Škoda Enyaq iV

Škoda Enyaq iV


The Škoda Enyaq iV is a compact crossover SUV that is battery-electric and made by Škoda Auto. It was unveiled in Prague in September 2020, and mass manufacturing began in November 2020. It is the first Škoda car to use the Volkswagen Group MEB platform, with the Volkswagen ID. serving as a sibling model.

The name comes from the Irish name Enya, which comes from the Gaelic word ‘Eithne,’ which means ‘essence, spirit, or principle.’ The Enya is the first model under a new naming convention within the Škoda lineup, with electric models beginning with the letter ‘E.’




Fuel TypeElectric
Range520 Km
Power265 bhp
Torque229 lb-ft.
0 to 60 mph6.9s
TransmissionTypeAutomatic transmission
Body TypeVolkswagen Group MEB


Skoda Enyaq iV Release Date: Skoda’s EV is expected to be released in January 2023. Skoda Enyaq iV Price: It is expected to cost around Rs 60 lakh (ex-showroom, pan-India).

Stylish and Self-Assured

You’ve become accustomed to the elegant and confident appearance of ŠKODA SUVs. This history is continued with the all-new ENYAQ iV, which features a design that is both familiar and innovative. Its beautiful proportions imply a lot of space inside.


Innovative and spellbinding, this is the new Crystal Face.
Clean lines and dynamics rear indicators.
A practical electric SUV to get around nimbly in and out of the city.
The all-new Škoda Enyaq iV will energize your life.


The interior of the Škoda Enyaq iV is relying on elegance and clean Shapes.
The spacious interior and perfect seats are guarantees of comfort.
The Škoda Enyaq iV will also take great care of rear passengers.
In the typical Škoda Enyaq iV style, the Enyaq iV’s boot offers many practical features.


Consider entering your favorite room and driving it around. This was the ground-breaking idea for the ENYAQ iV Design Selections concept, in which each interior trim is based on a contemporary Living Room that inspires a personality as distinct as your own. Take this path for your personal tour!

Driver Assistance Systems

Industry-Leading Safety

Up to nine airbags function in unison with three-point seat belts to safeguard passengers. If an accident is unavoidable, Crew Protect Assist prepares passengers for impact by closing windows and activating belt pretensioning if a collision is imminent. Following a collision, the Multi-Collision Brake brakes to prevent additional uncontrolled vehicle movement, lowering the danger of subsequent collisions.

Full Led Lights

Front and rear full LED lighting are standard on the all-new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV. The key advantage of full-LED headlights is its Matrix feature, which avoids other road users from being blinded by sequentially lighting and extinguishing the various LED sources. This means you can keep the powerful full beam on at all times while travelling, giving you perfect insight into what is going on around you. The dynamic rear indicators are a feature of the Top complete LED tail lights.

Driving in the City

The radar monitors the front area so that Front Assist can warn you or stop the car if a collision with another vehicle or a person is imminent. It also incorporates Collision-Avoidance Assist, which will assist you in safely driving around an obstruction by performing an evasive movement. Another feature is Turn Assist, which detects an oncoming car when you turn left (in a left-hand drive). If there is an urgent risk, the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Driving on the Highway

When you’re on the highway, systems are ready to assist you by taking over some of the driving. Travel Assist incorporates various systems and functions to make driving easier and travel more comfortable. When enabled, Travel Assist can automatically stop and restart the vehicle, keep it in a lane, follow other vehicles in a traffic congestion, or display the surrounding traffic on a display in front of you.


When you’re on the highway, systems are ready to assist you by doing some of the driving for you. Travel Assist combines numerous technologies and functions to make driving easier and travel more comfortable. When used, Travel Assist can automatically stop and restart the vehicle, keep it in a lane, follow other vehicles in a traffic congestion, or display the surrounding traffic on a display in front of you.


Industry-Leading Infotainment

The all-new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV features an infotainment system with a touch-slider. The slider may be used to adjust the level of the music, zoom in and out of the navigation map, and adjust the temperature of the air conditioning. SmartLink facilitates the use and control of smartphone apps via the infotainment system display. Online ŠKODA Connect brings together a minimal set of online services for electric vehicles in the Remote Access, including software upgrades and basic features.

ŠKODA Connect

ŠKODA Connect internet services provide online navigation and information services, as well as the ability to control specified vehicle features remotely via a smartphone.

