Polestar 2

Polestar 2


The Polestar 2 is an electric vehicle that combines sedan style with hatchback functionality and crossover seating height. This model, which is part of Volvo’s EV subsidiary Polestar, comes with merely a huge battery pack and an electric motor powering the front wheels—or two electric motors if you opt for the more powerful all-wheel-drive option. In any case, it’s a fun car to drive, and its simple interior is both spacious and inviting. According to the EPA, the single-motor version has a range of up to 270 miles, while the dual-motor version has a range of 260 miles.

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MotorSingle 231 hp (170 kW) electric motor.
Range270 miles (EPA)³
Acceleration0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds.
Top speed100 mph.
Battery78 kWh lithium-ion, 27 modules
Charging35 minutes (public fast charger, DC, 10-80%) /  7 hours (home wall box, AC, 3-phase, 16A)


Specially Optimized AppsO.T.A. Updates
“Weavetech” InteriorPolestar Pixel Technology
Adjustable Ohlin’s DampersA Guiding Star
Inner Side Impact AirbagsSingle Unit Exterior Mirrors
Lighting That Greets YouPolestar Spaces

Polestar 2 EV Car Prices

Polestar is introducing the Polestar 2, a high-riding electrified hatchback, to Australia.

There will be standard- and long-range single-motor variations, as well as a long-range dual-motor model, in the lineup. The single-motor models will qualify for the $3000 electric car subsidy in both New South Wales and Victoria, with prices under $65,000 before on-road expenditures. Polestar will also sell three option packages, the Pilot Lite Pack, Plus Pack, and Performance Pack, with prices ranging from $3400 to $6000 and $8000, respectively.

All models include free servicing and roadside assistance for five years, and, like rival Tesla, new features and system upgrades will be delivered over the air.


2022 Polestar 2 Standard Range Single Motor$59,900
2022 Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor$64,900
2022 Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor$69,900
All prices exclude on-road costs.


Daring but subtle. Futuristic but not ostentatious. The Polestar 2 has been developed from the ground up for pure, progressive performance. The outside presents a controlled aesthetic that is discreetly, yet confidently, distinctive, from the frameless mirrors to the avant-garde lights.

Frameless Mirror

Reflection reinvented

Polestar trademark side mirrors are designed to be both attractive and useful. Polestar reduced the overall volume of the mirror unit by 30% by reducing the size of the enclosure around the glass, which improved the car’s aerodynamic performance.

Smart adjustments

When reversing, the side mirrors can be tilted down for better sight. When you’re travelling at night, they’ll shade the bright light from oncoming cars. When parked, you can also fold the mirrors in for added protection.

Brighter lighting

Designed to stand out. Designed to illuminate. The Polestar 2’s outside lights improve visibility with an ornate yet simple design.

Smart door handles

Form and function collide. At least four times. Polestar 2 door handles combine low-profile styling with touch-operated locking and unlocking, as well as integrated ground lighting for those dark parking areas.

Rims and tires

The Polestar 2 comes standard with 19″ 5-Double Spoke Black Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels and 245/45R19 tires. When configuring the automobile, larger 20″ 5-V Spoke Black Silver Alloy Wheels with 245/40R20 tires are available as options. As part of the Performance Pack, 20″ 4-Y Spoke Black Polished Forged Alloy Wheels are available as an option for the Polestar 2 Long-Range Dual motor.

Foot-operated tailgate

Polestar’s obsessive design approach forced Polestar to rethink every aspect of the Polestar 2, reducing superfluous complexities wherever possible. Polestar has even improved the tailgate opening experience, eliminating the need to use your hands to pop the trunk. Simply kick underneath the center of the rear bumper.

Exterior Color options

Polestar 2 SpacePolestar 2 MidnightPolestar 2 Jupiter
Polestar 2 ThunderPolestar 2 SnowPolestar 2 Magnesium

A color that highlights the characteristics. Polestar 2 is offered in six metallic paint options, each chosen to highlight the car’s design to the finest detail.

Polestar Interior

The Polestar 2’s interior is everything but conventional. Polestar’s technical and advanced design language is brought to life via the use of modern materials and colors, resulting in a futuristic blend of flair and simplicity.

