Naon Zero One Electric Bike to Launch Soon in India

Naon Zero One Electric Bike to Launch Soon in India

We saw a flood in electric bikes, both abroad and Indian automobile sectors, in a couple of months. The electric portability unrest has seen the appearance of many new brands in the battery-powered automobile business. The most recent in this rundown is Naon which has authoritatively uncovered its first electric bike model. Naon is a Germany-based EV Startup. It has introduced its first battery-powered two-wheeler and named it Zero One.

Naon Zero One Electric Bike

Designing the Naon Zero One Electric Scooter

Talking about the design, the styling of Zero One is simply the most significant differentiator between itself and the remainder of the contemporary e-bikes. Naon has embraced an eccentric yet moderate design for Zero One, including many body panels. The general design is perfect and understated, while its mathematical extents make the bike look sharper.

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 It comprises a flat single-piece seat, an extended flat footboard, naked handlebars, and an upfront windshield. Also, it consists of a single rectangular bar LED headlight mounted on the windshield. It goes along the sleek tail light setup under the seat.

Powertrain Specs

The battery is placed under the wide footboard, giving the scooter a shallow center of gravity. It provides good riding stability.

Talking about its battery power, it is powered by a removable 2.4 kWh Li-ion battery. It offers a 70 Km run in a single charge. After installing an extra battery pack, it can be extended to 140 Km on a single charge.

Both variants offer different levels of performance. The L1e variant gets a peak output of 3 kW, and its top speed is 45 kmph. While the L3e variant can draw up to 10 kW peak output, and its top speed is 100 kmph.

Hardware and Features

An aluminum outline supports zero One with a USD fork forthright and a mono-shock at the back. The edge and bodyboards have been made of suitable materials to be reused. Disc brakes handle braking duties at front and rear, which ABS aid.

Pricing and availability

The scooter isn’t available for pre-booking as it is just a pre-production type, and it is going to be available in two variants which are L1e and L3e. The L1e has an approximate selling value of 4.20 Lakhs, while the L3e variant can be seen in the market at a price of around 5.48 Lakhs.

However, Zero One is expected to be a premium electric scooter, judging by its pricing.

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