Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric

Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric


The Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric is a battery-electric small family car that will be manufactured by the French automaker Renault in 2022. The Mégane is the first Renault model to be based on a specific electric vehicle platform known as the CMF-EV. It’s about the same size as the Capture, but the dedicated electric vehicle platform allows for a wider wheelbase and a larger interior.


Fuel TypeElectric
Range (WLTP)360 km
Power160 kW (218 PS)
Torque300 Nm
0 to 100 km/h7.5-sec
TransmissionTypeHybrid Gearbox
Body StyleSUV


Renault isn’t stating how much it will cost until approximately September 2022, so exchange rates and competition may have altered by then. Lease rates are even less predictable.

However, the standard we tested can cost up to £40k. That includes premium trim, a 60kWh battery, and 220bhp. A VW ID3 with a 58kWh battery and 204bhp costs around the same.

Meganes with the base model have a 40kWh battery, 130bhp, and a 186-mile range. If the Government grant still has a £35k threshold, Renault will find a way to sell one with a specification that falls just short of that and get the money.

Pure Design

Compact body, crossover styling, contoured back end, and athletic silhouette The aerodynamic lines of the all-new Megane provide a striking appearance for a thrilling drive. A completely unique and eye-catching appearance is shown by 20″ alloy wheels*, full-LED trademark lighting, and gold chrome details.

Camera Rear View System

Switch from a regular rearview mirror to an augmented camera image with a camera-based back view system and roof-top sensor in a single motion.

Open and Openr Link, New Generation Interface

The new openR screen* provides one of the most spectacular digital displays available. Enjoy high-resolution photos. Keep an eye on the vitals in the instrument cluster, such as speed, navigation, and battery level. UK specifications differ. The 12″ openR link screen pictured is not available in the United Kingdom. The 9″ openR link screen is standard on UK models. Please use the configurator to see the UK version.

Exhilarating Drive

The new cockpit is centred on the driver. Controls arranged around the tiny steering wheel save room and improve safety. The new electric power steering and low centre of gravity make driving more responsive and precise.

Smart Car

Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric features a Renault state-of-the-art system that predicts your demands and responds by adapting better to your environment, thanks to the openR* link system with Google built in. UK specifications differ. The 12″ openR link screen pictured is not available in the United Kingdom. The 9″ openR link screen is standard on UK models. Please use the configurator to see the UK version.

Increased Space

The concept of space itself has been transformed. The revised dashboard, combined with a wider construction and the absence of a transmission tunnel, provides extra legroom and storage space: 209 mm rear seat leg clearance and 33 L of cabin storage space.

Ergonomic and Spacious

The Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric platform has a perfectly flat floor. The expanded structure and new openR extra-slim dashboard free up additional space. That translates to 209 mm of rear legroom and more than 33 L of onboard cabin storage.

Premium Driving Experience

Relax in a totally redesigned passenger compartment, where everything has been designed to make your travel easier. Touch the sensitive openR screen with your adjustable seat.

Modular Design and Storage

With a wireless phone charger in the front, USB-C connections in the back, a central storage compartment as standard, and 440 L of boot space, the Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric vehicle perfects modern life on board.

Pure Technology

Configure up to 5 accounts using the openR link system with Google built-in. Without connecting your phone, you can access all of your favourite programmes and enjoy the best of Google.

OpenR Link with Google built-in

Google built-in system: your connected driving experience.

Enjoy Real-Time Navigation

Google Maps provides accurate and dependable navigation, with information updated in real time. Enjoy a personalised experience by saving your favourite addresses, route suggestions, and other information. Special functionalities in GoogleMaps for electric vehicles, together with Google Assistant, allow you to optimise the use of your Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric vehicle and arrive at your destination with confidence.

A Little Help in the Car

Google Assistant provides hands-free assistance in the car. Call or text a friend, obtain directions, set reminders, or even adjust the temperature in your car with ease. You may also operate compatible smart home gadgets with your voice.

To get started, simply say “Hey Google” or hit the voice control button on your steering wheel.

Access your Favorite Apps

Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Books, and other services are available. Your favourite apps are already integrated into your Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric’s openR link screen. Throughout your journey, listen to your favourite music, audiobooks, and podcasts, and use your favourite apps. Apps will be introduced gradually. You don’t have to do anything because regular updates are carried out automatically.

Enjoy a Customized Experience

Enjoy a completely personalized experience. The system adapts to your habits and preferences over time in order to better assist you and recommend relevant actions.