Remote Access: Remote Air-Conditioning

One of the ŠKODA Connect features, Remote Access, allows you to turn on the interior ventilation prior to a trip. It is useful on hot summer days because it reduces the interior temperature before you get into your car after it has been parked in the sun.

Natural Voice Control

With Laura as your voice assistant, your automobile will be listening to your every word and doing your bidding. Curt instructions are a thing of the past. You can now drive the car with the help of Laura, an assistant who understands standard speech. Laura will assist you in controlling the navigation, media, entertainment, air conditioning, and text messages, allowing you to focus more on driving.

Up To 4 USB-C Ports

The all-new ENYAQ iV includes two modern illuminated front USB-C ports for data transmission and charging as standard. Two additional USB-C ports, along with a 230 V socket, can optionally be added for the rear passengers to charge their devices.

Clever Details

Front-Door Umbrella Storage Compartment

In case of rain, the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV has a compartment in both front doors, as well as an umbrella in the driver’s door. An umbrella is also offered as an option for the second compartment.

High-Vis Vest Holders

You know how they talk about the life vest under your seat during an aeroplane safety drill? We now have a Simply Clever on-road equivalent at ŠKODA. It may not inflate, but its shiny surface may come in handy at night. It is securely stored in its own holder in both the front and rear doors, making it quick and easy to access.

Electric Child Safety Lock

When you’re in the car with children and adults, using the mechanical rear-door child safety lock takes foresight. You can electronically activate and deactivate the rear door locks from the driver’s seat at any time.

Foldable Tables

The front-seat back rests include foldable tables with drink containers as an option.

Spacious Compartments

Mobile Phone Pockets

Storage compartments are located on the backside of the front-seat backrests. They are, however, a touch too large for a little smartphone. The ENYAQ iV addresses this with an additional little pocket ideal for rear passengers’ phones.

Front and Rear Bottle Holders

We understand that the route appears much longer when everyone is parched and thirsty. That is why there is a dedicated compartment in the front and rear door panels for storing a full 1.5 litre bottle of water. It will sit there safely, without getting squashed, waiting for you when you need it.

Pull-Out Compartment on the Left Below the Steering Wheel

You’re sitting behind the wheel, clutching a parking card and a few other knickknacks, wondering what to put with them so that they’re easily accessible but don’t get lost in the larger storage containers. On the left, beneath the steering wheel, there is a pull-out box created specifically for instances like these.

Storage Compartment Under the Centre Console

This is the first time a ŠKODA has a useful 11.4 l storage compartment under the center console.

Smart Technology

Digital Cockpit

The instrument cluster in the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is only available as a Digital Cockpit. This 5.3-inch color digital display has the following layouts: Basic, Navigation, Assist Systems, and Goodbye View (final statistics). A button on the steering wheel allows you to switch between the various layouts.

Phone Box with Wireless Charging

The Phone Box is a mobile phone storage compartment in the center console that allows calls to be made even when the signal is weak. The Phone Box is also capable of charging a smartphone via the Qi wireless standard.

Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting gives the interior of the car a completely new impetus. After the sun goes down, the thin strips of LED lighting in the side doors and dashboard create a unique atmosphere, and you can choose which of the 10 available colors you want.

2 USB-C Ports and 230 V Socket in the Rear

Excellent news! There will be no more squabbles over USB ports and sockets. The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV has plenty of them. Back seat passengers will have access to two USB-C ports and a 230 V socket.

Flexible Boot

Power Tailgate with Virtual Pedal

The boot can be opened and closed with the optional electric tailgate or by pressing a button on the key. It can also be opened using Virtual Pedal by placing your foot near the sensor on the rear bumper, which will cause it to pop open automatically.

NET System

There is no need to choose between agility and practicality thanks to the cleverly designed network of meshing, hooks, and shelves in the boot. Smaller items are kept from moving around thanks to the net system with securing hooks. When you go shopping or need to transport your sports equipment, the sturdy hooks on the sides will come in handy.


The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV’s boot, in typical ŠKODA fashion, is packed with useful features. Cargo fasteners can be used to secure items in the boot. Simply slide your boxes or shopping bags, for example, between the fasteners to stop them from sliding around. The cargo fasteners are foldable and can be stored beneath the boot floor.


