Top 5 Manufacturers of Electric Buses in India

Top 5 Manufacturers of Electric Buses in India

Let’s take a look at some of the top Indian manufacturers of electric buses with their E-bus models :

  1. JBM Motor Limited: JBM Motors was registered with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi on Nov 19, 2008.  It is one of the leading manufacturers of E-buses. Its buses ensure
  • Convenient
  • High-quality, and
  • First-class safety features

In order to reduce pollution, JBM buses combine fuel technology with performance and utility. 

JBM EcoLife Electric Bus is designed to provide a hassle-free and comfortable journey to the passengers. It is exceptionally quiet, emission-free, has a modern design, and has low operation cost. With a seating capacity of 42+D, this E-bus contains an Advanced Chemistry Lithium-ion Liquid-cooled battery system.

  1. Ashok Leyland Limited: Ashok Leyland Limited is one of the renowned electric bus manufacturers. It made a debut in the electric bus industry in the year 2016. 

Ashok Leyland, flagship of the Hinduja Group, unveiled the Versa EV in 2015. The low-floor electric bus ensures zero-emission and zero-noise thus minimizing the impact on the environment. With a seating capacity of 44 passengers, Ashok Leyland Versa EV Electric Bus consists of a Magtec P144 ‘Zero emission’ Electric Engine.

  1. Eicher Motor Limited: Eicher Motors is a leading company in the Indian Vehicle industry. It is the flagship firm of the Eicher Group. Eicher Motors manufactures commercial vehicles, automobiles, and electric vehicles. Eicher is the parent company of Royal Enfield and is headquartered in New Delhi. 

Eicher Motor’s Skyline Pro 6016 is a heavy-duty bus and is powered by Volvo’s 5.1L VEDX5 engine. It is equipped with a fuel-efficient Exhaust After-treatment system (EATS). With a seating capacity of 51+D, Skyline Pro 6016 has a Synchromesh (6 SPeed+1Rev) type of transmission. 

  1. Deccan Auto Limited: Telangana-based automobile company, Deccan Auto Limited is the first company to manufacture electric vehicles in India. Mr. M.S.R.V. Prasad is the chairman of the company. The company is engaged in assembling bus and making bus-bodies at its manufacturing facilities.

SKYPAK Electric Bus has a seating capacity of 36+D. Its Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is 16200 kgs.

  1. Tata Motors Limited: Tata Motors Limited is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company. Its headquarter is located in Mumbai. The company produces automobiles, SUVs, buses, trucks, construction equipment, coaches, and defense vehicles. It was founded in 1945 as a manufacturer of locomotives and was formerly known as Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO). Now, it is a leading producer of electric buses.

Tata Ultra 9/9 AC Electric Bus aims at zero-emission and noiseless operations. It meets the requirement for a cleaner public transport vehicle. Designed and developed by Tata Motors, the Tata Ultra 9/9m AC Electric Bus is a modern state-of-the-art solution. It has a seating capacity of 31+D and has a max speed of 75 kmph.

Currently, the world is dealing with a serious issue i.e. pollution and a major source of pollution is emissions from vehicles. In order to stop or reduce pollution, we must take certain steps for the betterment of us as well as the environment. With advancements in technology, the concept of going electric is being devised in automobiles. Fairly speaking, after ICE engines, electric motors have become the next big thing in the automobile sector.

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