Premium Harman Kardon Sound

The launch edition’s distinctive new Harman Kardon sound system provides an immersive experience for all passengers. It has two tweeters on the sides of the dashboard, two woofers in the front door panels, two tweeters and two woofers in the rear door panels, and one subwoofer in the boot. With 5 diverse soundscapes and Quantum Logic SurroundTM technology, music is converted into an unforgettable experience.

Driver-Assistance Systems

Smart Rear-View Mirror

There will be no more issues caused by a passenger or boot luggage impeding your vision. A camera in the back window sends images directly to your rearview mirror.

Adaptive Vision LED lights (including fog mode)

To increase your comfort and safety, the technology automatically modifies the form of the light beam based on traffic conditions and weather.

Automatic Switch Between the Main Beam and Dipped Beam Headlights

A camera at the top of the windscreen activates it. Light flow is analysed by the camera based on lighting and traffic circumstances.

Hill Start Assists

It retains braking pressure for 2 seconds automatically, giving you time to remove your foot off the brake and engage the accelerator. When the gradient is more than 3%, the mechanism is engaged.

Cruise Control and Speed Limiter

As you drive, use the steering wheel buttons to control your speed. Set your top speed to stay inside the speed limits on the road.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control

It assists you in keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you while driving. When the distance is too short, the system applies the brakes, and when the road is clear again, it applies the acceleration. It also recognizes the road’s context, such as traffic bottlenecks or roundabouts, to modify the speed ahead of time.


Blind-Spot Warning

If the car detects a potential accident when changing lanes, it immediately corrects the trajectory. It employs light signals to alert you of vehicles that are outside of your line of view and is activated at 9 mph.

Rear Automatic Emergency Braking

When reversing, your vehicle automatically stops if there are obstructions to the rear of your vehicle.

Distance Warning

The safe distance from the car in front is calculated by a sensor on the front of your vehicle. If a collision is imminent, the system gives an auditory and visual alert.

Lane Keeping Assist

If your car crosses a continuous or broken line without utilising indicators between 45 and 100 mph, the system countersteers it back into its lane.

Road Sign Recognition

Throughout your travel, a camera monitors speed restrictions and alerts you via the dashboard.

Road Sign Recognition with Speed Alert

Throughout your drive, a camera at the top of the windscreen detects speed limits and informs you via the dashboard if you are over them.

Active Emergency Braking System

It detects oncoming or overtaking vehicles from the side and, if necessary, stops the vehicle. Driving around town at any time of day or night has never been safer.

Parking Assistance

360° around view 3D monitor

Perform movements with ease. Your vehicle has four cameras that provide 360° view all around it.

Rear View Camera

When you put the vehicle in reverse, it sends a rear view to the screen. Guidance lines make maneuvering easier and safer.

Foldable Mirror with Memory Function

Mirrors that fold electrically and have a profile memory feature as well as a tilt function in reverse.

Rear Park Assists

It has sensors that make navigation easier by alerting you to obstacles behind you using a combination of auditory and visual cues.

Front Park Assists

It has sensors that make maneuvering easier by alerting you to objects in front of you using a combination of auditory and visual signals.

Pure Electric

360° Innovation

The new CMF-EV platform has a 60kWh ultra-slim battery and a 160kW compact motor. Weight distribution optimization, a longer wheelbase, a completely flat floor, and a low centre of gravity provide the car better agility and internal spaciousness.

Increased Autonomy

The Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric vehicle is one of the lightest in its class (1620kg). A mechanism on board automatically adjusts the battery and motor temperatures. As a result, regardless of the outside conditions, you will benefit from greater driving range from similar power.

Advanced Aerodynamics

Innovative aerodynamics also contribute to greater driving range. Megane’s low profile, coupé-style roof, narrow-side tires, contoured bumper, and electronic retractable door handles are structural characteristics that improve economy.

Reinventing the Car

Megane E-Tech is an all-electric vehicle that will accompany you everywhere you go. It delivers up to 280 miles of WLTP electric driving range, based on Renault’s electrification knowledge spanning over ten years.

Driving Range

Understand your range with our simulator

Factors that can impact your range

The driving range of the Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric might vary depending on a number of factors, including weather conditions, driving style, and the number of passengers on board. The weight of the vehicle can be influenced by the version chosen. To determine the actual driving range, use the simulator below, which takes into account the driving circumstances.