Color options

Instead of the usual plethora of options, we’ve hand-picked two distinct color schemes for the Polestar 2. The interior is either Slate with two-tone Zinc Embossed Textile or Charcoal with Charcoal Embossed Textile. With the Plus package, you may select from vegan Weave Tech upholstery in Slate or Charcoal or completely traceable, animal welfare-certified leather in Zinc.

Slate interiorCharcoal interior
The door panels and front center armrest are upholstered in Slate, while the seats are upholstered in two-tone Zinc Embossed Textile. Slate details can also be seen in the instrument panel, center console, backrest, and seat side valances, with 3D Etched deco inlays creating a subtle contrast.The seats, door panels, and front center armrest are all upholstered in Charcoal Embossed Textile. The entire look is simple, with a very luxury feel, when combined with the charcoal steering wheel and other elements in the instrument panel, center console, hardback, and seat side valances.

Embossed textile

The 2 seats on the Polestar are clearly out of the ordinary. Polestar Silver Embossed Textile is used to cover the backrests, which have a pattern inspired by geometrical grid structures. The simple fabric on the lower portion of the seat contrasts with the patterned backrests, and nubuck badges and thin piping add the finishing touches.

Steering wheel

The vegan-friendly Weave Tech material provides the ideal blend of strength and durability, with a matte Charcoal appearance and feel complemented by high-gloss black buttons and the Polestar insignia. The Plus package includes a heated steering wheel.

3D Etched deco

These can be found on the bottom, horizontal area of the dashboard as well as the slanted panel on the inside of the tunnel console. Made of injection-molded plastic with a stunning geometric pattern to showcase the Polestar 2’s high-tech feel and mirror the pattern on the haptic rotary knob in the center. 3D Etched deco inlays are standard, with Black Ash available in the Plus pack and Reconstructed Wood available as an option alongside the Nappa Leather in the Plus pack.

Take the interior one step further

Upgrade the interior with the Plus pack. Choose traceable Zinc leather or vegan Weave Tech upholstery in Slate or Charcoal.

Software and apps

Google apps and services are supported by the Polestar 2 operating system. Furthermore, certain in-car apps are designed expressly to interface with Polestar devices and software. This deep integration opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your driving experience with cutting-edge capabilities. Best of all, these programmers are constantly improved by regular upgrades.

Seamless playback

The Polestar 2 runs a variety of media apps familiar from your smartphone, but now tailored for the in-car experience. If you’re signed in to Spotify, you can resume listening to songs and podcasts where you left off on your phone. Furthermore, with the Group Sessions beta, everyone in the car can add songs to the in-car playlist.

Go hands-free with the Google Assistant

Simply ask to change the temperature control settings or the level of the audio system. Google Assistant interfaces with the Polestar 2’s systems, allowing you to handle the car’s smart features by speaking to it. Messages should be sent. Look for a destination. Please request your favorite songs. Everything is done orally. Other cars, no offence, but Polestar 2 is the better listener.

A full-scale web browser in your car

People inquired. Polestar came through. Vivaldi, a full-fledged web browser for Polestar 2, is now available for download. Vivaldi allows you to access the web in the same way you would on a mobile device, providing secure browsing, streaming, and purchasing straight from the driver’s seat.

The most battery-friendly route

When you ask for instructions, the in-car versions of Google Maps and A Better Routeplanner scan your Polestar 2. They will then calculate and adapt your route as needed, incorporating the most convenient charging options along the way.

Range anxiety is a thing of the past thanks to these forward-thinking app solutions.

Google MapsA Better Route Planner


The Polestar 2 is based on the Volvo Car Group’s more than 90 years of pioneering safety research. It is outfitted with the most advanced protective and preventive technology, ready to intervene when necessary.

Safety Assistance driver aids

The Safety Assistance suite of driving aids is always present and vigilant, scanning the surroundings for potential threats and alerting the driver if necessary.

