Charge
    Avg Speed display

    Body & Suspension

    Body TypeSUV
    Suspension – Front
    Suspension – Rear
    No Of Seats05
    Sun RoofYes
    No Of Doors5
    Turning Radius

    Dimensions & Capacity

    Length4762 mm
    Width2096 mm
    Height1624 mm
    Kerb Weight
    Wheelbase2873 mm
    Ground Clearance142 mm
    Fuel Tank Capacity
    Boot Space

    Wheels, Tyre & Brakes

    Brakes – FrontDisc
    Brakes – RearDisc
    Front Tyre Size225/50 R17
    Rear Tyre Size225/50 R17
    Tyre Size Spare
    Wheels Size20

    Comfort & Convenience

    Adjustable HeadrestsYes
    Adjustable steeringYes
    Glove Box CoolingYes
    Cruise ControlYes
    Distance to Empty display
    Drive Modes4
    Fuel level gauged
    Instrument ConsoleNo
    Keyless EntryYes
    Multifunction DisplayNo
    Multifunction Steering Wheel
    Navigation SystemYes
    Paddle ShiftersNo
    Powered SeatsNo
    Power SteeringYes
    Power WindowsYes
    Rain Sensing WipersNo
    Rear ArmrestNo
    Driver’s seat height adjustDriver Seat
    Start / Stop ButtonYes


    ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)Yes
    ASR / Traction ControlYes
    Auto-Dimming Rear-View MirrorNA
    Automatic HeadlampsYes
    Central LockingYes
    EBA (Electronic Brake Assist)Yes
    EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution)Yes
    ESP (Electronic Stability Program)Yes
    Hill AssistYes
    ISOFIX (Child-Seat Mount)No
    Lane Watch Camera/ Side Mirror CameraNo
    Number of Airbags9
    Tyre Pressure Monitoring SystemNo


    Android AutoYes
    Apple CarPlayYes
    Infotainment ScreenNo
    Voice RecognitionYes

    Mercedes-Benz EQC Features

    Safety & Security

    AirbagsPower Door Lock
    Passenger AirbagsAutomatic Headlamps
    Side AirbagsTurn Indicators On ORVM
    ABSHeadlamp Beam Adjuster
    Electronic Brakeforce DistributionActive Parking Assist with Parktronic
    Brake AssistAdaptive Highbeam Assist Plus
    Hill AssistKneebag
    Electronic Stability ProgramParking Package with 360° camera
    Engine ImmobiliserPRE-SAFE System
    Central LockingSide Bags in rear
    Child Safety LockAnti-Theft Protection package with reinstallation for collision detection

    Comfort & Convenience

    Air Conditioner – Automatic Climate ControlHeater
    Steering Adjustment – Tilt & TelescopicSteering Mounted Audio
    Cruise ControlPower Outlets 12V
    Rear Parking SensorRear Parking Camera
    Electrically Adjustable Rear View MirrorPush Start Stop Button
    Height Adjustable Driver SeatLumbar Support


    Light Type – LED

    Instrumentation & Communication

    Distance To EmptySeat Belt Warning
    Door Ajar WarningGPS Navigation


    Music SystemSpeakers – 13
    Internal Memory RadioUSB Support
    Bluetooth Support