Driving range and fast charging – the winning combination

Driving range and recharging possibilities are the two most important variables to consider while planning your trip. Find the appropriate mix to meet your needs. For example, on a 300-mile excursion on the highway, you can travel 200 miles and then recharge in 30 minutes, giving you more than the final 100 miles. This is comparable to the overall time required while driving a typical combustion engine car.

Recharging Costs

cost to cover the number of miles shown in the driving range for your current car:a full charge (to cover miles given in the driving range) will cost:

Mobilize Power Solutions

You may easily access a wide choice of customized offerings for charging at home, work, or on the road. The Renault Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric comes with a mode 3 type 2 cable that may be used on either a household or public charging station.

Mobilize Home Charger – an end-to-end EV solution

Renault allows you to order your ‘Smart’ home charging system at the same time as you purchase your new Renault vehicle.

No Surprises

Mobilize Power Solutions provides a cost-effective solution that includes everything from a house survey to the charging device, installation, and a personalized app. Following the completion of the initial survey, you will be presented with a price at no cost.

Stress Free

One easy journey guarantees that your Mobilize Home Charger is compatible with Renault’s cutting-edge electric car technology.

5 Year Warranty
Be reassured with the Mobilize Home Charger five year warranty, which exceeds the industry three year norm for home charging solutions.

Your Home Smart Charging Solution

Enduring Expertise

Renault and Mobilize Power Solutions’ joint expertise ensures that the Mobilize Home Charger fulfils all current and future technological improvements.

Your Journey Made Simple

Not only can you order your charging solution at the same time as your new Renault E-Tech or plug-in hybrid E-Tech vehicle at the dealership or online, but we also provide a range of reasonable funding options to help you manage the cost of the Mobilize Home Charger.

Furthermore, Renault and Mobilize Power Solutions work together to keep you informed every step of the way, from placing your order to the home charging installation process and final commissioning

Mobilize Power Solutions Flexible Offering

No Surprises

Managing the Costs

Once your initial survey is completed, Mobilize Power Solutions will provide you with an estimate and will install your Mobilize Home Charger on a day that is convenient for you, as well as advise you on the best location to install it.

A conventional installation costs £1,170, which includes surveys, hardware, installation, and access to the smart Mobilize Home Charger app. Your regional energy company/distribution network operator will bill you directly for any further work or residential electrical modifications that are required.

Simple Finance

Manage the Cost of your Project

You can include the cost of your Mobilize Home Charger in your vehicle loan if you use Renault’s financing partner, Mobilize Financial Services. This means you may pay for your home charger and installation at the same time you finance your vehicle. Alternatively, you can pay the full price of the Mobilize Home Charger before it is installed.

Furthermore, Renault experts will be able to advise you on any local or national subsidies that may be available to assist you fund the project.

Choose your Finance Option

Mobilize Financial Services
You can include the cost of your Mobilize Home Charger alongside or independently from your vehicle finance if you use our financing partner Mobilize Financial Services (previously Renault Financial Services). This means you may stretch out the expense of your home charger and installation over time. This will be determined by the dealer or by Mobilize Power Solutions directly.
Outright Purchase
You can choose to buy your Mobilize Home Charger outright. You will be invoiced after your surveys are completed but before your Mobilize Home Charger is activated.

Reliability and Reassurance

Advanced Technology

Satay in Charge

Mobilize Power Options has collaborated with Indra Technologies to offer one of the most advanced home charging solutions available. The Mobilize Home Charger has been rigorously tested by Renault to ensure that it meets UK industry standards and is compatible with current and future car technologies.

Furthermore, Indra Technologies is always developing new features that may be instantly downloaded to your Mobilize Home Charger and app. Integrating Vehicle 2 Grid (V2G) technology allows your automobile to be converted into an energy storage system, allowing you to sell any excess energy stored in your EV’s battery back to the National Grid.

This not only helps you make money, but it also helps balance supply across the National Grid when energy demand is at its peak. Furthermore, advancements in Vehicle 2 Home (V2H) indicate that you will be able to use energy stored in your vehicle battery to power electrical appliances in your home during peak hours.

Best Practice Installation

National Coverage, Exceptional Service

Mobilise Power Solutions exclusively employs certified installers to install the Mobilize House Charger in your home. These engineers are from Plug-Me-In, which is part of Lowri Beck and is responsible for rolling out the nation’s smart metres and covering installations across the UK.