The ENYAQ iV’s boot’s versatility and use benefit from sturdy hooks on the sides. They are intended to hang items or baggage that would be unstable or would not fit on the boot floor otherwise.


With a ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, you can go far on the school run, commute to work, or highway journey. The 80 SportLine’s 77kW net battery provides a WLTP combined range of 330 miles on a single charge.


There are numerous methods for charging an ENYAQ iV while on the go or at home. Where possible, we recommend installing a home charging solution that allows you to fully charge your vehicle from the comfort of your own home in as little as 13 hours. Charging on the road is just as simple, with ENYAQ iV offering 50kW Rapid charging as standard, allowing ENYAQ iV to be charged to 80 percent in as little as 1 hour 10 minutes at applicable charging points. Depending on the battery you choose, upgrading your DC charging can even cut this time down to 38 minutes.


The ENYAQ iV’s electric acceleration is felt as soon as you press the pedal, thanks to its high torque. The ENYAQ iV 80 SportLine can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds thanks to its 179 horsepower. No shifting, no waiting – just drive away and enjoy the pure pleasure of electric driving.


The ENYAQ iV 80 SportLine has a 77kW net battery capacity and a power output of 179PS. The ENYAQ’s MEB-platform stores the battery beneath the vehicle, allowing it to take up no interior space.

Driving Modes

The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV has a variety of driving modes. Eco Mode reduces torque, limiting acceleration, to help you drive more efficiently, whereas Sport Mode unlocks the full power of the ENYAQ iV, allowing for maximum acceleration and performance.

Rear Wheel Drive

The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is rear-wheel drive. This means that the ENYAQ iV has a vice-like grip on the road when negotiating tight corners and can tow a substantial amount of weight.

Remote App

The Remote App puts control of the ENYAQ iV’s features in your palm. You can use the app to see how much your ENYAQ iV has charged and even set when it charges if you’d rather charge it during off-peak hours. The app also includes an air conditioning feature, allowing you to set your preferred temperature before getting in and driving.


Technical specifications

Real Range Estimation

City – Cold Weather290 km
Highway – Cold Weather210 km
Combined – Cold Weather250 km
City – Mild Weather435 km
Highway – Mild Weather270 km
Combined – Mild Weather340 km


Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h11.3 sec
Top Speed160 km/h
Electric Range295 km
Total Power109 kW (148 PS)
Total Torque220 Nm

Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity55.0 kWh
Battery Useable52.0 kWh


Charge PortType 2
Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Charge Power7.2 kW AC
Charge Time (0->360 km)8h30m
Charge Speed35 km/h
Fast-charge PortCCS
FC Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Fast-charge Power (max)50 kW DC
Fast-charge Time (36->288 km)51 min
Fast-charge Speed240 km/h

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Range295 km
Vehicle Consumption176 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent2.0 l/100km

WLTP Ratings (TEL)

Range362 km
Rated Consumption159 Wh/km
Vehicle Consumption144 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Fuel Equivalent1.8 l/100km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.6 l/100km

WLTP Ratings (TEH)

Range340 km
Rated ConsumptionNo Data
Vehicle Consumption153 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Fuel EquivalentNo Data
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.7 l/100km

Real Energy Consumption Estimation

City – Cold Weather179 Wh/km
Highway – Cold Weather248 Wh/km
Combined – Cold Weather208 Wh/km
City – Mild Weather120 Wh/km
Highway – Mild Weather 193 Wh/km
Combined – Mild Weather153 Wh/km

Safety (Euro NCAP)

Safety Rating5 Stars
Adult Occupant94%
Child Occupant89%
Rating Year2021
Vulnerable Road Users71%
Safety Assist82%

Dimensions and Weight

Length4649 mm
Width1879 mm
Height1616 mm
Wheelbase2764 mm
Weight Unladen (EU)1937 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)2425 kg
Max. Payload563 kg
Cargo Volume585 L
Cargo Volume Max1710 L
Cargo Volume Frunk0 L
Roof Load75 kg
Tow Hitch PossibleNo
Towing Weight Unbraked0 kg
Towing Weight Braked0 kg
Vertical Load Max0 kg


Seats5 people
Turning Circle9.3 m
PlatformVW MEB
Car BodySUV
SegmentJC – Medium
Roof RailsYes
EV Dedicated PlatformYes