The system’s in-depth

  1. Run-off Road Mitigation
  • Using cameras and radar, this system assists in steering the Polestar 2 if it predicts that the vehicle may run off the road.
  1. Oncoming Lane Mitigation 
  • If the Polestar 2 crosses a lane marking and enters the path of an incoming vehicle without the driver’s permission, this system assists in steering the vehicle back.
  1. Lane Keeping Aid
  • This technology, which operates between 40 and 124 mph, corrects the car’s path if it crosses a lane marking.
  1. Post-Impact Braking
  • If a collision happens, the Polestar 2 immediately applies the brakes to protect the vehicle and its surroundings.
  1. Connected Safety
  • The driver is kept informed of road conditions and potential risks throughout the way via this cloud-based technology.
  1. Slippery Road Alert 
  • Slick Road Alert, part of Connected Safety, alerts the driver if there is a possibility of slippery driving conditions at the car’s current location or on the road ahead.
  1. Hazard Light Alert
  • This feature alerts the driver if another connected Polestar or Volvo vehicle on the road ahead of them has its hazard lights turned on.
  1. Driver Alert Control
  • When Driver Alert Control detects that the driver is sleepy or preoccupied, it provides auditory and visual cues to the driver.
  1. Road Sign Information 
  • While driving, it is easy to overlook a road sign. The Polestar 2 Road Sign data can be useful.
  1. Speed Limiter
  • This function prohibits the vehicle from exceeding a predetermined speed limit. The driver can set the speed manually or automatically using the Road Sign Information system.

Front Lower Load Path

The front of the automobile’s body, like an engine in an internal combustion engine car, is designed to absorb energy in the case of a head-on collision. This reduces the possibility of passenger injury as well as battery pack distortion.

Inner-side airbags

Side airbags, pioneered by the Volvo Car Group, have resulted in significant improvements in impact protection. The Polestar 2 has the most recent version of these airbags, in addition to the standard ones. They are integrated into the inner sides of the front seat backrests and provide individual protection to the driver and front passenger, lowering the chance of harm if the automobile is hit from the side.

Battery safety

Structural battery protection

The Polestar 2’s frame is equipped with a Severe Partial Offset Collision block on either side to decrease the possibility of debris heading for the battery in a partial-offset collision.

Furthermore, the battery pack is housed within a steel and aluminum structure, which increases the stiffness of the vehicle.

Electronic battery protection

If the Polestar 2 detects a collision, its superior safety system will take fast action. The high-voltage system of the battery pack is automatically isolated from the rest of the vehicle, considerably minimizing the chance of circuitry damage.

The next level of safety

Is proactive, adaptive, and conscious. The Pilot pack adds Pilot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, 360o camera visibility, and other safety features to the Polestar 2.

The sounds of the Polestar 2

Because the Polestar 2 lacks an internal combustion engine, the sound designers were able to develop a distinct auditory character. The Acoustic Vehicle Alert System is the culmination of their efforts (AVAS). It produces subtle, recognized sounds that enable the automobile make itself known in a true Polestar manner, boosting pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Identifiable, yet unobtrusive

Each AVAS sound is distinct without being jarring. Its objective is to be a distinct addition to the outside world’s audio, alerting people in an unobtrusive manner that the Polestar 2 is approaching.

Standard features

Polestar 2 elevates the bar for standard features with its powerful electric motor, digital advances, enhanced comfort, and purposeful design.

Included with every version of the Polestar 2

Every Polestar 2 iteration has the following standard features. The optional Plus pack, Pilot pack, and Performance pack all include additional functionality.


The vehicle accelerates quickly. Handling that is responsive. Instant strength. Polestar 2 takes electric performance to a whole new level, making the transition to a more sustainable future more appealing.

A meticulously engineered experience

Developing a vehicle that redefines performance is more than just adding up the numbers and combining the greatest components. It must also have the correct vibe. Polestar 2 is the result of countless hours of dedicated tuning in a variety of settings, including road testing washers of various millimeter thicknesses.


The Polestar 2’s ability to accelerate quickly and effortlessly isn’t its only strong suit. Because its all-electric engine is significantly less sophisticated than those found in traditional vehicles, you may access instant power and torque at any time.

A powertrain for every driving situation

The Polestar 2 is available with three alternative powertrains, making it simple to adapt the specs to your unique preferences and driving situation.

  1. Standard range Single motor 
  • Comfortable. Responsive. Distinctive. The Standard selection The Polestar 2 single motor version offers everything needed to transition daily driving into the electric era.
  1. Long-range Single motor
  • A visit to distant relatives. A long drive. Or simply taking the open road. The Polestar 2’s long-range Single motor version will go the extra mile.
  1. Long-range Dual motor
  • For the automotive aficionado, a high-performance fastback. The Polestar 2 Long-range Dual motor provides strong acceleration, plenty of power, and responsive handling.

