Volkswagen id.4

Volkswagen id.4


The 2023 ID.4 SUV is Volkswagen’s electric car for the masses, and it nicely balances practicality with comfort and the driving range to allow drivers to make the move from internal combustion. We simply wish its driving style was more fun. Rear-wheel-drive models have a single motor and 201 horsepower; all-wheel drive adds a second motor and increases power output to 295. The maximum range is approximately 280 miles per charge, but the future base model will combine a lower price with a smaller battery and less range. Because DC fast-charging is ubiquitous, recharging at public charging stations is quick and simple.


Mood Lighting
Exceptional Navigation
Heated Seats and Steering Wheel
Jokes in the House
Crystal Clear


Fuel TypeElectric
Range (WLTP)346 km (215 mi)
Power146 hp; 148 PS
Torque220 NM
0 to 60 mph10.9 s
Transmission TypeSingle-Speed Transmission
Body Style5-door SUV (ID.4) 5-door coupe SUV (ID.5)


For the time being, the ID.4 is available in Pro and Pro S trims, with the latter including more standard equipment. We’d go with the mid-level Pro and use the savings to pay for the extra $3680 dual-motor, all-wheel-drive powertrain, which increases horsepower and performance.


Go Bold

The ID.4’s sleek lines and aerodynamic features produce a stunning silhouette that is difficult to ignore. You want it all, and the ID.4 has it because we didn’t cut corners while designing an EV SUV that is both stylish and functional.

You may expect to get noticed if you drive a vehicle that makes a dramatic, visual statement. EVs are becoming more popular on the road, but it’s not every day that you see one as eye-catching as the ID.4 with the optional Gradient package.

The ID.4’s 20″ alloy wheels are aerodynamically built to enhance performance while still looking good.


Slip into something stylish

Some of you may be asking if it is possible to develop an SUV with a clean, modern, and minimalist design that still has everything you need at your fingertips and is comfortable. It was a tall order, but we succeeded. Contoured leatherette seats, optional massaging lumbar, and other features distinguish the ID.4 as an EV that strikes the perfect balance of high style and comfort.

Because it’s the portion of the car you touch the most, we developed our heated, multi-function, touch steering wheel to be especially pleasant in your hands. The most crucial buttons and switches were then put within easy reach, guaranteeing that the driver has command over the ID.4.

The ID.4 heated front seats and steering wheel will come in handy on those really chilly winter days. A heated windscreen is also available on AWD variants. The seats, in instance, which can be heated electrically on three levels, allow you to tailor your comfort so that it’s always just right.

Glass Roof

Get a new view

This huge panoramic fixed glass roof lets in light while offering a panoramic view of the sky. It can also help keep the light out, owing to an electric sunshade activated by a sweep of your finger.


A brighter future

The ID.4 virtually glows, thanks to LED taillights and lit door handles. Premium LED projector headlights, as well as a wonderfully lighted front Volkswagen badge and connecting line, bring a touch of elegance to the Pro S’s face.

The heart of an EV.

The function and size of an SUV

Space that’s distinctly EV

The MEB platform (basically the vehicle’s foundation) features a long wheelbase and minimal overhangs. Furthermore, the lack of a combustion engine maximizes internal cabin space even more.

Go ahead, spread out

The ID.4 is intended for all passengers, not just the driver. You’ll notice the difference the MEB platform makes with enough room for four friends, 37.6 inches of leg room in the back, and 64.2 cu ft. of cargo space with the rear seats folded flat.

Electric Performance


With an EPA Estimated Range of 275 miles, the Volkswagen ID.4 Pro can get you where you need to go. All other models will have a different price range.


The inclusion of all-wheel drive in a standard SUV provides the driver with increased traction. However, the Volkswagen ID.4 is anything from ordinary.

With available all-wheel drive, you get a second electric motor at the front wheels, which means faster acceleration and smarter handling that distributes all that power where it’s most needed.