We do not use a questionnaire to determine how and where the Mobilize Home Charger will be installed. The initial survey will be performed at your home by an experienced surveyor. If they discover any further work that needs to be done before installing your Mobilize Smart Charger, they will notify your regional energy provider or distribution network operator.

This will ensure that all work is regulated and carried out safely, as well as speeding up the installation process. They are responsible for the complete installation and commissioning of your item, as well as ensuring that you understand how to use your home charger and set it up on your home WiFi.

Save Energy, Reduce your Costs

Control at your fingertips

The Mobilize Power Solutions smart charging app puts energy-saving applications at your fingertips. You may also view the costs of running your electric vehicle, allowing you to take advantage of the optimum times to charge at home.


Simplicity in Design

The Mobilize Home Charger is unobtrusive and ergonomic, with a visible charging status indicator light. It also has a boost button, which will override your scheduled charge. It is weather resistant and has a watertight and lockable shutter that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Technology you can understand

The installation of the Mobilize Home Charger takes around 4 to 5 weeks, as opposed to the industry standard of 6 to 8 weeks. Renault handles everything from your on-site survey to commissioning the unit, and we make sure you understand how to use it without the necessity of complicated manuals and tutorials.

My Renault Connected Services

Simplify your daily life with the My Renault app, which allows you to remotely operate your car from your phone: remaining driving range, nearby stations, charge scheduling, travel planning, and much more. Renault’s linked services, in addition to aiding you on a daily basis, are evolving and improving over time with new features.

Plan your Journeys in an Electric Vehicle

Organize and Optimize your Electric Journeys

The electric vehicle route planner maps available roadways and allows you to change and calculate your routes based on fuel consumption while accounting for factors that may affect charge levels (vehicle load, number of passengers, cargo, etc.).

Monitor Charge Levels

View your battery’s charge state and remaining driving range in real time. Start charging immediately or schedule it for a later time.

Enjoy Comfortable Journeys

Check and adjust the temperature in your vehicle’s passenger compartment for maximum comfort.

Locate the Best Charging Options

You may filter and view the best charging points on your travel based on availability, charge type, socket type, or price by using the “charging station location and availability” option.

Manage and Monitor your Vehicle

Access your Dashboard

Remotely access your Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric’s dashboard and all of its capabilities using your smartphone.

Find your Vehicle’s GPS Position

Can’t seem to find your Megane E-Tech 100% electric? Using the My Renault app, you can easily locate your vehicle. When you stop, your vehicle’s GPS position is automatically synchronised and displayed on the app.

Activate your Lights and Horn

Return to your Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric vehicle by activating the lights and horn control. Your vehicle’s lights will begin to blink instantly, and the horn will sound for a few seconds. Use merely the lights for a more subtle option.


Take Everything with You

With towbars and roof bars, you can easily expand the cargo capacity of the Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric.

Towbar for Towing a Trailer

Choose a towbar (fixed or tool-free removable) for great towing capacity – up to 900 kg depending on the model.

Towbar and Bicycle Rack

Transport up to three bikes with ease using any towbar (fixed or tool-free removable) and our extensive selection of towbar bicycle racks. No more fuss: your bike rack tilts away, allowing you simple access to the boot.

Quickfix Roof Bar and Ski Rack, Bicycle Rack, Roof Box

Quickfix roof bars can be installed and removed with no tools required. Roof box, bicycle rack, ski rack, and other accessories can be simply attached and transported.

Easy Charging

Get the most out of your electric vehicle with useful accessories tailored to your needs.

Selection of Charging Cables

In addition to the normal wire, choose various longer charging cables for added convenience: Instead of the regular 5 m wire, this one is 6.5 m long.

Cable Handle

Essential for easy and efficient charging cable management.

Cable Strap and Storage Bag

Organize and store your cables with the recycled fabric strap and storage bag.

Optimize your Interior

Maximize the interior space of the Megane E-Tech 100% electric with convenient storage compartments and protection for any eventuality.

False Floor and Storage

Maximize the interior space of the Megane E-Tech 100% electric with convenient storage compartments and protection for any eventuality.

Centre Console Modular Organizer

Megane E-Tech 100% electric invents: rearrange the pins to create an in-console storage space for everyday things and travel items.

Easyflex Modular Boot Protection

The boot protection modulates with the rear bench, expanding to cover the boot sill from scratches. It is practical, watertight, and adaptable to any situation.

Travel in Style

Elevate the look of your Megane E-Tech 100% electric.

Roof Customization Decals

Customize the roof of the Megane E-Tech 100% electric with decals inspired by the Renault logo.