Performance software upgrade

The power output of the Polestar 2 Long-range Dual motor can be increased with the performance software upgrade for those looking for an even more responsive driving experience. It is available as part of the Performance pack or as a separate update for existing owners, and it boosts torque to 680 Nm (502lb-ft) and power to 350 kW (469 bhp) across the whole RPM range.

Perfectly matched traction

All three Polestar 2 models have electronically regulated electric motors to deliver the best traction. They deliver independent of road surface materials or prevailing conditions because they have been meticulously calibrated for diverse weather situations and driving environments.

High-performance towing capacity

Each Polestar 2 model has adequate torque to tow up to 3300 pounds. Using the optional semi-electric tow bar, the car can tow more than the weight of a 6-person camper.

Take performance one step further

The Performance pack includes high-capacity Brembo brakes, adjustable lines dampers, a power-boosting software upgrade, 20″ Forged Alloy Wheels, and other features.

Regenerative braking

Although the Polestar 2 has a brake pedal, it may be left unpressed in most everyday driving circumstances. When using a one-pedal drive, releasing the accelerator brings the automobile to a complete stop, reversing the torque direction of the electric motors and activating the disc brakes when needed.

Regenerative braking

A more efficient use of energy

Rather than squandering energy, the Polestar 2’s regenerative braking system turns it into power that can be used to expand the vehicle’s range.

One-pedal drive personified

It quickly becomes second nature to use only one pedal to accelerate or brake. To make things even easier, Polestar 2 allows you to tailor the braking intensity to your own needs and tastes. Select “Low” for more freeway coasting, “Standard” for more stopping power in congested city traffic, or “Off” if you like to drive with two pedals.

Recharge while slowing down

When regenerative braking is enabled, depressing the brake pedal or releasing the accelerator will reverse the torque of the electric motors. This not only slows down the car, but also converts the motors into generators capable of charging the battery pack. As a result, the system converts every speed reduction into useful energy rather than just waste heat. Less speed means more energy.


Creating a one-of-a-kind driving experience is more than simply statistics and computations. The handling and balance of the Polestar 2 chassis are the result of countless hours of hard effort turning each and every item.

A chassis built on dedication

The experience, effort, and time that has gone into the chassis can be sensed regardless of road surface or weather conditions. Electric performance is redefined by a more natural, linked drive.

The features behind the feel

  1. Highly tuned dampers
  • Twin-tube, frequency-dependent shock absorbers are standard on the Polestar 2. These have been modified to increase body control and provide a balanced and responsive ride without sacrificing comfort.
  1. Efficient brakes
  • Increased performance necessitates increased speed reduction. The Polestar 2’s 345×30 mm (front) and 320×20 mm (rear) vented disc brakes are exceptionally efficient, providing a short stopping distance regardless of driving style.
  1. Tailor-made tires
  • In collaboration with Michelin and Continental, we created a line of 19″ and 20″ tyres designed particularly for the Polestar 2. Their POL characteristics improve the car’s handling, braking, comfort, and steering while also ensuring the optimum connection to the road.
  1. Progressive power steering
  • The Polestar 2’s progressive power steering reacts to the car’s speed, providing anything from smooth maneuvering to precise input.
  1. Torsional stiffness
  • A well-handling vehicle delivers predictable responses in all situations. To achieve this level of predictability, the Polestar 2 boasts a strong chassis with high torsional rigidity and good weight distribution. Engineered with care to make the automobile fun to drive while maintaining confidence.
  1. Low center of gravity
  • Wet asphalt, loose gravel, slick concrete, and muddy back roads The Polestar 2 will provide stability in all weather conditions. Because the battery pack is integrated into the chassis, its weight is as light as possible, contributing to the overall balance and mechanical grip.
  1. Adjustable steering feedback
  • The power steering has three levels of assistance, providing for a personalized steering experience. “Light” is ideal for cruising or negotiating city streets, “Standard” is ideal for interstate travel, and “Firm” is ideal for dynamic driving on curvy roads.
  1. Added stopping power
  • The Polestar 2’s braking mechanism actively responds to sudden changes in speed. When the accelerator is swiftly depressed, the brake pads migrate closer to the brake discs to reduce reaction time. When you rapidly use the brakes, the system detects that the vehicle may need to come to a complete stop. When the pedal is not pressed hard enough, full braking power is applied automatically.