Instant Torque

Not to fear, rev-heads: the ID.4 offers thrill in spades. You’ll notice the quick torque as soon as you step on the pedal. While the acceleration is far quieter than that of a combustion engine, we can’t guarantee you won’t shatter the silence with a few oohs and ahhs. Even in terms of fun, this EV exceeds expectations.


At-Home Charging

Your charging home base

Electrify Home offers a Level 2 home charger (available separately) to charge your Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle at home. A Level 1 charging cable is included with your VW ID.4, however you may speed up charging with a Level 2 home charger.

The Home Station, a Level 2 home charging solution that is WIFI capable and Energy Star® certified, is available from Electrify Home, and users may utilize a single mobile app for both at-home charging and charging across the Electrify America USA high-speed network.

Allow the Qmerit staff to assist you with the Home Station installation—Qmerit offers customized installation pricing choices in three steps. ⁠

Buy your home charger and receive help finding an installer from Qmerit at Electrify Home.

With an L2 charger, you can charge your phone completely overnight in around 7.5 to 11.5 hours.

45,000+ chargers nationwide

When you’re on the road, public charging is a terrific alternative, and with an ever-growing network of over 45,000 outlets nationally, it’s also a convenient one.

DC Fast Charging

Hit the Open Road

Starting from the date of vehicle purchase, the 2022 ID.4 comes with three years of 30-minute charging sessions at Electrify America’s nationwide network of DC fast-charging stations.

Electrify America intends to install over 1,700 charging stations along major highways and cross-country routes by the end of 2025, with over 9,500 chargers by the end of 2025.

Approximate Range Per Charge.

ID.4 ProID.4 AWD ProID.4 Pro SID.4 AWD Pro S
Level 2 Home Charging25-37 miles23-34 miles23-35 miles21-32 miles
Level 3 public DC Fast Charging70 miles64 miles66 miles60 miles

2022 National Highway Traffic

Safety Administration Rating

5-Star Safety Rating

The ID.4 EV has received the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s coveted 5-star safety rating.


ID. Light 

Consider the ID. As light as the manner in which your ID.4 communicates with you. The ID is a simple light bar that runs across the dashboard. The light communicates incoming calls, braking warnings, charge status, and other information through glowing visual and aural cues.

Intuitive Start

The ID.4 detects your presence and starts immediately when you insert your key fob and sit in the driver’s seat, “waking up.” The screens turn on, and the automobile is ready to go. Simply step on the brake, shift into Drive, and you’re off!

12” Touchscreen Display

This touchscreen with voice control serves as your driving hub, and it includes smart functions like as interactive navigation, climate control, and more. So you can get where you’re going while being comfy.

Sound & Audio

All SiriusXM-equipped new vehicles come with a 3-month trial subscription to the SiriusXM Platinum Plan, giving you the ultimate in entertainment to enjoy in your vehicle and on the SXM App, including expertly curated ad-free music, Pandora stations, sports play-by-play, celebrity-hosted talk, news, comedy, Howard Stern, and more.

SiriusXM’s touchscreen interface displays the currently playing channel.

SiriusXM’s touchscreen interface displaying channel selection.

SiriusXM’s 360L touchscreen interface displays a panel with Available On Demand selections.

Remote & Connected Features

We’ve outfitted your VW EV with conveniences like wireless phone charging to improve your driving experience. And, to have access to even more features, such as Plus Nav EV and Plus Speech EV, all of which are free for three years, simply activate Car-Net using your my VW app.

Running out of electricity might be a thing of the past with wireless charging for compatible devices. You can be charged and ready to go wherever the road takes you.

Plus Nav EV provides upgraded maps with constantly updated traffic, route, and parking information.

The “Hello ID.” feature in Plus Speech EV uses conversational language to operate your ID.4. “Hello, ID.” I’m a touch hot,” and your ID.4 starts cooling you off. Voice commands assist you in keeping your eyes on the road.


Take your apps for a ride.

The “Hello ID.” feature in Plus Speech EV uses conversational language to operate your ID.4. “Hello, ID.” I’m a touch hot,” and your ID.4 starts cooling you off. Voice commands assist you in keeping your eyes on the road.


Your Android is now at its destination.