Wing Mirror Shell

Satin grey shells will protect your wing mirrors.

Premium Gold Textile Floor Mats and Illuminated Door Sills

The premium floor mats with gold overstitching combine flair and protection. The brushed stainless steel lighted door sills add a last touch of refinement to your Megane E-Tech 100 percent electric.



The Megane E-Tech not only looks good on the inside and out, but it’s also enjoyable to drive, practical, and, in 60kWh form, unlikely to cause range anxiety. The ID 3 appears to be in for some sleepless nights.

Technical specifications

Real Range Estimation

City – Cold Weather350 km
Highway – Cold Weather255 km
Combined – Cold Weather300 km
City – Mild Weather535 km
Highway – Mild Weather330 km
Combined – Mild Weather415 km


Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h7.5 sec
Top Speed160 km/h
Electric Range360 km
Total Power160 kW (218 PS)
Total Torque300 Nm

Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity60.0 kWh
Battery Useable60.0 kWh


Charge PortType 2
Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Charge Power7.4 kW AC
Charge Time (0->360 km)9h45m
Charge Speed38 km/h
Fast-charge PortCCS
FC Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Fast-charge Power (max)130 kW DC
Fast-charge Time (36->288 km)29 min
Fast-charge Speed520 km/h

Energy Consumption

EVDB Real Range

Range360 km
Vehicle Consumption167 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.9 l/100km

WLTP Ratings

Range450 km
Rated Consumption161 Wh/km
Vehicle Consumption133 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Fuel Equivalent1.8 l/100km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.5 l/100km

Real Energy Consumption Estimation

City – Cold Weather171 Wh/km
Highway – Cold Weather235 Wh/km
Combined – Cold Weather200 Wh/km
City – Mild Weather112 Wh/km
Highway – Mild Weather 182 Wh/km
Combined – Mild Weather145 Wh/km

Safety (Euro NCAP)

Safety Rating5 Stars
Adult Occupant85%
Child Occupant88%
Rating Year2022
Vulnerable Road Users65%
Safety Assist79%

Dimensions and Weight

Length4200 mm
Width1768 mm
Height1505 mm
Wheelbase2685 mm
Weight Unladen (EU)1711 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)2158 kg
Max. Payload522 kg
Cargo Volume440 L
Cargo Volume Max1332 L
Cargo Volume FrunkNo Data
Roof LoadNo Data
Tow Hitch PossibleYes
Towing Weight Unbraked750 kg
Towing Weight Braked900 kg
Vertical Load Max75 kg


Seats5 people
IsofixYes, 3 seats
Turning Circle10.4 m
PlatformRNM CMF-EV
Car BodySUV
SegmentJC – Medium
Roof RailsNo
EV Dedicated PlatformYes



  • hands-free keycard with keyless entry
  • anti-lock braking system (abs)
  • side airbags
  • driver & passenger front airbag
  • driver & passenger, front & side airbag deactivation
  • adjustable driver & passenger safety seat belts
  • distance warning alert 
  • traffic sign recognition
  • e-call: automatic emergency assist 
  • front & rear seatbelt reminder 
  • isofix child seat fixing points on rear outermost seats 
  • rear window & door child locking function 
  • tyre inflation kit 
  • tyre pressure warning light

Driving Assistance Systems

  • automatic emergency braking assist with pedestrian, cyclist & junction alerts
  • autonomous driving level 1: cruise control with speed limiter
  • driver drowsiness alert
  • emergency lane keep assist including solid line, oncoming traffic & road edge detection
  • hill start assist
  • ecomode function
  • paddle shift levers for regenerative braking

Parking Assistance

  • rear park assist
  • rear view camera

Lighting & Visibility

  • automatic daytime running headlights
  • ev shape daytime running lights
  • full led headlights 
  • interior ambient lighting (with 8 colours)

Exterior Styling

  • 18″ oston alloy wheels
  • auto-tilting & folding wing mirrors with puddle lamp 
  • body coloured wing mirror 

Interior Styling

  • black fabric seat upholstery
  • fabric upper dashboard
  • central rear headrest
  • high central console with sliding armrest & storage
  • non-tinted rear windows 
  • top grain leather steering wheel 
  • day & night rear view mirror

Communication & Onboard Technology

  • 9″ multimedia OpenR link screen with navigation
  • 12.3″ driver information display cluster 
  • connected services including over the air updates 
  • arkamys audio system with 4 speakers 
  • 2 front c-type USB ports