Battery pack

Polestar is all in when it comes to electrification. We create our electric vehicles from the ground up, stressing over every detail. As a result, the Polestar 2 battery does more than just deliver electricity. Its design also ensures that this five-door fastback handles really well.

Think range. Not anxiety.

Polestar designed all of the components used in the Polestar 2 to improve performance. The battery pack is no exception, with more than enough capacity to suit any travel requirements. It is available as a 69 kWh Standard range Single motor model and a 78 kWh Long-range Single motor and Long-range Dual motor variant, with a range of 294* to 336* miles on a full charge.

More than a power source

We opted to capitalize on the Polestar 2’s sturdiness and weight when designing the battery pack. So we designed a system that integrates the battery into the chassis, lowering the center of gravity, decreasing inertia, and increasing torsional stiffness. As a result, the result is a spacious five-door fastback with the agility and reactivity of a sports car.

The quiet performer

When it comes to electric power, performance does not have to equate to loudness. To enhance the Polestar 2’s natural stillness, we developed the battery pack to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness by 3.7 dB, making the car extraordinarily quiet.

Electric Driving

Polestar is all-in on a totally electric future. The global shift from gasoline to electric vehicles will benefit both the environment and your bank account, in addition to providing a thrilling new driving experience. It’s time to make a difference.


People frequently question if an electric car can mimic the sensation of a gas automobile – far from a compromise, new electric cars will alter how you value performance. Like the stunning speed with which they respond and the easy, straightforward manner in which they provide power. It won’t be long before you’ve forgotten about the clutch, downshifting, and turbo lag.

Performance entails more than just straight-line acceleration and quick handling. Many electric vehicles are more than capable of handling the demands of busy lifestyles.

Some models, such as the Polestar 2, have the option of including a tow bar. And, because there is no engine in the front, you usually have a lot of storage room to carry everything you need for a long travel or vacation.

One Pedal Driving

In a typical car, taking your foot off the pedal results in only a modest decrease in speed. Lifting your foot in an electric car with one-pedal drive initiates regenerative braking: the automobile uses its own kinetic energy to slow down and turns the car’s speed back into reusable energy, extending your range.

Comparing Electric to Gas

2 electric motors (rear and front axle)Comparable gas-powered fastback
4.5 seconds7.9 seconds
408 hp178 hp
487 ft-lb236 ft-lb
Max SpeedMax Speed
127 mph149 mph


Your own electric station at home

Charging your Polestar at home is one of the most easy and cost-effective methods to keep your battery charged. Install your own charging station, plug it in overnight, and begin each day with a full charge. That is energy efficiency.

Charge on the go, the road is yours

With over 114,000 public charges in the United States, going electric has never been easier. Simply enter your destination or ask Google to ‘navigate to the nearest charging station,’ and charging stations will be added to your route if necessary.

Sustainable Strategy

Polestar defines sustainability as “developing, innovating, experimenting, and leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of an emission-free future.”

Being transparent about sustainability

It’s easy to believe that merely getting everyone to drive electric cars will result in a sustainable and emission-free future. The fact, however, is far more complicated. That is why Polestar is leading a campaign for greater openness in the automotive industry.

Promoting supply chain traceability is critical to avoiding human rights violations and environmental damage from mineral mining — as is talking honestly about the true environmental impact of electric cars’ complete life cycle, from production to end-of-life.

Sustainable innovation

It is obvious that we must act now to safeguard the environment, and one component of our preservation strategy is experimenting.

Blockchain is being used to track the cobalt in our battery modules. In our materials, we’re incorporating flax-based composites, recycled plastics, and reconstructed wood. We’re also cooperating with our partners to address additional emissions, with a sustained push for more aggressive targets and action.


No more paying at the pump. No more excessive maintenance fees. Going electric not only helps the environment, but it also saves money.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance at the tap of a button

Simply press the ‘connect’ button on the roof or summon Polestar via the smartphone, and our professionals will be on-site to fix your vehicle.

If your vehicle requires extensive maintenance, we will tow it to one of our Authorized Service Points and even offer you with a hotel overnight stay or lend you a car to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

100% roadside assistance coverage4 years of roadside assistanceFor roadside assistance Call:


Maintenance without compromise

In general, the Polestar 2 does not require servicing for up to two years or 20,000 kilometers.