Open the Google Maps app and use it to travel to your favorite destinations, discover new places, and get turn-by-turn directions from the comfort of your dashboard.


Message and call with a touch of a button. 

Send texts, make calls, and answer messages via voice control.


A new location for your Android.

Through Android apps, you can access and control your music, podcasts, and other media right from your dash. Your Volkswagen is now a mobile concert hall.

IQ. Drive

Thanks to improved safety and driver aid technology, you can go behind the wheel with more confidence.

Designed to help keep you safer.

Getting where you need to go has just gotten a whole lot easier. IQ.DRIVE is intended to assist you in safely navigating the road ahead. IQ.DRIVE is available for in-town journeys as well as interstate drives, regardless of your destination. 

Smarter technologies for a simpler drive

Travel Assist

From driving assistance to speeding up or slowing down, IQ.DRIVE technology helps you relax. Our engineers might say it’s because it has hands-on semi-autonomous driving capabilities, but we prefer to think of it as an extra boost of reassurance to help keep you safer on the road.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

When the road becomes congested, IQ.DRIVE can assist in keeping things moving. When dealing with traffic on the highway, it employs sensors to identify vehicles ahead of you, allowing you to modify your speed and manage the gap between you and what’s ahead of you while reacting to the circumstance.

Tech with a sense for your surroundings

Active Blind Spot Monitor

When you’re focused on the road ahead, your vehicle’s IQ increases. DRIVE technology can assist you by alerting you to the presence of another vehicle in your blind areas and assisting you in counter-steering when necessary.

Rear Traffic Alert

When reversing out of a parking spot or backing out of a driveway, you can’t always see what’s behind you. IQ.DRIVE technology can help monitor what’s behind you, notifying you when vehicles that could cause an accident are recognized and assisting you in using the brakes before it’s too late.

Enhancements that help when you need it

Front Assist

Even when we are driving at our best, we must keep an eye out to avoid collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians in front of us. Fortunately, the IQ.DRIVE technology watches the road ahead and has the capability of breaking on its own. It will first deliver audible and visual alerts when you are travelling at high speeds and are in danger of colliding. Then, if necessary, it will deploy brakes automatically to help lessen or avoid an accident.

Emergency Assist

Even when we are driving at our best, we must keep an eye out to avoid collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians in front of us. Fortunately, the IQ.DRIVE technology watches the road ahead and has the capability of breaking on its own. It will first deliver audible and visual alerts when you are travelling at high speeds and are in danger of colliding. Then, if necessary, it will deploy brakes automatically to help lessen or avoid an accident.

Lane Assist

No matter what type of road you’re on, IQ.DRIVE can help keep you from crossing the lines if you’re driving at 40 mph or faster. If your car begins to drift without your turn signal enabled, IQ.DRIVE can warn you and counter-steer to help you stay in your lane.

Driver Assistance

Driver Assistance assists in providing an intuitively easy ride on the highway and in town.

Light Assist

When you’re travelling at 37 mph or faster and the surroundings become dark, the Light Assist driver aid feature helps to illuminate the road ahead. You can programmed the high beams to activate when there is insufficient light and turn off when there is an oncoming vehicle or you enter an area that is well lighted by the environment or traffic conditions.

Park Distance Control

Park Distance Control takes the uncertainty out of parking. It detects impediments in front of or behind your car using auditory beeps and visual support, giving you the information you need to avoid hitting them. It will also aid in displaying the distance to things on your display, allowing you to see what’s behind your car when you reverse within a parking space.

Dynamic Road Sign Display

When you need a reminder about the signs on the road, from traffic signs to speed restrictions, Dynamic Road Sign Display can help. It also has speed warnings, limited traffic zones, and other features to help you stay focused on the road ahead.

my VW

Put useful tools and information at your disposal. Enjoy the following features:

Remote Battery Charging⁠

Check the charge status of your vehicle from any location. View the battery charge status and progress. Alternatively, you can stop/start charging. (VW Car-Net® activation is required.)