Its wireless diagnostics will alert you if extra service is required, and regularly scheduled over-the-air updates will guarantee that your vehicle is always as safe and fun as the first time you drove it.

Polestar 2 Review:


Polestar’s Polestar 2 is an all-electric vehicle. Polestar, formerly a Volvo division, is now a distinct brand focusing on long-term electric performance. The Polestar 2 EV is the company’s second offering, as the name implies. Polestar refers to it as a fastback; its four-door configuration, rear hatchback, and slightly raised top position it halfway between a sedan and a crossover.

Inside, the usage of animal-free and recyclable materials contributes to the company’s environmentally conscious aim. The newest in connection and driver assistance are accentuated by extensive digital real estate. The Polestar 2, which will be available in 2021, signals the brand’s goals. The Polestar 2’s performance and features position it to compete with other upmarket EVs that are currently available or on the way.

2022 Polestar 2 Specs



Body StyleFastback


Wheelbase (in.)107.7
Width, Max w/o mirrors (in.)73.2
Length, Overall (in.)181.3
Height, Overall (in.)58.2

Doors & Windows

Rear DefrostPower Windows

Exterior Features

Sun/Moon Roof (Optional)Panoramic Roof (Optional)

Tires & Wheels

Tires – Front Performance (Optional)Tires – Rear Performance (Optional)
Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemAluminum Wheels (Optional)


Trailer Hitch Receiver (Optional)


Convenience & Comfort

AlarmBack-Up Camera
Cruise ControlAdaptive Cruise Control (Optional)
Vehicle Anti-Theft SystemFog Lamps (Optional)
Auto-Off HeadlightsInterior Cargo Shade
Keyless StartLuggage Rack (Optional)
Rear Parking AidPower Liftgate
Hands-Free LiftgateRemote Engine Start
Adjustable Steering WheelSteering Wheel Controls
Heated Steering Wheel (Optional)Trip Computer
Remote Trunk ReleaseUniversal Garage Door Opener
Intermittent WipersRain Sensing Wipers
Variable Speed Intermittent WipersKeyless Entry
Power Door LocksElectrochromic rearview mirror
Heated MirrorsMirror Memory
Power MirrorsPower Folding Mirrors
Driver Vanity MirrorDriver Illuminated Vanity Mirror
Passenger Vanity MirrorPassenger Illuminated Visor Mirror


Passenger Capacity5
Front Head Room (in.)41.3
Front Leg Room (in.)42.2
Front Shoulder Room (in.)54.6
Front Hip Room (in.)53.7
Second Head Room (in.)37
Second Leg Room (in.)33.9
Second Shoulder Room (in.)52.6
Second Hip Room (in.)53.3


Auxiliary Audio InputMP3 Player
Satellite RadioPremium Sound System (Optional)
WiFi HotspotSmart Device Integration

Heating & Cooling

Climate ControlDual Zone A/C

Navigation & Communication

Navigation SystemOnboard Hands-Free Communications System
Wireless Cell Phone Hookup


Cloth Seats (Optional)Cooled Driver Seat (Optional)
Heated Front Seats (Optional)Heated Rear Seat (Optional)
Driver LumbarPassenger Lumbar
Seat MemoryPower Driver Seat (Optional)
Power Passenger Seat (Optional)Pass-Through Rear Seat
2nd Row Bench SeatBucket Seats


Engine & Performance

Engine TypeElectric
Horsepower (Net @ RPM)408
Torque (Net @ RPM)487
Turning diameter37.7


Electric Fuel System


Suspension Type – FrontStrut
Suspension Type – RearMulti-Link
Suspension Type – Front (Cont.)Strut
Suspension Type – Rear (Cont.)Multi-Link


Automatic1-Speed Automatic



Driver Air BagPassenger Air Bag
Rear Head Air BagFront Side Air Bag
Front Head Air Bag


4-Wheel ABS4-Wheel Disc Brakes

Safety Features

Brake AssistElectronic Stability Control
Daytime Running LightsChild Safety Locks
Integrated Turn Signal MirrorsTraction Control
Blind Spot Monitor (Optional)Auto-Levelling Headlights
Lane Departure WarningLane Keeping Assist
Cross-Traffic Alert (Optional)