Remote Climate Controls⁠

Set your chosen temperature in your vehicle’s climate control settings before driving. (VW Car-Net® activation is required.)

Find Charging Stations⁠

Find local charging stations, whether you’re out and about or on your way to a new destination (Requires VW Car-Net® activation).

Service Reminders⁠ & Scheduling⁠

Do you know when you should service your vehicle? Save your mental energy for other tasks on your list. We’ll notify you when it’s time to service your vehicle, making it simple for you to arrange an appointment with your favorite dealer.

Service History⁠

With my VW, you can see what maintenance and repairs were performed on your vehicle as long as they were performed at a Volkswagen dealership. We automatically record every service visit in my VW for you, including dates, locations, and major maintenance completed.

Roadside Assistance Requests⁠

You can use my VW to request roadside help if you run out of gas, get a flat Tyre, or have a dead battery. A battery jump, tire change, or tow may be as simple as a few touches.

Carefree Coverage

Most 2021 and 2022 Volkswagen vehicles come standard with our Carefree Coverage package of products and services.

We’ve got you covered.

We feel that having faith in your Volkswagen is essential. Our package of products and services, which is now standard on the majority of our model year 2021 and 2022 vehicles, is our assurance to you that Volkswagen is the smart option. View all of the advantages we have to offer.

Scheduled Carefree Maintenance.

Most Volkswagen vehicles for model years 2021 and 2022 come standard with Scheduled Carefree Maintenance, which includes the first two years of manufacturer-recommended maintenance intervals (two years or 20,000 miles, whichever occurs first).

Roadside Assistance

You can rest assured that VW Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


A bumper-to-bumper limited warranty for four years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) makes ownership simple.


Controls select vehicle features whether you’re right next to your car or thousands of kilometers away. Start your car from your kitchen table (save for Passat), lock and unlock your doors remotely, set speed and boundary alarms, locate your car in a parking lot, and much more—all from your my VW app. With features like this, you’ll always be in control. VW Car-Net must be activated during my VW enrolment.

ID.4 users can use their my VW app to identify local charging stations, check battery status, charging progress, and more, whether they are across the block or across town. With features like this, you’ll always be in control. VW Car-Net must be activated during my VW enrolment.



The ID.4 is an electric car for the masses, but it offers little to excite drivers.

Technical specifications

Real Range Estimation

City – Cold Weather395 km
Highway – Cold Weather285 km
Combined – Cold Weather340 km
City – Mild Weather580 km
Highway – Mild Weather365 km
Combined – Mild Weather455 km


Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h6.2 sec
Top Speed180 km/h
Electric Range400 km
Total Power220 kW (299 PS)
Total Torque460 Nm

Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity82.0 kWh
Battery Useable77.0 kWh


Charge PortType 2
Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Charge Power11 kW AC
Charge Time (0->360 km)8h15m
Charge Speed49 km/h
Fast-charge PortCCS
FC Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Fast-charge Power (max)135 kW DC
Fast-charge Time (36->288 km)33 min
Fast-charge Speed500 km/h

Energy Consumption

EVDB Real Range

Range400 km
Vehicle Consumption193 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent2.2 l/100km

WLTP Ratings (TEL)

Range500 km
Rated Consumption176 Wh/km
Vehicle Consumption154 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Fuel Equivalent2.0 l/100km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.7 l/100km

WLTP Ratings (TEH)

Range482 km
Rated Consumption192 Wh/km
Vehicle Consumption160 Wh/km
CO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Fuel Equivalent2.2 l/100km
Vehicle Fuel Equivalent1.8 l/100km

Real Energy Consumption Estimation

City – Cold Weather195 Wh/km
Highway – Cold Weather270 Wh/km
Combined – Cold Weather226 Wh/km
City – Mild Weather133 Wh/km
Highway – Mild Weather 211 Wh/km
Combined – Mild Weather169 Wh/km

Safety (Euro NCAP)

Safety Rating5 Stars
Adult Occupant93%
Child Occupant89%
Rating Year2021
Vulnerable Road Users76%
Safety Assist85%

Dimensions and Weight

Length4584 mm
Width1852 mm
Height1631 mm
Wheelbase2771 mm
Weight Unladen (EU)2224 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)2750 kg
Max. Payload601 kg
Cargo Volume543 L
Cargo Volume Max1575 L
Cargo Volume Frunk0 L
Roof Load75 kg
Tow Hitch PossibleYes
Towing Weight Unbraked750 kg
Towing Weight Braked1200 kg
Vertical Load Max75 kg


Seats5 people
IsofixYes, 3 seats
Turning Circle11.6 m
PlatformVW MEB
Car BodySUV
SegmentJC – Medium
Roof RailsYes
EV Dedicated PlatformYes


Driver Convenience

  • We Connect Plus integrated data volume
  • Winter driving mode with ASR deactivation button
  • Discover Navigation Pro capacitive touch-screen navigation infotainment system with 10-inch display
  • Online service, with OCU, with head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
  • Hand brake/low brake fluid level warning light and inscription
  • Telephone interface comfort with inductive charging function
  • Comfort telephony with LTE and wireless charging
  • Car2X high variant
  • Emergency call control unit with eCall
  • We Charge Go access
  • Adaptive cruise control ACC stop and go including speed limiter
  • 5.3″ Digital dashboard display
  • ID. Light
  • Natural voice control
  • Emergency call service
  • Multifunction camera
  • Dynamic road sign display
  • Remote tailgate unlocking
  • Wireless app connect
  • Driver profile selection
  • Driver alert system
  • BLIS (Blind spot information system)
  • Warning buzzer and light for front seatbelts unfastened
  • Trip computer

Exterior Features

  • Rear side wing doors
  • LED headlights with automatic driving light switching
  • Heated clear glass windshield
  • Acoustic glazing rear window and side windows darkened at the rear
  • Body-colored door mirrors with integrated indicators
  • Automatic dimming interior rear view mirror
  • Power-adjustable, heated and folding wing mirrors
  • LED rear combination lamp
  • Daytime running lights
  • Body-colored bumpers
  • Third brake light
  • Front and rear electric windows
  • Body-color door handles
  • Heated rear window
  • Rear wiper

Passive Safety

  • Side airbag in front with curtain airbag and interaction airbag in front
  • Proactive passenger protection system in combination with front assist
  • First aid kit with warning triangle and safety vest
  • 3×3 point rear seat belts
  • Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
  • Driver and front passenger airbag with front passenger airbag deactivation
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Child safety lock
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • Electronic parking brake with auto-hold
  • Front disc brakes
  • Traction control
  • Curtain airbag system for front and rear passengers
  • Single torn horn
  • Seat belt reminder (Japan design)
  • Seatbelt tensioners in front and rear outside, pyrotechnic belt end fitting tensioners at the front

Interior Safety

  • Three rear head restraints
  • Play and Pause brake and accelerator pedals
  • Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirrors
  • 30 colour ambient lighting
  • Pockets and smartphone pockets in seats
  • Electric auxiliary air heater
  • Art Velours microfleece cloth upholstery
  • 3 seat bench in 2nd row
  • Front + rear carpet mats
  • Reach + rake adjustable steering column
  • Front headrests
  • Tool kit
  • Heated front seats
  • Illuminated smartphone storage compartment
  • Center console and armrests in the front seats
  • Sides, rear and armrest in leatherette
  • Storage compartments in driver and front passenger
  • Child seat anchor for child seat system i-Size, 2x top tether, and child seat anchor in fronton front passenger side
  • Asymmetric split folding rear seat backrest with load through the hatch and center armrest, 2 beverage holders


  • Comfort pack – ID.4 Life
  • Assistance pack – ID.4
  • Driving assistance pack – ID.4


  • Anti-theft alarm system with interior monitoring, backup horn, and towing protection
  • Remote central locking with 2 remote keys
  • Immobiliser


  • Touch control
  • Bluetooth connectivity including audio streaming
  • DAB Digital radio
  • Radio
  • Soundsystem of six loudspeakers with 140 watt output with two full range speakers in the rear doors and 2 way speaker system installed in front area